How Are Ketones Formed Quizlet

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Urinalysis - Unit 2

Sort Describe the proper technique for performing reagent strip testing. 1.Mix specimen well. 2.Let refrigerated specimens warm to room temperature before testing. 3.Dip the strip completely,but briefly,into specimen. 4.Remove excess urine by withdrawing the strip against the rim of the container and by blotting the edge of the strip. 5.Compare reaction colors with the manufacturer's chart under a good light source at the specified time. 6.Perform backup tests when indicated. 7.Be alert for the presence of interfering substances. 8.Understand the principles and significance of the test, read package inserts. 9.Relate chemical findings to each other and to the physical and microscopic urinalysis results List two reasons for measuring urinary pH, and discuss their clinical applications. - Aid in determining systemic acid base disorders of metabolic or respiratory origin - Respiratory or metabolic acidosis/ketosis - Respiratory or metabolic alkalosis - Defects in renal tubular secretion and reabsorption of acids and bases—renal tubular acidosis - Renal calculi formation - Treatment of urinary tract infections - Precipitation/identification of crystals - Determination of unsatis Continue reading >>

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  1. Sahil

    Ketones are organic compound containing carbonyl group as functional group.

  2. Lori Windham

    There are also exogenous ketones now available to help with the process of ketosis.


    Ketones are carbonyl compound that contain a carbonyl group.

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