How Do I Get My Body To Go Into Ketosis?

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Lchf & Ketosis

This post is also available in: Danish WHAT IS KETOSIS? Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body uses fat as primary fuel. Since the brain cannot use fat in its original form as fuel, the fat is converted into ketone bodies. This happens in the liver. The brain as well as all other cells in the body functions very well on ketone bodies instead of glucose. However, the brain still needs 20 g of glucose every day. Since we still eat carbohydrates on LCHF/keto, this is no problem. Should we chose to eat NO CARBS whatsoever, the body will provide these 20 g of glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis. Ketosis is also a metabolic state that naturally decreases your appetite and makes weight loss almost effortless. But being in ketosis is no guarantee for weight loss and you can also lose weight without being in ketosis. Confused? Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look! HOW TO GET IN TO KETOSIS? The way to get your body to go into ketosis is by eating very few carbohydrates, moderate amounts of protein and lots of fat. Ketosis occurs when insulin levels are low which is why carbs but also protein must be limited. Remember that protein can also spike insulin! My personal exp Continue reading >>

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    I have had great success with two rounds of Atkins in the past (each time losing over 50lb).
    But I have had two recent attempts to get back into the diet (on a quite rigorous induction regimen) and it is like the "mechanism" has broken. My body is not going into ketosis after 2 or even 3 weeks on the diet and (unsurprisingly) this is also reflected by lack of weight loss or measurements loss; and, indeed, on the latest attempt . . . I put ON three pounds. Whereas previously ketone strips were highly reactive (bright pink) they did not show ANY color at all after the induction periods. Obviously, absent the fat-burning, then a relatively fat-heavy intake is bound to result in weight gain. I also do not have that sense of increased energy that comes with being in fat-burning mode.
    It is almost as if my body has learned something about the diet and it will no longer cooperate with it. Either that, or it is something to do with being older (near 60).
    Has anyone else seen this phenomenon, and have they found any strategy to get around it.
    I always felt Atkins was a reliable way for me to be able to shed pounds, but without its "magic bullet" I feel rather lost as to what to try, as I have had very bad lucky with restrictive calorie (and other) diets.
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  2. Kathryn

    Ketostix are unreliable, throw them away and just follow the rules. If you do, then you have to be in ketosis because the body doesn't have carbs to burn for energy so it uses fat instead - if it didn't then you'd be dead!
    Putting on 3 pounds suggests that either you're eating too much, eating the wrong things or have some intolerance to something you're having. Without knowing what you eat on a typical day and how much you eat, then we can't really help. Post a list of what you're eating and we'll take a look.

  3. Ellen

    If you aren't getting into ketosis (and Kathryn is right about the ketostix) then somewhere you're taking in too many carbs and/or too much protein. If you are actually in ketosis but not losing...Or indeed gaining, then you are either sensitive to something you're eating...Like sweeteners for instance, or you are generally eating too much.
    Post a days menu with quantities and we'll take a look

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