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How Does Hyperchloremic Acidosis Lead To Metabolic Acidosis?

How does hyperchloremic acidosis lead to metabolic acidosis? Severe diarrhea, laxative abuse, and kidney problems can cause lower levels of bicarbonate, the base that helps neutralize acids in blood. Respiratory acidosis also results in blood that's too acidic. But it starts in a different way, when your body has too much carbon dioxide because of a problem with your lungs. American Academy of Family Physicians: "Diabetic Ketoacidosis." National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse: "Renal Tubular Acidosis." Gennari, F. November 2008. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, Medscape: "Metabolic Acidosis Clinical Presentation," "Metabolic Acidosis Workup," "Metabolic Acidosis: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Management: Adverse Effects of Metabolic Acidosis," "Metabolic Acidosis Medication." American Diabetes Association: "DKA (Ketoacidosis) & Ketones." Scott & White Healthcare: "Metabolic Acidosis." UCSF School of Medicine: "Metabolic Acidosis -- Anion Gap." Joslin Diabetes Center: "Ketone Testing: What You Need to Know." Reviewed by Michael Dansinger on January 17, 2017 American Academy of Family Physicians: "Diabetic Ketoacidosis." National Kidne Continue reading >>

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  1. TheCommuter

    You can post this question on this site's Nursing Student Assistance Forums and perhaps get an answer. One of our frequent users, Daytonite, loves to give detailed answers to these types of questions.

  2. ICRN2008

    Here is the formula for anion gap:
    Agap = Na + K - Cl -CO2
    I would think that the doctor would be monitoring the glucose level (not the agap) to determine when to stop the insulin drip. Anyone else have an idea?

  3. P_RN

    One of our wonderful members Mark Hammerschmidt has a great FREE MICU site:
    Check section 4.2
    It's all acidosis/alkalosis

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17 Signs Your Body Is Too Acidic And 9 Ways To Quickly Alkalize It

17 Signs Your Body Is Too Acidic And 9 Ways To Quickly Alkalize It The more acidic your body, the harder it becomes for your immune system to fight off illness, bacteria and even cancer. It usually starts with unhealthy habits. Smoking, lack of sleep, stress and most importantly the foods you eat can all affect your bodys pH levels.Whenever you eatacid forming foods, such as dairy, grains, meats and sugar,your body has to use alkalizing minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium to neutralize the acid produced from metabolizing these foods. Whenyou dont eat enough alkaline foods to replenish these, your body has to use minerals from vital organs and bones to neutralize the acid in your body. Because of this, yourbodys mineral reserves canreachdangerously low levels and cause damage that can go undetected for years. The bodys metabolism is constantly producing acidic waste productsthat needs to be neutralized or excreted in some way.In order to do that, you need tosupply yourbody with foods rich in alkalizing minerals. This is why eating more junk food than veggies cancreate an extremely acidic environment which is prime breeding ground for all sorts of negative heal Continue reading >>

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  1. Abracadabra121

    So I was keto before pregnancy, lost about 15-20 lbs, got pregnant, couldn't stomach anything but carbs, and gained 10 back. Now that I'm about into my second tri, I want to go back to my keto love. My concerns are that my pee will test too high in ketones and my doctor will chew me out. Did anyone experience this? Did you eat as few carbs during pregnancy as you did before? Basically any and all keto pregnancy experiences are wanted and welcome!

  2. Naeva_says

    My obgyn not only knows about keto, but is doing it herself. That made me super excited.
    However she specifically said that she didn't want me in ketosis for the pregnancy. I'm at nine weeks now, and yeah my body hates everything... Even carbs. I've lost six pounds. Ugh.
    She said to stay between 50 and 100 carbs. That's harder than youd think! I've been keto for nearly three years and the husband is staying on the bandwagon. How can I find enough carbs AND keep them down? Argh!
    For sure talk to your doctor about it!

  3. sellyberry

    I tried to stay keto and second trimester saw and end to that. Pre pregnancy I was 153, got up to 192, had a baby on Wednesday :) so we will see where I'm at when I get home today.
    It was super easy for me to lose the last 15 lb baby weight with my first at 6 months PP when I buckled down, so this go around I didn't worry too much about my gains and I'll just go strictly keto about 3 months out this time :)
    EDIT and whoops! I wanted to comment on the main post, on my phone in hospital on like 4 hours sleep. :)

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Honey Dressing Versus Silver Sulfadiazene Dressing For Wound Healing In Burn Patients: A Retrospective Study

Honey Dressing Versus Silver Sulfadiazene Dressing for Wound Healing in Burn Patients: A Retrospective Study Department of Surgery, MGM Medical College and MY Hospital, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India Address for correspondence:Dr. Shilpi Singh Gupta, Sangowal, Nakodar, Jalandhar 144 041, Punjab, India. E-mail: [email protected] Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer Copyright : Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The aim was to evaluate the effect of honey dressing and silver sulfadiazene (SSD) dressing on wound healing in burn patients. We retrospectively reviewed the records of 108 patients (1468 years of age), with first and second degree burns of less than 50% of the total body surface area admitted to our institution, over a period of 5 years (20042008). Fifty-one patients were treated with honey dressings and 57 with SSD. Time elap Continue reading >>

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    By James L. Lewis, III, MD, Attending Physician, Brookwood Baptist Health and Saint Vincents Ascension Health, Birmingham Acidosis is caused by an overproduction of acid in the blood or an excessive loss of bicarbonate from the blood (metabolic acidosis) or by a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood that results from poor lung function or depressed breathing (respiratory acidosis). Blood acidity increases when people ingest substances that cont ...

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    For acidosis referring to acidity of the urine, see renal tubular acidosis. "Acidemia" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Academia. Acidosis is a process causing increased acidity in the blood and other body tissues (i.e., an increased hydrogen ion concentration). If not further qualified, it usually refers to acidity of the blood plasma. The term acidemia describes the state of low blood pH, while acidosis is used to describe the proc ...

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    Don't miss your chance to win free admissions prep materials! Click here to see a list of raffles . In a question involving the determination between if a shift in PCO2 / HCO3- / pH, is it safe to say that if the PCO2 is what is changing first, then it is respiratory and metabolic is the compensatory mechanism? In respiratory, PCO2 is changing which then changes the HCO3-, so how do you tell between metabolic vs. respiratory if they don't tell y ...

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