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Glucose Ketone Index (gki) – What Ratio Do I Need For Nutritional Ketosis Benefits?

Generally these blog posts are a result of scratching my own itch (answering my own question), and this post is no different. At the time of writing this, I’m doing a 5-day fast, and wanted to understand the readings I’m getting for my blood glucose and blood ketone levels. Initially I thought that blood ketones were all that mattered, and certainly a lot of people only talk about that reading. But looking at Dr Thomas Seyfried’s paper on treating brain cancer (glioblastomas). It suggests that its important to take into account blood glucose also. In their study, they acheieved optimal results when their patients maintained what they called ‘nutritional ketosis’. And as part of the paper, they included a formula for what this means. The chart below describes visually what they mean by nutritional ketosis, and how it affected the tumour growth. The red is an increase in ketones as a fictional patient goes deeper into ketosis. The black line represents blood glucose, that decreases to a plateau, as carbohydrate sources are removed from the diet, and glycogen stores decrease. So that sweet spot they reach at the end is an optimum level of nutritional ketosis. Now… obviousl Continue reading >>

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  1. drofnor

    I am new to this, only one fast down and planned my fast day to the calorie. I experience fluctuating blood sugar levels when eating sugars (even fruit) so made sure on my fast day I had protein for breakfast (egg, with veg scrambled), lunch (turkey with low calorie veg), and dinner (tuna with more veg).
    When I woke the next day I had an awful taste in my mouth and seemed to be producing more saliver than usual. Even though I have had a normal eating day today, the taste is still there (7pm at night). I wondered if I had triggered an accidental state of ketosis in my body. I don’t want to experience this every fast – does anyone have any suggestions as to if this is what happened?

  2. TracyJ

    Yeah, it’s probably ketosis. It’s not a bad thing as it means your body’s munching fat but it is a nasty taste in the mouth. I get it off & on (been 5:2ing for well over a year now). It doesn’t seem to be noticable to other people but to avoid any embarrassing bad breath moments or having the taste in my mouth I tend to keep a supply of sugarfree very low cal mints/chewing gum at hand.
    You’ll get used to it anyway. It’s a small price to pay and as I say it doesn’t seem to affect other people (noone avoids me because of bad breath or anything) it’s just a comfort thing for yourself more than anything. Usually wears off after the first non-fastday, so if you do your 2 fastdays with only a day between them, you’ll find you spend half the week with no ketosis taste at all and possibly some ketosis during the other (fasting) half – no biggie.

  3. drofnor

    Thanks Traceyj,
    The mints is a good idea. I might take you up on that suggestion. I felt quite uncomfortable though with the taste, so on my second fast day today, I had half a piece of toast with breakfast to try and up the carbs just slightly.
    I was wondering how long it takes for people to start and see results?
    I don’t have a lot to lose, 5kg max, but I’ve been trying to lose these 5kg for two years, and have had success in losing a kg or two, but then put it on again quickly. If this can provide me with a method to get to where I want to be, and not yo yo, I would be so relieved.

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