How Long Does It Take To Get Into Ketosis While Fasting

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Blog #7: Water Fasting And Keto

Blog #7 Fasting and Keto This is a personal anecdotal commentary on Fasting and the Ketogenic diet. I am not a doctor, so the below is my understanding of fasting and its effects on your body. In the early '80's I read a small book on the benefits of fasting. Fasting is the fastest way to get your body into the state of Ketosis. Ketosis is when your body has switched "fuels" that give you energy. After you eat a meal, your body will primarily convert the carbs first. It converts the carbs to sugars and dumps them into the blood. Why the carbs first? I don't know. My guess would be that they are easier to convert. After your carbs get converted/used up, the body switches over to Fats. It converts the fat in your food to fatty acids called Ketones. Unless you eat a heavy meal laden with starchy carbs at midnight, you will switch over to ketosis before you wake up. Then you will eat a meal that breaks your fast. Since fasting deprives your body of all food, your body will go into ketosis rather quickly. If you continue fasting, you will not die for a long time, even if you're a skinny person. You will have to drink water though. You can only last a week or so without water. I have add Continue reading >>

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  1. AbbaZabba

    OK So I was trying to learn more about Ketosis and came across a forum where a guy claimed you could reach ketosis in just 24hours of water fasting. I really wish I could start it right now but I already had a cliff bar today so I may not start this until this weekend but here is what you do.
    - The day before you want to start your water fast you eat only fruit, so that is the only carbs and glucose in your system. He says to preferably eat it for 2-3 days in advance.
    - On Day 1 of the fast you drink 8oz of orange juice and then you walk for 2-3 hours or around 5-6.5 miles. He claims this will burn all of your carb reserves and go directly into ketosis by the next morning.
    - After the first day you do not exercise and just continue on to the normal water only fast.
    I need a weekend day to be able to walk around for 3 continuos hours & a few days planning so I think I am going to try and start fruit fasting tomorrow or Thursday and then start the fast Saturday. I really want to get into Ketosis for awhile because I have plenty of fat to burn. I am also a highly toxic person and I know this so it would be nice to really flush stuff out.
    If anyone wants to trade kik names & join me this weekend hit me up!
    Here is the link where I found this stuff: http://www.stevepavl...s-24-hours.html

  2. Caliico

    Sounds a little complicated? You will reach ketosis within 24-48h by simply water fasting.

  3. xoxomelodie

    Yeah it's not a big secret. It's very easy after a day of fasting. Heck the hours of walking sound terrible to me. Maybe 30 mns of running or on the elliptical while fasting. Also, depending on how long you're planning on water fasting, you will barely be able to do anything and you will lose all muscle mass. Plus fasting/juicing does not make you detoxify.
    I mean, don't get me wrong. I've done this before successfully so you will shed weight but better have the facts. And if you ever feel you're getting too weak, just remember just some protein and fat can go a long way in strengthening your resolve and it will not ruin the diet.

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