How Can I Get My Ketones Down?

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Ketones: Introduction To Testing Ketones

We’ve all had the question, or been asked the question: how do I know when I’m in ketosis? Should I feel different? Should I have increased mental clarity and focus? While one could give a case-by-case, yes-or-no type response for these questions, the best way is to simply test it out. The problem is that most of us don’t have access to a lab 24/7. Due to this issue, we have three possible ways to test ourselves for ketones from home, namely, urine strips, blood meters, or breath meters. Urine Test Strips There are numerous brands of urine strips to choose from if you decide to go this route and they can be easily obtained at your local drug store or online for a relatively inexpensive price. They can cost anywhere from $9-$20 for about 100 test strips. While this would seem to be the easiest way, it may not be the best way. Urine strips are coated with a chemical that reacts to the presence of acetoacetate (one type of ketone body). However, urine by definition is a waste product. So, while having ketones present in the urine may be a great indication that you are producing them, it could also mean that you are not utilizing them effectively. Also, we tend to see that indivi Continue reading >>

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  1. NicoleAnn

    Ketones and Unrinary Tract Infection

    Is it normal when you have a high level of ketone's in your system to get a urinary tract infection? I'm kinda wondering about it, since my doctor doesn't listen to me when I say I have ketone's and he gives me antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. MarkM

    Infections are not caused by ketones. But they are encouraged by the high blood sugar that often accompanies ketones. Bacteria love warm moist places where there are lots of nutrients. If you lower your blood sugar to the point there is no longer sugar in your urine, you will be removing one of the key attractions. And hopefully you won't get so many infections. But until this happens, you are going to have to use antibiotics ... .

  3. Kaki

    I already commented on your blog this morning regarding ketones, as an individual who has had many UTI's, women know when they have an infection, as its not possible to urinate without that burning sensation, which we do not tolerate very well and will send you immediately to your doctor for medication to resolve a UTI, you made no mention as to whether you did in fact give your doctor a urine specimen.

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