How Is Ketoacidosis Different Than Ketosis

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Are Women's Brains Fundamentally Different From Men's?

Short answer: of course! More sophisticated answer: it is unclear to what extent observed differences are due to biological vs. societal/experiential factors. Recently a neuroscientist, friend, colleague, and collaborator of mine, Josef Parvizi, did an interview with Stanford's Clayman Institute for Gender Research about male vs. female brains: I was prepared for some serious eye rolling and frustrated groaning in response to the inevitable logical errors, overreaching conclusions, and other neuro-nonsense. I'm not going to lie: this is what I expected before I saw it was Josef who did the interview: Instead I got a well thought out, sane, clear-headed, and scientifically sound interview. Seriously, this is a great interview and Josef just nails it. The whole piece is short, but concise, and a great reference to counter some of the more common neuro-gender crap. They tackle three myths, the answers to which I've quoted below. Gender Brain Myth #1: Brain size matters ...if absolute brain size were all that mattered, whales and elephants, both of which have much larger brains than humans, would outwit men and women. Gender Brain Myth #2: Women and men have different brains due to est Continue reading >>

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  1. j

    Keto diet while nursing

    My SIL is doing the Ketogenic Diet (low carb/high fat) and is having great results. I was overweight before getting pregnant, and now have even more to lose. I'm thinking of trying the diet but am wondering how it will affect breastfeeding. I've heard it might not be good for baby if your body is in ketosis, but I'm having a hard time finding solid info either way. Anyone have any experience with this?

  2. Mareeena

    I'm doing something similar but a breastfeeding friendly variation... Basically Atkins 20 is not safe for breastfeeding but Atkins 40 is. I think it's important while nursing to eat balanced so I still eat the recommended servings of fruit a day and some whole grains. I try for lower sugar fruits like berries. For grains I do oats and then a small bowl of kashi go lean cereal (the cinnamon crunch kind is amazing)
    So basically I try and eat balanced for the sake of my milk and just reduce my net carbs while trying to eat as much protein and fiber as possible.
    As for your question is keto specifically safe? I don't personally think so.
    I'm not counting carbs and I'm eating a good amount of fat (meats, eggs, cheese)

    I've lost 7lbs the past 9 days and haven't exercised much during that time (baby is teething I'm tired)

  3. Mareeena

    Sorry when I said I'm not counting carbs I meant I'm not counting calories!!'

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