Glucose Ketone Index Calculator

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http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... Glycemic Index Table-Glycemic Index Food List-Glycemic Index Weight Loss-G.I. Index the glycemic index table is divided in 5 tables. the rule of use is simple. No limit for foods announced by the green color. Moderation for the orange color and to remove completely or exceptionally use these foods announced by the red color. Vegetables and leguminous plants with a glycemic index of 15 Fruits with a glycemic index from 22 till 103 Dairy proctucts or asimilated with a glycemic index from 15 till 115 Seeds and cereals with glycemic index from15 till 103 various Sugar with glycemic index from 20 till 73 http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... searched keywords: glycemic index table glycemic index table pdf glycemic index table label glycemic index tabel montignac glycemic index table sugar glycemic index table tables glycemic index table food glycemic index table for fruits glycemic index table montignac glycemic index table bread glycemic index table labouleh glycemic index food list glycemic index table printable glycemic index food list glycemic index food list for diabetes glycemic index food list chart glycemic index food list pdf glycemic index food list chart for diabetes glycemic index food list fruit glycemic index food list pdf download glycemic index food list printable glycemic index food list mayo clinic glycemic index food list app glycemic index diet food list printable glycemic index food list low glycemic index food list chart glycemic index food list low to high low glycemic index food list pdf http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... glycemic index weight loss glycemic index weight loss diet glycemic index weight loss plan glycemic index weight loss programs glycemic index weight loss foods glycemic index weight loss recipes glycemic index weight loss myth glycemic index weight loss results glycemic index weight loss pills glycemic index weight loss study glycemic index weight loss research glycemic index weight loss list glycemic index chart glycemic index diet plan glycemic index calculator glycemic index diet glycemic index recipes low glycemic foods http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... G.I. Index G.I. Index food list G.I. Index chart G.I. Index of foods G.I. Index diet G.I. Index fruit G.I. Index table G.I. Index uk G.I. Index fruit chart G.I. Index food list australia G.I. Index food chart glycemic load food list high glycemic index foods fruits high on glycemic index gi index food list complete glycemic index chart potato glycemic index http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... Synonyms: Glycemic Index Chart, Glycemic Index, Glycemic Chart, Glycemic,glycemic, index, Chart, chart, diet, nutrition, weight, loss, lose, diabetes, radhia, psychetruth, help, food, high, low, Truth, Carbohydrates, sugar, carbs, starch, nutrition, weight, loss, gain, glycemic, psychetruth, obesity, food, junk http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... glycemic, index, chart, diet, nutrition, weight, loss, lose, diabetes, radhia, psychetruth, help, food, foods, high, low, chart, load, list, what are low glycemic foods, low glycemic foods, low glycemic diets, glycemic diet, glycemic food index, low glycemic food, glycemic index food list http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... what is the glycemic index, glycemic index and weight loss, glycemic load, glycemic index diet, glycemic index diet plan, glycemic index and weight loss, glycemic load, glycemic index diet, glycemic index diet plan, weight loss, weight, loss, sugar, addiction, glycemic, index, GI, nutrition, diet, energy, health, cravings, food, fruit, control, appetite, hunge, low glycemic index, glycemic index chart, low glycemic index foods, glycemic index list, glycemic index of foods, glycemic index foods, glycemic index, glycemic load, low glycemic index, high glycemic index, high glycemic carbs, low gi foods, blood sugar levels, foods with low glycemic index, diet glycemic index, free glycemic index diet, glycemic load, glycemic index glycemic load, glycemic index of foods, diets, healthy, eating, nutritionists, weight, plans, nutritional, deficiencies http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... Glycemic Index Table- Glycemic Index Food List-Glycemic Index Weight Loss-G.I. Index http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... http://youtu.be/yP9OxQM1wls The Next Video Is Talking About: Characteristics Of A Good Diet To Lose Weight Fast: Michel Montignac Method Diet Plan URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Osvso... URL: http://youtu.be/Osvsoq3muxE

