How Do I Know If My Body Is In Ketosis

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When And How Should You Measure Ketosis?

If you are following a low carbohydrate diet that is based on the ketogenic principles then measuring if you are in ketosis may be an important goal for you. There are times when measuring the specific ketone level may not be required. When is measuring ketosis really needed? My advice to people is if you are following a ketogenic diet for a therapeutic reason (such as epilepsy, cancer, MS, diabetes etc.) then measuring the ketogenic level will be important for you. This is because from the evidence that we have to date, we can see some correlation that in order for the ketogenic diet to be effective, the ketone bodies need to be consistently elevated. If you are someone that is following a ketogenic diet for weight loss, then measuring ketosis through objective ways (I will go over them below), really may not be necessary. There is still this notion that I see online form various Keto Coaches that having a high ketone level in the blood or breath will automatically mean you will lose more weight. I want to say categorically that this is NOT the case. “High blood ketone levels do not automatically mean you will experience a fat loss”. In the next few weeks I will detail in a we Continue reading >>

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  1. GolfIsWhyImBroke

    I switched to a keto diet about 2 weeks ago and I have gotten my macros almost right on the button at 60/35/5 over the last 4-5 days (learning curve!). Are there any physical cues that you get from your body that tells you that you are in a ketogenic state? Also, how long does it usually take to get there? Thanks guys!

  2. tiltedcanvas

    Sometimes your pee will be filmy or have more bubbles in it. It also could smell a lot stronger than usual. You also will notice a pretty major change in your breath - could be fruity/sweet/overripe fruit or metallic. Could just be gross and make your mouth taste weird or unpleasant. Occasionally your body odor can change or become stronger...
    Other early keto adaption 'symptoms' can be
    Extra energy
    Waking up without an alarm, way earlier than regular, rearing to go.
    Sleeping better
    Lack of an appetite
    Vivid dreams
    None of these are sure signs, and not everyone has all if any of them. Eat less than 20g of carbs per day, and you're more than likely in keto.

  3. madhousesfill

    Vivid dreams? So this is the cause. I've been having nightmares EVERY NIGHT.

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