Glucose To Ketone Calculator

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Glucose Ketone Index Calculator For Cancer Management

Glucose Ketone Index Calculator For Cancer Management This is a fantastic article statingthe incredible benefits of using ketogenic diet for the metabolic management of cancer. To calculate your index you will need to have a blood glucose monitor and a blood ketone monitor to obtain your Glucose Ketone Index (GKI). Paying attention to the optimal ratio of your glucose and ketones has been scientifically proven to be a powerful tool for the metabolic management of brain tumors (and other aggressive and inoperable cancers). Mary Beauchamp is a Registered Nurse, Therapeutic Nutritionist and Mind Body Specialist. She is a world traveler, food alchemist, and student of ancient healing traditions. She has four beautiful children and two grandchildren. With her knowledge of nutritional science, medical research, plant medicines, ancient super foods and indigenous healing rituals, she formulates food products for the natural foods industry and is a private health coach, specializing in healing the metabolism. Mary works with a team of Naturopathic doctors at Auburn Naturopathic Medicine in northern California. She alsooffers private and group online coaching programs. You can learn more a Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Barbara_Greenwood

    We all know you need to take plenty of salt on keto... it helps the transition to fat adaptation, and eases fasting. At least, that's the general wisdom.
    Something came up on my twitter feed recently about a low salt diet actually increasing the risk of heart disease, and I think it said the optimal amount of sodium is 5-6g per day, which is two and a bit teaspoons of salt.
    Since I'm fasting today I weighed out 5g of Himalayan Pink salt.... and I am just staggered by how much salt it is. A heaped teaspoon... and that's only about half of what they want me to get through? Anyhow - I rather like salt, so I am happy to be nibbling on it during my fast today.

    But I am having a bit of a struggle accepting this is actually the amount that's healthy. I'm sure that, since I stopped using processed foods, I'm not having anywhere near that amount.... never mind the twice it.

  2. Duncan_K

    Reading your post made me realise I'm probably not getting enough sodium - I've been having a bouillon drink every morning and evening which works out as 4-5g salt, but only just realised that's only about 2-2.5g sodium. I've been getting occasional leg cramps at night recently which was weird as I've been on keto for six months with no problems. I'm going to up the salt.

  3. Barbara_Greenwood

    Do you use salt in cooking as well, Duncan? Remember that some foods naturally contain sodium. You know, like cheese, and BACON.

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A demo on how you track blood sugar (glucose) and blood ketone readings with the Keto-Mojo device and track your results with Heads Up Health.

Estimating Blood Ketone Levels From Blood Glucose Readings

Ok so the doctor suspects my aunt has a lymphoma, which is a type of cancer. I would like her to get into a state of nutritional ketosis so she can get rid of it through autophagy and by starving the cancerous cells of sugar. I had planned to make her measure her blood ketone levels so I can monitor her progress and modify her diet when necessary, especially because I won't be seeing her everyday and I need a way to make sure she's doing the diet right. Unfortunately I'm on a low budget, and I can't afford too many ketone test strips (she will be using Precision Xtra). The BG strips, on the other hand, are a lot cheaper. So I had this idea of only measuring her blood glucose levels. If the blood glucose level gets below normal range, that means ketone bodies are doing the job of supplying the rest of her energy, right? Then the fasting ketone level must be somehow inversely proportional to the fasting sugar level. For example if the glucose meter reads 50mg I can be sure she's in ketosis(if she doesn't show symptoms of hypoglycemia that is). At the same time, I would like to get the actual numbers for ketones. Our plan is to get her to around at least 2.0 mmol consistently. So this Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. dcsaszar

    Ketones are a by- product of protein metabolism. Which means your body is not able to use glucose (sugar) as a fuel source, and it has begun breaking down the proteins and fats in your body as its fuel source. Ketones and their levels in gestational diabetes are an indication of the severity of the diabetes. with good control there should be very little ketones in your urine. The higher the amount of ketones in your urine, the less your body is utilizing the sugars in your blood. Which would point towards higher blood sugar levels. Blood glucose monitoring is the most definative way to keep track of your diabetes, and is something that should be discussed with and followed your physician. Keeping a good hold on diabetes during pregnancy is important since poor control can lead to problems not only for you, but your unborn child. D.Csaszar RN.

  2. macksraaff

    Drink lots of water and make sure you're getting enough carbohydrate. Ketones are good on a low carb diet but not while you're pregnant. Good luck!

  3. cnyokoyama

    If ketones are found in your urine, it means that the sugars aren't getting used properly by your body. Either you need to eat, or the carbohydrates from your food aren't getting into your cells properly (diabetes). You don't want to go into metabolic acidosis if you're pregnant.

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This video shows how to test urine samples for glucose and ketones using the Mission Glucose Ketone test strips. Advice to testing for diabetics and adkins diet testers strips provided by http://www.valuemed.co.uk/acatalog/ur...

What Is A Glucose Ketone Index And Why You Should Care

Having high levels of ketones doesn’t mean you’re automatically getting all of the benefits. Luckily, research shows us that there’s an easy way to know if you’re in prime therapeutic mode so you can be confident you’re getting the best results. Ketosis can already be complicated if you don’t test and figure out what kicks you out. Once you start getting serious about ketosis and tracking ketone levels, you can usually step things up a notch with a simple calculation. You can become more specific with what works for you as an individual. How you do that is by calculating your glucose ketone index. The Glucose Ketone Index, or the GKI, is a ratio that researcher Dr. Thomas Seyfried has been using in his studies relating to both fasting and the ketogenic diet. There’s nothing fancy to this index, it is just a ratio of blood glucose levels to blood ketone levels. Having high level of ketones are great and all, but if you also have a super high level of blood glucose, you’re really just spinning your wheels and not getting any benefits of ketosis. And the real key here is to make sure that the ratio between glucose and ketone levels is as low as possible. If you’ve be Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. FooFatFighters

    So I've read on r/keto that you can use a cheap breathalyzer to test for acetone on the breath which indicates your level of ketosis. The trick is to use a cheap, crappy alcohol breathalyzer to test and not an expensive fancy one.
    The cheap ones can't tell the difference between alcohol and acetone, the good ones (like the police carry) only measure alcohol and ignore acetone (ketones).
    So I bought this breathalyzer http://www.ebay.com/itm/231045711618 from ebay
    And folks in r/keto say that blowing 0.01—0.05 is good and shows youre in ketosis. I just blew 0.14 which I can believe because I've been doing less than 15g net carbs/day this week and I lost three pounds. I put a photo of the readout in my profile pics.
    Has anybody else tried this? What reading levels should I be watching for? This seems a lot better than peeing on a stick.

  2. Booksandbeaches

    That's interesting and affordable too.
    I'm interested in what the veteran keto folks have to say.
    I found this study that says breath acetone is a reliable indicator of ketosis in adults consuming ketogenic meals. It's not a long-term study though, but still intriguing.

  3. FooFatFighters

    I bought a nice breathalyzer on Amazon.com but it was a good one and it didn't register breath acetone at all, only alcohol so I returned it. Seems like this cheap one does the trick. I'm meeting-up with a friend tommorrow and hopefully she hasn't had any drinks and isn't doing keto, I'm going to get her to blow into it for a baseline test.

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