How Can Metabolic Acidosis Be Compensated?

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Respiratory Compensation

Metabolic Acidosis Respiratory compensation for metabolic disorders is quite fast (within minutes) and reaches maximal values within 24 hours. A decrease in Pco2 of 1 to 1.5 mm Hg should be observed for each mEq/L decrease of in metabolic acidosis.27 A simple rule for deciding whether the fall in Pco2 is appropriate for the degree of metabolic acidosis is that the Pco2 should be equal to the last two digits of the pH. For example, compensation is adequate if the Pco2 decreases to 28 when the pH is 7.28. Alternatively, the Pco2 can be predicted by adding 15 to the observed (down to a value of 12). Although reduction in Pco2 plays an important role in correcting any metabolic acidosis, evidence suggests that it may in some respects be counterproductive because it inhibits renal acid excretion. Fetoplacental Elimination of Metabolic Acid Load Fetal respiratory and renal compensation in response to changes in fetal pH is limited by the level of maturity and the surrounding maternal environment. However, although the placentomaternal unit performs most compensatory functions,3 the fetal kidneys have some, although limited, ability to contribute to the maintenance of fetal acid–base ba Continue reading >>

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