How Is Ketoacidosis Different Than Ketosis

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Are Women's Brains Fundamentally Different From Men's?

Short answer: of course! More sophisticated answer: it is unclear to what extent observed differences are due to biological vs. societal/experiential factors. Recently a neuroscientist, friend, colleague, and collaborator of mine, Josef Parvizi, did an interview with Stanford's Clayman Institute for Gender Research about male vs. female brains: I was prepared for some serious eye rolling and frustrated groaning in response to the inevitable logical errors, overreaching conclusions, and other neuro-nonsense. I'm not going to lie: this is what I expected before I saw it was Josef who did the interview: Instead I got a well thought out, sane, clear-headed, and scientifically sound interview. Seriously, this is a great interview and Josef just nails it. The whole piece is short, but concise, and a great reference to counter some of the more common neuro-gender crap. They tackle three myths, the answers to which I've quoted below. Gender Brain Myth #1: Brain size matters ...if absolute brain size were all that mattered, whales and elephants, both of which have much larger brains than humans, would outwit men and women. Gender Brain Myth #2: Women and men have different brains due to est Continue reading >>

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  1. largelylegit

    I only started 10 days ago.. but am down from 180.3 to 171.8. I can definitely see big improvements in many areas, but there is still a "beer belly" there...
    Not as big as it initially was, but still a long way to go.
    Is it normal for that to be the last place to lose fat from? Or is it more of a case that there was more fat there than anywhere else to begin with?
    I only lost .2lbs in the past 24 hours... so I believe that may mean I am out of the water weight stage.
    I am 6ft 3 (for context)

  2. BlueMerele42

    People aren't all the same, but in men, the belly is usually the first to get fat and the last to get thin. So far, you've probably mostly been in the water weight phase, and fat isn't really very wet.

  3. Jaaker

    It could mean you have elevated cortisol. Green tea on an empty stomach in the morning and vitamin c throughout the day should help. Along with that make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

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Is There A Difference Between Nutritional Ketosis Vs. Ketosis?

Just to be clear, “nutritional ketosis” is a biological state in which your body is generating ketone bodies to feed your brain in a well-fed state. Your body will also switch to ketone bodies as a primary food source during starvation. But nutritional ketosis is different in a number of ways from starvation. So if you are not starving and you are not taking exogenous ketones and you are getting measurable blood ketone levels, then you are in “nutritional ketosis”. Awesome. Nutritional ketosis is not at all something you would experience from taking exogenous ketones as another answerer suggests. Continue reading >>

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  1. SecureHandle

    I've skimmed the internet with nothing to show for it. Can anyone explain the difference? Is there any?

  2. [deleted]

    Keto is a descriptive term for any general low-carb, high-fat diet that should induce nutritional ketosis.
    Atkins is a detailed, specifically regimented weight-loss program that restricts many specific foods throughout its various stages and also restricts overall carbohydrate intake. It often induces nutritional ketosis and could be considered a ketogenic diet.

  3. bidnow

    Keto is the Induction phase of Atkins. Dr. Atkins told his patients that they didn't need to count maros (except carbs) at first for the same reason you see here with overweight people saying that they can't or won't count macros.

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How Is Quora Different From Wikipedia?

10 reasons why Quora is better than Wikipedia: (And I do not work for Quora...LOL) 1. Specialist knowledge: To the point answers by subject experts (CEOs, CTOs, Angel Investors, Founders) and thought leaders, not secondary info by laymen - the strongest point of Quora over any other website. 2. Easy Format: Simple to asy to understand FAQ format not research format. 3. Current Information: Wikipedia information is dated for many current subjects - Quora has the latest links and stats. 4. Due Credit: Subject specialists get to contribute as themselves and get due credit unlike Wikipedia's 'conflict of interest' rules not allowing people to share their own success story or knowledge. It isn't hidden in the behind-the-scenes pages. 5. Response On Demand: Ask Quora and your receive answers. Wikipedia asks you to be happy with what it has - and for tech people, not much. 6. Humanness: Technology should always be about people. Not editors and citations and complex policies and formats. Quora has a face for every question and answer - not ID's and history pages. 7. Point of View: Wikipedia takes a neutral opinion. Quora invites it all and then lets the most 'usfeul' thing be voted up - th Continue reading >>

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  1. LaTisha

    I've been browsing the site and I've read some posts stating that ketones will not effect my breastmilk. Is this true?? (I just need to make sure ) Is it safe to be in ketosis and still breastfeed?? I really really hope so!! My baby is 7 months and although we've cut down nursing since she's been eating solids, I am not ready to completely stop nursing. I was on atkins prior to my pregnancy, I completely gave it up and ended up gaining 66 lbs! (and I thought the 50 that I gained with my 1st 2 pregnancies was bad *lol*) Anyway, I've lost about 46 of those pounds and I am so ready to lose the rest! I miss the way I felt while on atkins but I didn't think I could do it since I was breastfeeding and I had read somewhere that its not known whether being in ketosis is harmful. I never got far enough into the plan to find out what my CCLL is so I do need to start from scratch. Not to mention I'm completely addicted to carbs! Anyway, does anyone have any articles I can read or some really helpful info? Thanks!

  2. Helen H

    Yep, really true. When I was breastfeeding and low carbing, I used to test my milk regularly, with no signs of ketones. I've also asked some of the most qualified breastfeeding experts in the country, and they all assured me that ketones can't pass into breastmilk.
    When you think about it, it doesn't make sense that people who follow a naturally low carb diet couldn't breastfeed without causing harm to their babies. Nature is extremely protective of babies and breastmilk and has designed the breasts to act as a filter for anything harmful.
    Also, bear in mind that breast milk is a high fat food (54% of cals from fat) and that exclusively breastfed babies are in ketosis until solids are introduced. Considering that breastfed babies have higher average IQs than bottle fed ones, it obviously isn't doing them any harm.
    The one study that seemed to indicate that babies didn't like the taste of breastmilk after vigorous exercise, and which has been extrapolated to include ketosis, was a very badly conducted one. They took a group of exclusively breastfed babies, had their mothers do exercise, and then express milk into a bottle so they could see how much the babies drank. Naturally half of them turned up their noses, they knew the good stuff didn't come in a bottle.
    In practise, no amount of vigorous exercise or sweat seems to put off a hungry baby.
    According to my nursing toddlers, my breastmilk, even when I'm in ketosis, tastes like "warm icecream".

  3. .muse.

    Ahh, Helen, it's a shame you don't have a journal, because I've got so many questions I'd like to bombard you with, since you seem to be a plethora of knowledge regarding ketosis & breastfeeding, and I am, as you can see, so close to my duedate and am going to be going back to Atkins, because I don't like how high-carb diets make me feel.
    Anyway, if you ever wanted to pop into my journal and give me some good advice or links for where you've gotten some of your information, or anything of the sort, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance

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