How Do You Get Rid Of Ketones In Your Urine?

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Tests For Ketones

Topic Overview A ketone test checks for ketones in your blood or urine. Ketones are substances that are made when the body breaks down fat for energy. Normally, your body gets the energy it needs from glucose (sugar). If your body cannot use glucose for energy—for example, if your body doesn't make or use insulin—ketones are formed. You might also have ketones if you are not eating enough carbohydrates and your body uses fat for energy instead. Your body wants to get rid of ketones through urine. Ketones are most common in people who have type 1 diabetes. It is an early sign that there is not enough insulin, and blood sugar may be dangerously high. This can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis, a very serious medical problem. Blood ketones can be tested using some blood sugar meters. You can test your urine for ketones by using specially prepared tablets or plastic strips. Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Silky

    I became diabetic (Insulin Dependent) when I was just 10 and I'm now 19 (just turned yesterday actually) and in the past year I have been in hospital 5 TIMES!! with ketones, also had to be put in ICU on one occasion aswell, BIG SCARE! Thought I was going to die
    My diabeties is fairly well controlled but the thing that is worrying me is the fact I keep getting ketones, even though I control my sugars well. It's confusing for me, my doctor said it my of been caused from when I was younger (Between about 15 and 17) and neglected my diabeties and ate sweets and all that.
    Anyways... the thing that scares me the most is;
    1. I keep getting ketones.
    2. The way I have been told to get rid of them is quite dangerous.
    The reason for it being dangerous is because my doctor told me that I should inject insulin, untill the ketones are gone (unless my ketone level is at 3, then I should come into hospital), but the has caused my sugars to drop rapidly and I get shakey, blurred vision etc (you all know the signs)... I tried drinking sips on luzozade sport (my favorite drink), and it seemed to work, and I can successfully get rid of the ketones and also avoid going hypo... but tends to leave my bloods, a bit out of whack untill my next injection, and I tend to wee and drink a lot.
    Has anyone even had this problem? or is currently going through it?
    If so then please chat to me, it's driving me nuts!!

  2. Shelley

    Hiya Silky,
    Sorry l dont know much about T1 apart from what l've read in passing on this board.
    However have you tried just drinking lots of water to flush away ketones (if thats (poss)? - lt was just a thought, l dont really have a clue.
    l know water is good at keeping the kidney's flushed.
    l'm sure someone else will answer you soon, l saw a few of your posts and just thought l'd try.
    Welcome to the Diabetes Daily Forum.

  3. Silky

    thanks for the welcome Shelly.
    Yeah I tried drinking water, doesn't do that much in my opinion... mass' of insulin seems to be the only way and that is why I'm sooo scared! because I know how serious ketones is, the doctors once told me that if I didn't come in hospital when I did, then another hour and I'd be in a coma or worse... but thankfully I'm still here and alive and well.

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Blood And Urine Ketones

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Ketones are made when your body turns fat into energy. This happens when your body does not have enough insulin to turn sugar into energy. Ketones are released into your blood. Your kidneys get rid of ketones in your urine. You may need to test your urine or blood for ketones when your blood sugar levels are high. Early treatment for high levels of urine or blood ketones may prevent diabetic ketoacidosis. Diabetic ketoacidosis is a life-threatening condition that can lead to coma or death. DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONS: Call 911 for any of the following: You have a seizure. You begin to breathe fast, or are short of breath. Return to the emergency department immediately if: You become weak and confused. You have fruity, sweet breath. You have severe, new stomach pain and are vomiting. You are more drowsy than usual. Contact your healthcare provider if: Your ketone level is higher than your healthcare provider said it should be. Your blood sugar level is lower or higher than your healthcare provider says it should be. You have moderate or large amounts of ketones in your urine or blood. You have a fever or chills. You are more thirsty than usual. You are urinating mo Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. megan

