How Does Ketoacidosis Affect The Kidneys

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How Does Drinking Water Affect The Kidneys?

Kidney filters the waste. The problem here is no body ever made an attempt to define the waste in the parlance of working of the kidney. Kidneys maintain balance among various minerals, hormones and vitamins in the body. There is no item in blood which is waste by itself. If a person drinks excessive water majority of the minerals are diluted. That will increase the need to take supplements. But the minerals balancing is a complex system. No humans can make supplements which will meet the demands of the body. Supplements that a person may take may also be excessive resulting in excessive inflammation caused to flush out the supplements. It is complex if humans want to take charge of the body in complete disregard to the basic principles of the working of human body. Read more about benefits of hydration / dehydration at my blog. Check my profile to read my blogs. Continue reading >>

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  1. Adele L. Abrams

    High exposures to respirable crystalline silica (more than 50 ug/m3 as an 8 hr TWA) has been associated with renal (kidney) disease, according to OSHA’s final rule, which lowered the permissible exposure limit to this level, and requires medical surveillance of most exposed workers as well as exposure monitoring and implementation of exposure control plans. The rule took effect 9/23/17 for construction and becomes effective 6/23/18 for general industry and maritime. The rule is in litigation but the effective dates were not delayed by the court. In addition to renal disease, silica overexposures are linked with lung cancer, COPD, pneumoconiosis, autoimmune disorders and silicosis.

  2. Barry Gehm

    It would probably be bad for them (clog up the fine capillaries and tubules) if it could get to them, but I can’t see how it would. It isn’t something that would be absorbed into the bloodstream if eaten or inhaled. Inhaling it is bad for the lungs, for sure.

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