Glycerol To Glucose

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Comparison Of Glucose, Glycerol And Crude Glycerol Fermentation By Escherichia Coli K12

The ability of E. coli to transform crude glycerol, waste of biodiesel production, into ethanol will allow for a zero waste process stream, leading to an increase in the economic viability of biofuels industry. The main aspect of this investigation is to study and compare the use of glucose, glycerol and crude glycerol as a carbon source for anaerobic growth of E. coli in order to produce ethanol and H2. The comparison was carried out in two separate experiments. For glycerol and glucose, the effect of carbon source is investigated by a comparative growth analysis of E. coli in the two substrates under anaerobic conditions. For glycerol and crude glycerol, the effects of initial glycerol concentration, supplement concentration and agitation speed on final ethanol concentration and dry weight were tested. E. coli MG1655 (ATCC 700926) was obtained from Cedar Lane Labs. M9 minimal medium containing 990 ml distilled water, 2 ml of MgSO4, 10 ml of 20% glucose, 6.0 g Na2HPO4, 3.0 g KH2PO4, 0.5 g NaCl and 1.0 g NH4Cl was mixed; 3.6 g of agar was added to 240 ml of this medium, autoclaved and poured into petri dishes. 60 ml of the medium was used to rehydrate the bacteria pellet. The bact Continue reading >>

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  1. Riley'sMom

    Moderator Note: Expired Products
    Children with Diabetes encourages customers to share experiences, yet safety is a top concern when it comes to--especially children--using expired or second-hand supplies.
    For the safety of our members, CWD does not encourage using expired diabetes products.

    has anyone used expired blood ketone strips?
    have you noticed them to be accurate or not?
    we've got several boxes that expired 11/30 that i am still using..

  2. KeltonsMom

    I just set the year back in my meter and continue using the expired strips..So far they have been accurate and we have had no problems..

  3. taximom

    I just tried to use some this weekend and I got an error message. I called Abbott and they said that I got the error because the strips were expired! Weird! That doesn't happen w/ regular glucose strips.

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