How Can You Get Ketoacidosis

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What's An Efficient Way To Overcome Procrastination?

I was a very bad Procrastinator for a very long time, until I really understood the basics of why I procrastinate. In order to understand why you procrastinate, first you should have a strong desire to eliminate procrastination in your life and following the methods mentioned below will be helpful. I. Track down your everyday activity When I first started writing down the list of activities that I do everyday, it felt like a waste of time. But later while analyzing the one month data I clearly understood why I don't have enough time to do the necessary activities and it narrowed down to the bad habits that i had created over time. ​ ​ I was spending most of my time in Facebook and was affected by the "Chain-clicking curse" where watching a video from Facebook will lead to YouTube in-turn to Twitter to see the trend and it goes on and on into loads of unnecessary browsing wasting your precious time II. Understanding why we procrastinate We procrastinate because of the habits that we create over time. When we work some random thought strikes our mind, it might be as simple as, where to go for the next vacation? and I go to online to check details of it. It doesn't stop there, the Continue reading >>

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  1. daviess

    anyone know how many grams of sugar/day you are allowed per/lb of body weight?
    or a rough estimate for someone at 120lbs? ~1500calories/day

  2. runningtherack

    About 5% of your caloric intake should come from carbs. So if your caloric intake is 1500, your calories from carbs - or sugar as you call it - shoud be around 75kcal, ie roughly 19g of carbs.
    Just started KETO yesterday though . I'm no expert

  3. johnnyironboard

    What kind of sugar are you asking about? sucrose and fructose should be zero.

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