How Does Ketosis Lower Blood Pressure

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Ketogenic Diet And Diabetes-how Does It Help You With Diabetes?

Ketogenic diet and weight loss What is the Ketogenic Diet? The ketogenic diet was actually developed in 1924, but was actually used as treatment for epilepsy. Most diets for type 2 diabetics are designed for weight loss and usually not by a high fat diet, but then again what diet isn’t created to lose weight, period? But what the ketogenic diet and diabetes will have in common is that because it is a low carb, high fat diet, there shows the potential to change the way your body uses and stores energy which have an end result of decreasing your diabetes symptoms. This particular diet also aids in reducing risk factors for epilepsy, stroke, Alzhemier’s disease, heart disease, and diabetes. With the ketogenic diet, your body enters ketosis, which is a metabolic state, and the body then uses ketone “bodies” for energy in lieu of glucose. These bodies are more of a constant source of energy than of glucose that gets its energy from carbohydrates. Let’s talk about fat here The truth is that too much fat is no good but I’m sure that you’re not surprised to hear that. Most but not all fats are essential for our health and are good for us. There’s more calories in in a gram Continue reading >>

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  1. Breimann

    Hi everyone! I'm back on keto! ... again! Yay. However, while I am kinda hefty (5'7, 207lb as of six days ago), my weight is not the main factor for the change.
    A few weeks ago I had my checkup with my primary care doctor. For the second visit in a row my blood pressure was high. 160/90 to be exact. He mentioned the idea of a mild blood pressure medication.
    Folks, my mother takes a friggin pill cocktail twice a day. Blood pressure, cholesterol, heart meds, insulin, you name it. My pops isn't much better.
    "Doc" I said, "I'm 28 man, I can't depend on a medication this soon unless it's life threatening. Please, you've known me 20 years, trust me enough to turn it around. If I can't, then we can talk the possibility of meds."
    He agreed. He suggested cutting back on caffeine and sodium. So I did. From two large iced coffees from Dunkin full of caramel swirly shit to one medium with cream and one Sweet n Low. Eggs and Turkey for breakfast instead of a hungry man (3 eggs, bacon ham sausage and potatoes on a hero for the unfamiliar).
    I WAS MISERABLE FOR DAYS. My work was suffering (i do light construction) and felt like death at the gym. Then one of my coworkers, who I converted to Keto a while back simply suggested i cut out the carbs again. Duh, water retention.
    So here I am, with a wife who is baffled by the fact that my single meal today was two cans of tuna, three eggs, half a block of cheddar, two scoops of peanut butter and some pork rinds. I already feel better overall - more energy at work, moving better at the gym... I have yet to weigh myself or check my blood pressure. I go back for a checkup in three weeks and I'm actually really excited to see what results may come.
    It feels good to be back. <3

  2. xanderbitme

    8 months ago I was on the maximum dose of Tenormin. Two weeks ago I was finally able to eliminate it. 50 lbs loss was all it took (still have 30 to go).

  3. bidnow

    Mine went from
    150/100 > 120/84
    39.2 BMI > 27.8 BMI
    27.8 BMI is 177 lbs for you. Good luck

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