How Is Ketosis Different From Ketoacidosis

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How Is Ketosis Diagnosed?

A ketosis is the state of the body where the liver releases ketone bodies (acids) which are produced in the metabolism of fat, occurring when the body is fasting. A temporary state of starvation and ketosis is harmless for the normal functioning body with it’s buffering systems. In the presence of Diabetes Mellitus type one however, where the body can’t retrieve glucose from the blood stream, an uncontrolled ketosis lead to rapid, if untreated lethal, decrease in pH. A high level of ketones in your body will lead to a distinct acetone smell of your breath. Traces of ketones can be spotted in the urine via dipstick testing. You can get exact levels of ketones in your bloodstream via specific testing for “blood ketones”, nowadays often available even in ambulances. Furthermore a blood gas is valuable to determine pH level and possible electrolyte imbalance. Continue reading >>

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