How Does Ketosis Lower Blood Pressure

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I recently filmed a vegetarian keto vlog and during my week of being veggie I chanced upon this recipe. I had plenty of coconut flour as well to use up. You folks spotted this paneer paratha in my vlog and so here I am to show you how to make this super versatile keto flat bread which is a naan and also a paratha and also an uttapam. So enjoy the recipe. Keto Connect's Garlic Naan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t794... Get the full recipe with macros at https://headbangerskitchen.com/recipe... If you like the show, support us on Patreon: http://patreon.com/headbangerskitchen Headbanger's Kitchen T-Shirts & Merch USA Merch Store: https://teespring.com/stores/headbang... Europe Merch Store: https://teespring.com/stores/headbang... India Store (T-Shirts): https://www.redwolf.in/headbangers-ki... India Store (Mugs): http://todphod.com/product/headbanger... Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe! Thank you for all your support! \m/ SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/zNENs3 Follow us on Social Media Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/headbangersk... Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HKTweets666 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/headbangerski... Official Website: http://www.headbangerskitchen

Keto And High Blood Pressure

I agree with the others. If low sodium helps you then keto will probably help you. My husband and I live the Keto Lifestyle his A1C was a 6.2 and he is on cholesterol meds and high blood pressure meds. He just went to the doc and his A1C 5.8 blood pressure much lower and his cholesterol much lower! Even with the meds he ran high and now in normal range! They see him in 3 months and may try him off the meds! Doc said keep doing what he's doing ! I agree with the others. If low sodium helps you then keto will probably help you. I thought on keto you are supposed to up your sodium levels as well as potassium to prevent keto flu and to keep electrolytes balanced? which I read can raise blood pressure in some people Huh I never thought about that. Thank you guys for the insight! I'm on BP meds (verapamil) for my migraines and have been doing the stand up/get the spins thing. I'm not low low with the carb range (55 gross, 35 net, light purple) but it gives me something to take to my doctor to make sure I'm doing this right. Thanks!! I agree with the others. If low sodium helps you then keto will probably help you. I thought on keto you are supposed to up your sodium levels as well as po Continue reading >>

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  1. mcs5309

    I have been eating low-carb paleo and IF 18/6 for the last 6 months and have been able to reduce some bodyfat which was the goal. I havbe a long way to go, so I added keto to the mix in the last couple weeks, increasing fat to about 65%, protein 30%, and carbs 5%.
    2 weeks prior to starting keto, my latest CMP showed elevated BUN (36 - ref range: 6-24), elevated BUN/Creatinine ratio (39 - ref range:9-20), and elevated urinary uric acid (1118.0 - ref range: 250.0-750.0). I also showed elevated serum calcium (10.9 - ref range: 8.7-10.2). My serum uric acid (UA), however, was normal (4.6 - ref range: 3.7-8.6) as is my creatinine (0.92 - ref range 0.76-1.27) and eGFR (95 - ref range >59). There is no protein in my urine. I do not have gout. These levels have gradually increased over the last 6 mos. I posted on my elevated BUN & uric acid recently: http://www.allthingsmale.com/forum/showthread.php?21082-Need-input-Elevated-BUN-urine-uric-acid
    Just yesterday noticed blood pressure remained elevated all day despite my usual BP-lowering supps. First time ever they had zero effect. I wonder if the increased intake of fats (SFAs) on the keto/low carb diet are causing this, as I have changed nothing else perhaps by increasing total cholesterol?
    but this contradicts that:
    Or could this be the beginning stages of kidney dysfunction, as it goes hand-in-hand with hypertension?
    According to this article, keto may help reduce BP, but may cause kidney stones, the very thing I'm trying to prevent from recurring:
    More on keto and stones:
    And this excerpt from the Paul Jaminet link above explains my elevated uric acid as well:
    Uric Acid Production
    One difference between a ketogenic (or zero-carb) diet and a normal diet is the high rate of protein metabolism. If both glucose and ketones are generated from protein, then over 150 g protein per day is consumed in gluconeogenesis and ketogenesis. This releases a substantial amount of nitrogen. While urea is the main pathway for nitrogen disposal, uric acid is the excretion pathway for 1% to 3% of nitrogen. [7]
    This suggests that ketogenic dieters produce an extra 1 to 3 g/day uric acid from protein metabolism. A normal person excretes about 0.6 g/day. [8]
    In addition to kidney stones, excess uric acid production may lead to gout. Some Atkins and low-carb Paleo dieters have contracted gout.
    Perhaps I should cycle my protein intake as well as carbs? Increase fat even more?
    And what amount of water is recommended for low-carbers? Gallon/day?
    I'm at a loss as to what else I can do.
    Any feedback appreciated!

  2. seekonk

    The idea that this kind of diet is good for everyone is outdated. A significant percentage of people do worse on low-carb/high fat diets for genetic reasons. If you are interested, the SNPs are rs5082 (GG allele associated with worse health markers on high saturated fat diet), rs662799 (AA allele associated with higher BMI from diet with more than 30% fat), and rs1801282 (CC allele does not benefit from high monounsaturated fat diet w.r.t. BMI).

  3. mcs5309

    seekonk said: ↑
    The idea that this kind of diet is good for everyone is outdated. A significant percentage of people do worse on low-carb/high fat diets for genetic reasons. If you are interested, the SNPs are rs5082 (GG allele associated with worse health markers on high saturated fat diet), rs662799 (AA allele associated with higher BMI from diet with more than 30% fat), and rs1801282 (CC allele does not benefit from high monounsaturated fat diet w.r.t. BMI). Thanks. Where can one get these tests done? Regular labs like Labcorp and Quest don't do them.

