Glucose Ketone Index (gki) Calculator

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http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... Glycemic Index Table-Glycemic Index Food List-Glycemic Index Weight Loss-G.I. Index the glycemic index table is divided in 5 tables. the rule of use is simple. No limit for foods announced by the green color. Moderation for the orange color and to remove completely or exceptionally use these foods announced by the red color. Vegetables and leguminous plants with a glycemic index of 15 Fruits with a glycemic index from 22 till 103 Dairy proctucts or asimilated with a glycemic index from 15 till 115 Seeds and cereals with glycemic index from15 till 103 various Sugar with glycemic index from 20 till 73 http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... searched keywords: glycemic index table glycemic index table pdf glycemic index table label glycemic index tabel montignac glycemic index table sugar glycemic index table tables glycemic index table food glycemic index table for fruits glycemic index table montignac glycemic index table bread glycemic index table labouleh glycemic index food list glycemic index table printable glycemic index food list glycemic index food list for diabetes glycemic index food list chart glycemic index food list pdf glycemic index food list chart for diabetes glycemic index food list fruit glycemic index food list pdf download glycemic index food list printable glycemic index food list mayo clinic glycemic index food list app glycemic index diet food list printable glycemic index food list low glycemic index food list chart glycemic index food list low to high low glycemic index food list pdf http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... glycemic index weight loss glycemic index weight loss diet glycemic index weight loss plan glycemic index weight loss programs glycemic index weight loss foods glycemic index weight loss recipes glycemic index weight loss myth glycemic index weight loss results glycemic index weight loss pills glycemic index weight loss study glycemic index weight loss research glycemic index weight loss list glycemic index chart glycemic index diet plan glycemic index calculator glycemic index diet glycemic index recipes low glycemic foods http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... G.I. Index G.I. Index food list G.I. Index chart G.I. Index of foods G.I. Index diet G.I. Index fruit G.I. Index table G.I. Index uk G.I. Index fruit chart G.I. Index food list australia G.I. Index food chart glycemic load food list high glycemic index foods fruits high on glycemic index gi index food list complete glycemic index chart potato glycemic index http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... Synonyms: Glycemic Index Chart, Glycemic Index, Glycemic Chart, Glycemic,glycemic, index, Chart, chart, diet, nutrition, weight, loss, lose, diabetes, radhia, psychetruth, help, food, high, low, Truth, Carbohydrates, sugar, carbs, starch, nutrition, weight, loss, gain, glycemic, psychetruth, obesity, food, junk http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... glycemic, index, chart, diet, nutrition, weight, loss, lose, diabetes, radhia, psychetruth, help, food, foods, high, low, chart, load, list, what are low glycemic foods, low glycemic foods, low glycemic diets, glycemic diet, glycemic food index, low glycemic food, glycemic index food list http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... what is the glycemic index, glycemic index and weight loss, glycemic load, glycemic index diet, glycemic index diet plan, glycemic index and weight loss, glycemic load, glycemic index diet, glycemic index diet plan, weight loss, weight, loss, sugar, addiction, glycemic, index, GI, nutrition, diet, energy, health, cravings, food, fruit, control, appetite, hunge, low glycemic index, glycemic index chart, low glycemic index foods, glycemic index list, glycemic index of foods, glycemic index foods, glycemic index, glycemic load, low glycemic index, high glycemic index, high glycemic carbs, low gi foods, blood sugar levels, foods with low glycemic index, diet glycemic index, free glycemic index diet, glycemic load, glycemic index glycemic load, glycemic index of foods, diets, healthy, eating, nutritionists, weight, plans, nutritional, deficiencies http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... Glycemic Index Table- Glycemic Index Food List-Glycemic Index Weight Loss-G.I. Index http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... http://youtu.be/yP9OxQM1wls The Next Video Is Talking About: Characteristics Of A Good Diet To Lose Weight Fast: Michel Montignac Method Diet Plan URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Osvso... URL: http://youtu.be/Osvsoq3muxE

What Is A Glucose Ketone Index And Why You Should Care

Having high levels of ketones doesn’t mean you’re automatically getting all of the benefits. Luckily, research shows us that there’s an easy way to know if you’re in prime therapeutic mode so you can be confident you’re getting the best results. Ketosis can already be complicated if you don’t test and figure out what kicks you out. Once you start getting serious about ketosis and tracking ketone levels, you can usually step things up a notch with a simple calculation. You can become more specific with what works for you as an individual. How you do that is by calculating your glucose ketone index. The Glucose Ketone Index, or the GKI, is a ratio that researcher Dr. Thomas Seyfried has been using in his studies relating to both fasting and the ketogenic diet. There’s nothing fancy to this index, it is just a ratio of blood glucose levels to blood ketone levels. Having high level of ketones are great and all, but if you also have a super high level of blood glucose, you’re really just spinning your wheels and not getting any benefits of ketosis. And the real key here is to make sure that the ratio between glucose and ketone levels is as low as possible. If you’ve be Continue reading >>

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  1. RedhairedNurse

    Your nursing text should point out the difference. I would tell you, but I'd just have to look it up and my books are in storage. I could also google it, but something you can also do as well. Sorry.

  2. RedhairedNurse


  3. Ilithya

    In HHNS, blood sugar levels rise, and your body tries to get rid of the excess sugar by passing it into your urine, your body tries to compensate. This usually happens to type 2s
    In DKA there is little to no circulating insulin. DKA occurs mainly, but not exclusively, in Type 1 diabetes because Type 1 diabetes is characterized by a lack of insulin production in the pancreas. It is much less common in Type 2 diabetes because the latter is closely related to cell insensitivity to insulin, not -- at least initially -- to a shortage or absence of insulin. Some Type 2 diabetics have lost their own insulin production and must take external insulin; they have some susceptibility to DKA. You get acidosis in DKA because ketones lower the bloods pH.
    Does that help?