    I recently got the flu and was feeling awful with a temperature and all the fun that comes with it!. I knew I had to keep eating and taking in fluids though. I could barely get out of bed but I did what I had to. On the 3rd day in the night I checked and found I had high levels of ketones in my urine but in my blood it was 0.9. I checked again a little while later and it was 1.1 in my blood. Then 1.4. My sugars weren't too bad. As the ketones were rising and it was getting later I was worried at what point I would need help. The rule of thumb being getting advice at 1.5 and above and if higher and vomiting then going to A & E.
    I rang 111 as I didn't have anywhere else I could ring at that time. Then a paramedic phoned back to chat. She felt a dr was needed. A dr came round and said Id done the right thing. He found I had a UTI so prescribed antibiotics straight away.
    I was in a state but he said the ketones didn't concern him at this point particularly as they'd come down a bit since he arrived. Down to 1.1.
    He was very kind.
    I have since been in touch with my diabetic nurse during work hours and we have an appointment soon. She told me to check my pump Manual for sick days. I did and can't find any mention of ketones with normal blood sugars.
    She told me the treatment is the same. Go to hospital, get put on a glucose drip and double the insulin.
    We are 3 weeks on and I still have the tail end if this horrible flu virus thing. I live with ME and fibromyalgia too.
    I would rather avoid hospital at all costs. Last time I went in years ago for unrelated reasons I had to get my own blankets and meds back to deal with myself. I prefer to feel in some semblance of control in my own home than relying on others.
    What I'd like to know is others experiences and knowledge. Thanks

  2. ME_Valentijn

    megan said: ↑
    My sugars weren't too bad. What's not too bad? Hyperglycemia can result in excess ketone production starting at 13.3.
    There can be a fairly big delay between hyperglycemia and urine ketones ... maybe there's a similar delay with blood ketones? I had an 18.5 spike during the afternoon while at the GP's office with only "small" amounts of ketones in my urine, but measured "large" amounts of ketones in the evening when my blood sugar was already down to 10-11.
    Maybe you missed a spike in your blood sugar, but caught the after-effects in your ketones?
    megan said: ↑
    We are 3 weeks on and I still have the tail end if this horrible flu virus thing. I live with ME and fibromyalgia too.
    I would rather avoid hospital at all costs. Last time I went in years ago for unrelated reasons I had to get my own blankets and meds back to deal with myself. I prefer to feel in some semblance of control in my own home than relying on others. I have ME/CFS too, and totally understand where you're coming from. I stayed home with a likely case of lactic acidosis induced by metformin, because I felt way too sick to deal with calling anyone or going anywhere, much less a hospital. Probably wasn't thinking too clearly either, due to the severe acid-frying-my-brain headache that came with it
    But the noise, the lights, the food, uncomfortable beds ... it would be torture.

  3. megan

    My bloods were between 5 and 11... got to 13 at one point but I also didn't want to go hypo when I was sick at one point. I got very shaky and weak and hot.... I always got told that blood ketone testing was what was going on currently so more correct where as urine test was hours behind .
    There doesn't seem to be much information about this

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How To Get Rid Of Ketones In Urine

When this happens, the body, not having sufficient insulin to get energy into the body's cells, breaks down body tissue (fat and muscle) into ketones, which can be used as fuel without the need diabetes sometimes get ketones during an illness. Ketones in urine is most common . Eventually they build up in the blood. 3) When Apr 29, 2006 1. Your body gets rid of ketones by emptying them into your urine. This happens when your body does not have enough insulin to turn sugar into energy. What can I do to get rid of these ketones? said i did really good. . Ketones are made when your body turns fat into energy. The presence of ketones could be a sign that you are experiencing, or will soon develop, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)—a life-threatening medical emergency. It will take much more rapid insulin than normal to bring blood sugars down when ketones are present in the urine or blood. Ideally, ketone readings should be negative to a trace. You should test again in a few hours. The body tries to get rid of these ketones by spilling them into the urine. If your body is producing lots of ketones, your body will become acidic. The build-up of ketones in the blood is called ketoacidosis. Dr Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. noexcuses84

    hi everyone i need some help. Today i had my monthly check up with my diabetes nurse and she found a high level of ketones in my urine. It's the first time i've ever tested positive for them and am now being monitored over the next couple of weeks to c if they leave my system. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did u do to get rid of them?? I absolutely don't want to end up with Ketoacidosis so i need as many ideas as possible. My diary is open to anyone that is willing to also have a look n c if i need to adjust anything. i increased my calories to from 1310 as i was told that maybe i'm not eating enough?! so confused about this one!

  2. concordancia

    You aren't tracking protein, but ketones are just the by product of protein metabolism. Did your doctor mention them actually being a problem? Their may be some concern with them indicating other problems related to your diabetes, but ketones are usually only an issue for people with kidney problems.
    As a matter of fact, low carb diets all lead to ketone production, so the only way to address them is eat less protein and more carbs, which doesn't sound like very good advice for a diabetic.

  3. noexcuses84

    thanks heaps, yeah she said that ketones in a diabetic is not good but didn't explain it further. i have to eat a certain amount of carbs each day which i am doing, so i will monitor my protein from now on. thank you

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