How Do You Get Rid Of Ketones?

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Fifteen Fast Facts About Ketones

Fifteen Fast Facts About Ketones by Stephen Ponder, MD (download link for pdf format) Ketones are chemical by products when fat tissue is consumed for energy. They are produced in all mammalian life forms. A small amount of ketones are created each day in every human being when they sleep and haven’t eaten for a few hours. Just like there are no unicorns in the land of diabetes, there is no y in ‘KETONES’. Ketones are actually a family of chemicals which possess qualities of weak acids. Under normal conditions they don’t disrupt body chemistry. This only happens when they’re produced in large amounts such as in persons with uncontrolled type 1 diabetes. Ketones are themselves an energy source for human tissue. The brain can use ketones during periods of fasting or starvation. The creation of ketones in humans is largely controlled by the balance between insulin and anti-insulin hormones, better known as stress hormones. Under normal conditions, it takes about one tenth of the amount of insulin to suppress ketone formation than it does to control sugar levels in the blood. This is why blood sugar levels can be very high in diabetics but ketones still be low or negative. Wh Continue reading >>

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  1. SparkyHD

    I've had Large Ketones for about 4 days now... straight. I'm drinking a lot of water but I called my endo and she said I didn't need to go to the Er since I wasn't throwing up with ketones. She said to continue drinking water, a cup every two hours. I don't think it's helping :/ I've lost 17 pounds in the last 4 days. How much longer of this hell? Have I mentioned I hate being diabetic. I hate it. No one understands.

  2. IncIncorperated

    You posted about this yesterday. You still need to go to the ER, even more so since nothing is changing.

  3. ensulyn

    I had this happen about a year ago, I had readings of high ketones because I was severely dehydrated from being sick, after I went to the hospital and got checked I was told I just had slight ketone in my kidneys. Lost about 20 lbs. In a few days. I strongly urge you to go to the hospital, you will feel 200x better with an IV to replenish what you need. Do you not understand you could die? People told you yesterday to go and now today. Just go.

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Tips For Managing Sick Days: High Sugars, Low Sugars And Ketones General Rules:

ï‚· Never omit all insulin even if your child is not eating well. Long acting insulin (Lantus or Levemir) or basal rate (if you are on a pump) is still needed. ï‚· Give lots of fluids. o If the blood sugar is 200 or higher, give fluids with no carbs like water or diet soda. o If the blood sugar is less than 200, give carb-containing fluids like Gatorade, Pedialyte and regular soda. (The idea is to bring the blood sugar to a safe range so you can safely give insulin to prevent or get rid of ketones.) ï‚· Check blood sugars every 3 hours including at night throughout the illness and write them down. If they are high, look below for what to do next. ï‚· Check for ketones at least 2 times a day. If it is positive, look below for what to do next. ï‚· Sometimes a medication is used to help decrease the vomiting. This can help with keeping the fluids down. You can discuss this with the clinic (or on-call doctor if it is after hours) if you have questions. What to do with insulin? ï‚· Do NOT skip the long acting insulin or suspend the insulin pump even if your child is not eating well or vomiting. You may decrease the dose by 10% if sugars are below 100 or if he/she Continue reading >>

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  1. Lyric97

    Ketone Management

    When I was younger, I was given a formula as to how to get rid of your ketones with insulin. This was through my ped endocrinologist but I believe it may still work. I was wondering if anyone knew the formula for calculating the amount of insulin to give, as I have large ketones in my urine. My sugar is 349 and have been slightly nauseous, short of breath, and have a bad headache. I have been in DKA multiple times in the past few years because my body is building a resistance to the insulin, meaning I need more to sustain me on a daily basis. If anyone knows the formula for the ketones, please let me know! Thank you in advance!

  2. Seagal

    Lyric97, welcome to DD!
    I can't address your question, but I'm sure someone will be along soon to discuss.

