How Do You Prevent Acidosis?

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Acidosis in dairy cattle can be financially damaging for the rancher. Learn more about our agricultural law practice and how we can help: http://www.dominalaw.com/Agricultural...

How To Treat And Prevent Acidosis In Cattle

Reader Approved Acidosis is a metabolic disorder of the rumen (one of the four chambers of a ruminant's stomach [ruminants include animals like cattle and sheep]) where pH levels decrease very rapidly as a result of a sudden switch in diets from roughage (like hay and grass) to high-concentrates (like grain). Acidity below a pH of 5 to 6 supports lactic-acid producing bacteria, and consequently, as lactic acid builds up in the rumen, it can cause even more acid to be produced. Acidosis never occurs in cattle that are on a primary-forage-based diet, but it does more often in feedlot cattle, feed-tested bulls and heifers, and in dairy cows. There are two types of acidosis: acute and sub-acute. Acute acidosis is the more serious condition, as it hits both hard and very quickly, but less frequently for the animal. Sub-acute acidosis is less intense, but more frequent, and can be chronic for an animal, particularly one that is in the feedlot. Both are covered in the steps below. 1 Know the symptoms of Acute Acidosis as described below. Symptoms: Cattle with acute acidosis may go into shock and die suddenly due to a result of overwhelming increase in acidity in the rumen. Those that do n Continue reading >>

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  1. cjd12000

    Dexamethasone for ketosis

    Any one ever is Dex for treatment. Got fresh cow not responding to dextrose. Know you can treat them that way just wondering how effective

  2. Markwright

    RE: Dexamethasone for ketosis

    put it this way: dex won't hurt and has a good chance of helping her.
    when they don't respond to dextrose..that's not ussually good, btw.

  3. Jay NE Ohio

    Re: Dexamethasone for ketosis

    My vet has prescribed Dexamethazone at 10cc added to the dextrose for a maximum of two days in a row. He claims it helps increase their appetite. But if overused, it will decrease their immune system. I tried it, but did not feel that it helped much. Drench with propylene gycol in addition to the IV dextrose seems to work best for me. The Merck Vet manual mentions a therapy using a slow release insulin in addition to the above for severe cases: http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/index.jsp?cfile=htm/bc/80900.htm
    I suspect that there is something else working on your cow and that is why she is not responding to the dextrose. Since she is fresh, I suspect mastitis or metritis. Could also be fatty liver, subclinical milk fever, hardware, LDA, ect. Have you tried some calcium (IV or bolus) to see if she responds?

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Types Of Acidosis And Foods To Avoid- Easy Health Options

Easy Health Options Home Healthy Living Full body acid: Whats eating you? You want to feel vibrant. We all do. But something is eating away at you and causing many of the ailments you potentially face, ranging from lack of energy to cancer Acidosis is when your bodys internal environment meaning all its blood, cells, tissues and organs are in an acidic state. Healthy humans are alkaline humans. An alkaline state is the opposite of an acidic state. So overcoming a chronic state of acidosis and replacing it with a natural, balanced state of alkalinity, is the way to restore health and vibrancy. To do that, you need to look at the pH of your body, the foods that go into it and the other outside factors that can tip that balance Your pH (potential of hydrogen) is a reflection of your bodys balance between its alkaline and acidic state. That pH is measured on a logarithmic scale in which 7.0 is neutral. The lower the reading on the scale the more acidic the body is and the higher the reading, above 7, the more alkaline the body. When the body maintains a high pH you feel vibrant, at ease and well. However, when the environment of the body is acidic, with a low pH reading, inflammation, Continue reading >>

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  1. bostonwaifu

    How long should I stay in ketosis? If I'm loosing how long should I stay in the burn? Will it taper off if I stay in ketosis too long?

  2. Oggie81


  3. tocra619

    I was just about to dig this up! lol

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Nutritious Diet & Foods For Treating Acidosis

Healthy Diet Plans >> Health Issues and Diet >> Acidosis >> Acidosis Diet Acidosis is a condition wherein the individuals body fluids become excessively acidic. It occurs when the arterial pH levels drop below 7.35. Too much acidity can be dangerous as it tends to weaken the bodys system. An over acidic environment is conducive to disease, and it is important that a pH-balanced environment flourishes so that the body can function normally and resist disease. Symptoms associated with acidosis include problems such as dry hard stools, low blood pressure, migraine headaches, difficulty swallowing, recessed eyes, and water retention. Acidosis can be prevented and controlled to a great extent by following an acidosis diet treatment. As part of your acidosis diet, make sure you eat 50% raw vegetables and fruits. Avoid cranberries, prunes, and plums, as they remain in the body as acid and do not oxidize. Acidosis remedies such as drinking carrot juice and potato broth daily help reestablish the blood pH levels. In order for the treatment to be effective, one must consume a high protein diet for acidosis. Consuming an alkaline diet is extremely good for acidosis. In general, make sure tha Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Blackers

    I've been on CKD now for 2.5wks and every time I p1ss on a ketostick is shows fvck all change. Gutted. Anybody have any idea where I might be going wrong?
    My diet looks like this:
    Edit: Strong coffee & 10g EAAs before cardio
    Meal 1: 3 whole eggs + 30g Cheese
    Meal 2: 25g whey (unflavoured) + 1Tbsp olive + 1Tbsp rapeseed oil + 0.5tsp Ginger + 0.5tsp raw cocoa + 0.5tsp xylitol
    Meal 3: 120g lean meat/fish + 120g brocc/cauli + 1Tbsp Full fat mayo
    Meal 4: As meal 3
    Meal 5: As meal 2
    Edit: Strong coffee & 10g EAAs before training. 10g EAAs post workout.
    Meal 6: As meal 2 (Post workout only)
    Meal 7: As meal 2 with no oil in it
    This gives me 2200kcals on training days & 1850kcals on non training days.
    Macros are:
    Fat 149g
    Protein 194g
    Carbs 36g
    I am training Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri & doing 30mins cardio every day first thing.
    The first week I felt like crap and was 9lb down (mainly water).
    Last week I felt a bit better (but gained 1lb!).
    This week I haven't struggled for energy at all, don't know about weight loss yet, weigh-in Monday morning. Good workouts. Good focus. Feel good etc. But nothing on the ketostix since I started.
    Any ideas? Edited July 2, 2010 by Blackers

  2. Raptor

    Yeah my ketostix are inaccurate a lot of the time, some times i will be deep in and later that day after no changes i wont be? And i can't understand it at all. How much sugar is in the ginger?

  3. Blackers

    The ginger works out to 0.6g carbs. It's just the dried stuff. I read somewhere it was a good metabolism booster along with chillis but fvck putting chillis in a shake!

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