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How You Can Have High Blood Sugar Without Carbs

How You Can Have High Blood Sugar Without Carbs Can you have high blood sugar without carbs? Well, its important to look at common beliefs about high blood sugar first. High blood sugar is bad. Carbohydrates raise blood sugar. Therefore carbohydrates are bad. The theory is simple, and yet incredibly flawed. The truth is, you can have chronically high blood sugar even while religiously avoiding every starch and sugar in sight. Low-carb forums are littered with posts asking a very relevant question: Why is my blood sugar so high when Im not eating any carbs? The answer is simple, yet often overlooked. The Hormone that Raises Blood Sugar: No Carbohydrates Required If the body were an engine, glucose would be its fuel. Most people think glucose only comes from carbohydrates (sugar and starch), but protein can also be turned into glucose when there arent enough carbs around to do the job. This is called gluconeogenesis, and its performed by one of the major stress hormones cortisol. When you have high cortisol levels (from diet, lifestyle, etc.), the cortisol rapidly breaks down protein into glucose, which can raise blood sugar levels considerably. For some folks, this results in chron Continue reading >>

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  1. don_air77

    3 Weeks ago, I was told I am a type 2 diabetic. My A1C was 7.0, and my triglycerides, and blood pressure were both really high. Needless to say, I went full panic mode, and started reading about Keto. When I got home from the doctor's office, I went cold turkey and followed the plan. I've been eating very well, and am down over 20 pounds (I started at 330). My Blood sugars are perfect, reading a 4.2-4.4 in the mornings, and around 5.0 after meals.
    My problem is my blood pressure. It's not going down. It's now sitting around 150/100. Should I be patient, or has anyone tried to follow the program of doing LCHF with low salt? It is going to severely change my diet if I have to do that.

  2. anbeav

    It's been 3 weeks, it took decades to get where you are, you need to give it time. Educate yourself. Very few people have salt sensitive hypertension. Also many seem to misunderstand sodium on keto. It's not net more, it's more to account for losses, net same sodium to maintain equilibrium

  3. killerbee26

    My blood pressure was almost normal when I started Keto, and after a year of keto it started to go up. It eventually hit 160/100.
    I took action 3 weeks ago, and now it is down to a average of 130/75, and some measurements come back at 120/75. It is still on a downward trend.
    I made two mistakes that drove up my blood pressure. I started drinking way to much alcohol on the weekends, and I was not eating enough foods high in potassium and magnesium. I stopped drinking alcohol, and started eating more foods high in potassium and magnesium, and it has made a huge difference in the last 3 weeks.

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The Atkins Diet is a low-carb weight reduction diet that really works. To make progress in the Atkins Diet you must stick with the Atkins Diet Rules and Tips. Atkins Diet | Atkins Diet Rules | Atkins Diet Induction http://www.bloomedge.com/atkins-diet/ http://youtu.be/1tnCu_n_BDg Atkins Diet Rules - The Rules of Induction: 1)Eat either three regular size dinners a day or four to five little meals. Try not to skip meals or stay 6 hours without eating. 2)Eat a mix of fat and protein as poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs and red meat, and normal fat as margarine, mayonnaise, olive oil, safflower, sunflower and other vegetable oils. 3)Eat close to 20 grams a day of starches, no less than 12 15 grams of which must come as serving of mixed greens and different vegetables from the acceptable foods. 4)Do not eat organic product, bread, pasta, grains, boring vegetables or dairy items other than cheddar, cream or margarine. Try not to eat nuts or seeds in the initial two weeks. Food that contain protein and starches, for example, chickpeas, kidney beans and different vegetables, are not allowed right now. On the off chance that you feel you must eat bread or some other grain item, just high fib

High Blood Pressure. Get It Under Control With Atkins

High blood pressure is a serious health problem, one that you need to get under control as quickly as possible. If your blood pressure is in the high normal to Stage 1 hypertension range (131 to 159 over 85 to 99), weight loss and some other important lifestyle changes may well be enough to bring it down to safer levels. If your blood pressure is higher than that, you may need antihypertensive medication —but weight loss and lifestyle improvements can definitely still help. Step 1: Lose Weight Because obesity is the leading risk factor for hypertension, losing weight is the most important step you can take to lower your blood pressure—and improve other aspects of your health at the same time. You don't need to trim down a lot to start seeing the benefit. Losing just 10 pounds will have a positive effect; losing 10 percent of your body weight will be even better. As a general rule, your systolic blood pressure (the higher number) will drop one point for every pound you lose.1 In practical terms, that means losing just 10 pounds could lower your blood pressure from the high normal range (130 to 139 over 85 to 89) back to normal (130 over 85 or lower). As your blood pressure drops Continue reading >>

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  1. miamifan54

    It seems that I am reading about more and more people having elevated Blood Pressure while in the beginning stages of kete( first 3 months or so). I too am having this issue and I do not see anyone with a reason as to why this is? I was put on blood pressure medicine and have been on keto for 2 1/2 months. Im done 34 lbs feel great. do crossfit 3-5 times a week and still my blood pressure is high. I have been on the meds about a month. im still running a 150/100 blood pressure. I do drink a cup of coffee at work everyday but that cant be the only reason??

  2. VLC.MD

    BP is mostly age.
    Try home BP monitoring
    Weight is only a small factor

  3. miamifan54

    I am home monitoring now, I expected it to drop but it has only slightly droped since then. down 9 lbs from dr visit and everything else is fine.

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