How Can You Die From Ketoacidosis

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How Did Anna Garcia Die?

Transcript of How did Anna Garcia Die? How did Anna Garcia Die? Contributing Factors Elevated Glucose levels - 280mg/DL, normal range 70-125 mg/DL, uncontrolled diabetes Elevated A1C - 11%, normal range 4 1/2% - 6%, evidence of blood sugar being greater than 250 for past 3 months Overweight - caused by inadequate diet that would be needed to maintain healthy glucose levels Elevated blood ketones - 1.2 mmol/L, normal range below 0.6 mmol/L, due to uncontrolled diabetes, extreme risk factor for DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) Blood Acidity - low, pH 6.95, normal pH 7.4 caused by low blood sugar Ketones present in urine - caused by the body's inability to get enough glucose for energy Protein in urine - caused by prolonged high glucose levels UTI - Anna had a recent Urinary Tract Infection which led to an increase in blood sugar levels Cause of Death Anna Garcia died of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in her home most likely causing her to pass out into a coma. Ketoacidosis is triggered by multiple factors elevated blood ketones, ketones in urine, and recent infection, Anna was being treated for a UTI which in turn caused her blood sugar levels to decrease in blood sugar levels all of which Anna ha Continue reading >>

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    DKA How long do I have

    What I want to know is if my pump runs out of insulin at 4 a.m. how long before DKA sets in. I will be getting more insulin in the morning. Will I survive.

  2. Stump86

    Even when a pump says empty it will usually still have a few units left (5-10U) so that may be enough to hold you over.
    DKA can occur in just a few hours of no insulin, but you will have IOB for at least 4 hours after your pump actually gets empty. If you are worried you should test for ketones every few hours to make sure they aren't building up. And be on the lookout for any symptoms.

  3. HarleyGuy

    I am on "earth" too, so maybe we are close. I have some to give you if we are close.

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