Glucose Ketone Index Calculator | Optimising Nutrition

A low carb helps reduce blood sugars and insulin levels. Blood glucose control and improved metabolic health will help to reduce your risk of many of the diseases of modern civilisation such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, Parkinsons and Alzheimers. We become insulin resistant when our body fat cant store more energy. Once our adipose tissue becomes insulin resistant, excess energy is stored in theliver, pancreas, heart, brain, eyes and other organs that are more insulin sensitive. Once our body fat cant hold the excess, we see increased levels of energy in our blood in the form of glucose, ketones and triglycerides. Endogenous ketosis occurs when weeat less food than we need. Our insulin and blood sugar levels decrease and ketones rise to supply the energy we need. Exogenous ketosis occurs when we eat lots fat and/or take exogenous ketones. Blood ketones rise, but our insulin levels will also increase because we have an excess of energy coming from our diet. While a low carb or ketogenic diet helps to stabilise blood sugars, most of the good things associated with ketosis occur due to endogenous ketosis, that is, when we drive lower levels of energy in our system. If Continue reading >>

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  1. * DKA explanation

    * DKA explanation

    Below you will find a terrific explanation of DKA from one of the instructors at Med School Tutors. If you like what you see and may be interested in learning more about one-on-one instruction from MST, then please visit their website at www.medschooltutors.com
    In order to understand how to treat DKA, it is useful to first understand what is going on in the body when DKA develops. First of all, DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) typically develops when a Type I diabetic does not take his or her insulin for a prolonged period of time. It may also be the presentation for new onset diabetes. Because these patients are insulin deficient, they are not able to take up glucose into their cells. This results in two important consequences: 1)glucose builds up in the blood and causes hyperglycemia and 2)the body's cells are forced to breakdown fat for energy, instead of glucose.
    These are very significant consequences... The hyperglycemia results in an osmotic diuresis, because the proximal tubule of the kidney can't reabsorb all the glucose filtered into the nephron. What is osmotic diuresis? Simply that the hyperglycemia (usually >300) causes the body to excrete lots and lots of water, because the osmotic pull of all the glucose particles prevents the reabsorbtion of water in the collecting duct. This means that patients with DKA are peeing their brains out!! They pee out sodium, potassium, and water.. And are therefore, very very very DEHYDRATED, sodium depleted, and potassium depleted.
    Now for the metabolism end of things... The body cells are forced to metabolize fat for energy rather than glucose. How do they accomplish this? - beta-oxidation of fatty acids. This results in excess production of ketone bodies which deplete available acid buffers. This causes a significant metabolic acidosis, with a high anion gap due to the presence of ketoacids. The acidosis causes potassium to shift from the intracellular space to the extracellular space. This may result in a normal or high serum potassium level. This normal or high potassium level masks what is typically significant potassium depletion because the person was peeing all their potassium out as a result of the uncontrolled hyperglycemia.
    So what are we going to do now? I will give a very brief answer for now, expect people to ask questions in the meantime, and then provide a more thorough approach to treatment in the coming days.
    1)Give the patient tons of normal saline. Why? - because your patient is dehydrated as all hell. They have been peeing out every last drop of water because of their severe uncontrolled hyperglycemia. These patients require liters of fluid to replenish all the fluid they've lost as a result of the osmotic diuresis.
    2)Give them insulin. Why? - NOT because it will lower the blood glucose level, but because it will cause a shift away from fat metabolism and toward glucose metabolism. This will slow the production of ketone bodies which are precipitating the metabolic acidosis. Thus, I will repeat, we give insulin to shift away from fat metabolism and stop the production of ketone bodies.
    3)Give the patient potassium. Why? - As we discussed earlier, the person has been peeing out all of their potassium stores and are overall very potassium depleted, despite having normal or high serum potassium levels to begin with. In addition to being potassium depleted, the insulin you are giving will cause a shift of potassium from the extracellular space to the intracellular space, which will drop the serum potassium. Thus, we give DKA patients potassium way before they become hypokalemic.
    4)Give the patient dextrose. Why? - They insulin you are giving the patient is obviously going to cause the serum glucose to decrease. We give glucose to prevent hypoglycemia as we continue to give insulin.
    How do we know when we are finished treating these patients? - When the anion gap returns to normal.
    That's all for now. Please ask any questions you have. I will be giving more specifics about DKA management in the near future.
    PS: Does anyone know the dangerous consequence of giving DKA patients fluid too rapidly? What are the symptoms this may cause, and what is the pathophysiology behind these symptoms?

