How Does Ketosis Affect The Brain

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Scientists Studying Effect Of Ketogenic Diet On Brain Cancer

Scientists are tracking the effects of a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet for its potential to starve brain tumours and treat cancer patients. The ketogenic diet was developed in the 1920s to help people with epilepsy. It works by forcing the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Normally, the body converts carbohydrates into glucose. But a low-carbohydrate diet causes the body to convert fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies; the latter acts as a replacement for glucose. High levels of ketone bodies are associated with reduced seizure frequency. It is theorized that the ketogenic diet could be used to "starve" some forms of cancer. Cancer cells use to glucose to grow, and they’re inefficient at using ketone bodies for energy So far, the diet’s effects on cancer cells has only been examined in animals and noted only anecdotally in human cases. A 2012 study on mice found that the ketogenic diet "significantly enhances" the anti-tumour effect of radiation. Dr. Jong Rho, head of pediatric neurology at the Alberta Children's Hospital, previously used the diet to treat patients with epilepsy and was part of the 2012 study. Rho has also been monitoring the case of 15-year-old Continue reading >>

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  1. earthmotherhealer

    I got my Nova in the mail yesterday and my ketone strips so I was finally able to test my ketones.
    I measured for the first time at 7pm prior to my evening meal it read 0.4
    I remeasured again at 4:30 am overnight fasted and it gave me a reading of 0.3
    From all I've heard/read these readings are just shy of nutritional ketosis. However I'm questioning the accuracy of this tester
    I've been following Keto since July of 2016 two cheats in my history both lasting over a weekend and they both resulted in major carb hangovers! (Don't cheat people! Not work it)
    I'd definitely say I'm fat adapted since I have no issues fasting. Never hungry!
    I'm averaging about 55 to 65g protein
    120g plus of fat
    And under 15g total carb a day this is a generous number too
    I've had the effects of going off my medication no issues with pain or inflammation. My blood sugar averaged about 95 during the day and morning tests are usually just under 110 (dawn effect)
    Another note in case it matters I'm smack in the middle of my menses.

    Help!! Does this seem accurate?

  2. Ketodude59

    Try different fingers ! And compare. Also squeeze the blood down to the tip of the finger.
    On blood test monitors there is a neutral strip test in order to calibrate it.
    I have a glucomen lx plus by menarini it works well . And cheapest for strips.
    Do you know anyone in ketosis to compare?
    If all fails contact the manufacturer.

  3. carolT


    Another note in case it matters I'm smack in the middle of my menses.

    Yeah, that might have something to do with it. I don't have any experience testing around it myself. Maybe @Daisy or @Donna knows more about it. [Or anyone else with functional female-parts, lol]

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