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Today I broke my 5 day water fast. Find out how much I lost.

Therapeutic Water Fast

All keto. All the time. Kombating Ketogenic Kognitive Dissonance of the Ubiquitous 'Others' Sunday, April 13 2015 I decided to prolong my 'down day' fast of Saturday. I will be doing a therapeutic water fast for up to 20 days as tolerated. After seeing discussion in the Optimal Ketogenic Living Facebook ( ) group (thank you, Raymund Edwards), I thought it would also be a good time to start my own mitigation. So I am considering today "Day 2.5" since my last 'meal' was mid-day on my down day Saturday. Seyfried's premise: While the medical community continues to chase gene mutations in cancer... It is what is *causing* the gene mutations we are not focusing on: the mitochondria. I am looking forward to the following benefits: Cleanup of all the defective cells from the prolonged illness, Eating the plaques in all vessels, but especially the coronary arteries and brain, Improving overall inflammation, but especially that which continues to plague me in terms of headaches and carpal tunnel Dad has type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease... And Mom has severe osteoporosis and is clearly suffering from dementia of God knows what cause. Her episodes have become more frequent in the l Continue reading >>

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  1. walkerwally1

    Interpreting the ReliOn Ketone Test Strips

    I have been low carb, less than 25g/day, for the last week and was sure I was in ketosis but thought I would check with the ReliOn test strips from Walmart. My result was 40mg/dl on their chart which they call moderate. Everything I have read lists ketones as mmol and it is said ketosis is from 0.5 to 5.0 mmol. I thing 40mg/dl converts to about 2.2 mmol but I am not sure. If someone understands this better than me I would like to know if I am doing the conversion right.
    I am currently reading a book about Low Carb Living:
    The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living: An Expert Guide to Making the Life-Saving Benefits of Carbohydrate Restriction Sustainable and Enjoyable: Stephen D. Phinney, Jeff S. Volek: 9780983490708: Amazon.com: Books
    I think this is one of the best books I have found so far, not better than Dr. Bernstein's or Jenny Ruhl's, but a great compliment to the lchf WOE. It goes into great detail about the science of low carb and why it works and is more natural than our high carb diets. It is written to inform professionals and they invite you to give a copy to your Doctor. The link is to Amazon so you can get more info and see some of the reviews it has received. I have no connection to this book or authors other than being impressed.

  2. Steve3129


    Originally Posted by walkerwally1
    I have been low carb, less than 25g/day, for the last week and was sure I was in ketosis but thought I would check with the ReliOn test strips from Walmart. My result was 40mg/dl on their chart which they call moderate. Everything I have read lists ketones as mmol and it is said ketosis is from 0.5 to 5.0 mmol. I thing 40mg/dl converts to about 2.2 mmol but I am not sure. I use these strips as well, but the only thing they tell you is if you are spilling Ketones in the urine, excess Ketones at that. The color code really doesn't tell you more other than the darker the color, the more your kidneys are taking out of the blood.
    You have to get a special meter and strips to accurately measure blood Ketones, which is rather expensive and I'm not willing to buy. I'm satisfied to know that I'm producing Ketones by the excess production as indicated by the strip.

  3. MCS

    If your showing any color on the urine test strip your in ketosis.

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Tracking The Glucose Ketone Index

In this post we will examine the “glucose ketone index” as a biomarker for tracking metabolic health. We will also explore some of the primary use cases for tracking the glucose ketone index including cancer treatment, weight loss, metabolic disease management and athletic performance. Lastly, we will demonstrate how you can use Heads Up Health to track the glucose ketone index along with all of your other important health data. If you want to skip ahead, click the button below to create an account with Heads Up and start tracking the glucose-ketone index alongside all of your other health metrics. Or, read on for more information on tracking the glucose ketone index. What is the Glucose Ketone Index? The glucose ketone index is simply a way to measure the relationship between your ketone levels and your glucose levels at any moment in time. It is measured by dividing your blood glucose level (mmol/L) by your blood ketone level (mmol/L). The result is a single number we can use an indicator of one’s metabolic state. The index has its roots in brain cancer treatment, where researchers using metabolic therapy found best results when glucose and ketones maintained a very precise Continue reading >>

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  1. Priscilla

    Source(s): Raspberry Ketone Free Trial : http://RaspberryKetone.oruty.com/?cDXp

  2. Denny

    Can you lower ketones without needing to go to hospital?

    This Site Might Help You.
    Can you lower ketones without needing to go to hospital?
    I am type one diabetic, insulin dependant. i was wondering if its possible to lower the amount of ketones myself or would i need to be admited to hospital?

  3. Comment

    basically you can, take small amounts of short acting (ie2-4u) every 1-2 hours and keep hydrated.
    do you know why you have them? if you are sick, with an infection you should go to the doc for antibiotics and then follow sick day rules. basically keep checking every 2 hours with the ketostix and for + = 1u; ++=2u etc...max of 4u....
    if you have them from not eating and you're starting to feel very ill, you must take some insulin and get water into you. you must also eat something because they are appearing because your body is starving itself, breaking down fat, and the by-product is ketones.
    sometimes i get them after exercise from fat breaking down. then i just take time out and take some extra insulin while monitoring sugar closely. also eat a bit!
    if they do not go and you're feeling worse you should definitely go to hospital. sometimes when you have high ketones your glucometer might not read properly ie it'll read sugar in the teens and really it could be much higher. so in the hospital they will check your blood serum.
    they're tricky bastards! but if like i said insulin in small regular doses usually does the job.
    hope this makes sense!!!!

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