  3. jdm1217

    Originally Posted by Lyric97
    When I was younger, I was given a formula as to how to get rid of your ketones with insulin. This was through my ped endocrinologist but I believe it may still work. I was wondering if anyone knew the formula for calculating the amount of insulin to give, as I have large ketones in my urine. My sugar is 349 and have been slightly nauseous, short of breath, and have a bad headache. I have been in DKA multiple times in the past few years because my body is building a resistance to the insulin, meaning I need more to sustain me on a daily basis. If anyone knows the formula for the ketones, please let me know! Thank you in advance! Not a T1 and never had anything but a loving relationship with ketones, but I think the ONLY formula for DKA is an IMMEDIATE trip to the ER!

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http://ehow2.co/diabetes-treatment - Visit the link and discover more about signs of diabetes in men and women. Signs of Diabetes - Signs of Diabetes in Men - Signs of Diabetes in Women & Adults | Diabetes Signs Signs of Diabetes Are you worried that you may have a diabetes? Having some of the signs of diabetes doesn't mean you definitely have the condition, but you should always contact your doctor, just to make sure. Most early symptoms are from higher-than-normal levels of glucose, a kind of sugar, in your blood. Common Symptoms The common symptoms of diabetes include: Going to the toilet a lot, especially at night. Being really thirsty. Feeling more tired than usual. Losing weight without trying to. Genital itching or thrush. Cuts and wounds take longer to heal. Blurred vision. Type 1 Diabetes Although the majority of people with Type 1 diabetes are diagnosed in childhood and early adulthood, the symptoms are the same at any age. Adults diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes may not recognise their symptoms as quickly as children, which in turn will prove detrimental as diagnosis then treatment may be delayed. High levels of glucose being passed in the urine are a perfect breeding grou

What Are Signs And Symptoms?

Diabetes Click here to download a printable version of the information from this page. Early symptoms There are a number of early symptoms that suggest a child might have type 1 diabetes. frequent peeing (urination) in large amounts (polyuria) increase in thirst (polydipsia) dry mouth or throat weight loss increase in appetite (polyphagia) feeling tired or weak Other symptoms in toddlers or infants diaper rash that doesn’t improve with medicated cream More serious symptoms These symptoms appear if the diabetes is not treated, or in some cases when it is undiagnosed. weight loss stomach aches nausea and vomiting heavy, rapid breathing (Kussmaul breathing) drowsiness What happens in children who aren’t making or taking any insulin? As the child with diabetes eats, the food is broken down and sugar is still released during digestion. This sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream and is carried to the cells. But the pancreas doesn’t respond by making insulin, so the sugar can’t move into the cells. When the sugar remains locked out of the cells, a chain of events is set in motion. The child may become tired, because the cells are literally starved for energy. Meanwhile, sugar con Continue reading >>

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  1. Kimberley

    For the best answers, search on this site https://smarturl.im/aDO7m
    If your blood sugar levels have been "okay today", your ketone levels will soon dissipate, my friend. In fact, if your blood sugar levels really are OK, the ketones will be gone within a few hours. You could try drinking lots of water in a deliberate attempt to make you pee. This will aid your body getting rid of the ketones.

  2. Comment

    I'm not sure what ketones are but my mum was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years back and she was really bad. Her sister who's a pharmacist told her to slice an aubergine, immerse it in water and drink the water all day. She also did a bit of research and cinnamon kept coming up so she drank lots of cinnamon tea and put it in all her food. When she next went back to the doctor they couldn't believe how quickly her diabetes had come under control. Maybe coincidence, I don't know, but these things can't hurt you so worth a try.

  3. Comment

    Ketones are an acid remaining when the body burns its own fat. If you do test for ketones when you are at home, should you keep getting high blood sugar readings tests that show positive for ketones then call for medical advice.
    Diet is the KEY to getting rid of ketones. You must eat a healthy, well-balanced diet in order for your body to stop burining its own fat resources. You shouldn't exercise too much if you've got ketones either, as your body is already burning fat and you want that to subside.
    You can also test for ketones using ketone testing kits like the Ketostix, Acon urine reagent ketone and some blood glucose meters also detect ketones.

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