How Does Ketoacidosis Affect Breathing

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Diabetes Can Give An Inaccurate Bac Reading

When a diabetic experiences hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar levels, the symptoms are very similar to intoxication. Police officers have been known to mistakenly assume a driver is intoxicated, when in fact they have hypoglycemia. For example, a diabetic experiencing hypoglycemia may have a slow and slurred speech, poor balance, impaired motor abilities and may appear drowsy, flushed and disoriented. Hypoglycemia can even cause the diabetic to stagger, which may be mistaken for intoxication by a police officer. These symptoms are very similar to intoxication and as you may imagine, a person experiencing them will most likely fail the field sobriety tests. Breath tests can even give inaccurate results when someone is a diabetic. Breath testing equipment is designed to measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC), which is the amount of alcohol present in a person’s bloodstream. A ratio is used to convert the alcohol in the breath to alcohol in the body. The testing device uses infrared beams of light that are absorbed by chemical compounds in the breath. Ethyl alcohol is what is found in alcoholic beverages and is what the breath testing equipment is looking for. However, Continue reading >>

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  1. boron

    For everyone on a low-carb diet, do you experience:
    acetone or fruity odor breath
    dark and smelly urine
    and at which carbohydrate intake (5%, 10%...) this occurs?

  2. NickP

    I eat a LCHF diet, and my body is in ketosis (tested by the pee strips). I do not have any issues with my urine or my breath. Then again, maybe you should ask my wife.....

  3. boron

    Nick, what is your estimated carbohydrate intake?

  4. -> Continue reading
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