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Glucose Ketone Index Calculator For Cancer Management

Glucose Ketone Index Calculator For Cancer Management This is a fantastic article statingthe incredible benefits of using ketogenic diet for the metabolic management of cancer. To calculate your index you will need to have a blood glucose monitor and a blood ketone monitor to obtain your Glucose Ketone Index (GKI). Paying attention to the optimal ratio of your glucose and ketones has been scientifically proven to be a powerful tool for the metabolic management of brain tumors (and other aggressive and inoperable cancers). Mary Beauchamp is a Registered Nurse, Therapeutic Nutritionist and Mind Body Specialist. She is a world traveler, food alchemist, and student of ancient healing traditions. She has four beautiful children and two grandchildren. With her knowledge of nutritional science, medical research, plant medicines, ancient super foods and indigenous healing rituals, she formulates food products for the natural foods industry and is a private health coach, specializing in healing the metabolism. Mary works with a team of Naturopathic doctors at Auburn Naturopathic Medicine in northern California. She alsooffers private and group online coaching programs. You can learn more a Continue reading >>

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  1. fruttibiscotti

    Has anyone come across any literature on where keto weight loss does not work? Is there a type of person (either ancestrally, or have some sort of medical condition) where keto does not work? I scoured the literature, but I couldn't find anything. The only thing I can find is advice for people to readjust their calorie intake or macronutrient proportions in their keto diet strategy when they are at a plateau. But totally unable to find what type of person resists keto weight loss.

  2. FXOjafar

    I'm unaware of anyone it doesn't work for as long as they do it properly. That is sticking to a macro, and tracking everything you eat and drink. If you are too lazy about it, you won't get too far with it.

  3. darlingdani83

    There is a Stanford study which suggested that for some people it doesn't work as well. It's something that they actually touched on in a lecture which was given in 2008, and you can watch that video on YouTube. (Just search for low carb Stanford or something to that effect and it should come up.) But if you or someone you know is personally not doing well with it, there are a lot of other factors you can evaluate before deciding it's not for you. Typically it's said that this diet works best for people who are insulin resistant or have metabolic syndrome, which is a symptom of insulin resistance. I hope that helps you some!

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This video shows how to test urine samples for glucose and ketones using the Mission Glucose Ketone test strips. Advice to testing for diabetics and adkins diet testers strips provided by http://www.valuemed.co.uk/acatalog/ur...

What Is A Glucose Ketone Index And Why You Should Care

Having high levels of ketones doesn’t mean you’re automatically getting all of the benefits. Luckily, research shows us that there’s an easy way to know if you’re in prime therapeutic mode so you can be confident you’re getting the best results. Ketosis can already be complicated if you don’t test and figure out what kicks you out. Once you start getting serious about ketosis and tracking ketone levels, you can usually step things up a notch with a simple calculation. You can become more specific with what works for you as an individual. How you do that is by calculating your glucose ketone index. The Glucose Ketone Index, or the GKI, is a ratio that researcher Dr. Thomas Seyfried has been using in his studies relating to both fasting and the ketogenic diet. There’s nothing fancy to this index, it is just a ratio of blood glucose levels to blood ketone levels. Having high level of ketones are great and all, but if you also have a super high level of blood glucose, you’re really just spinning your wheels and not getting any benefits of ketosis. And the real key here is to make sure that the ratio between glucose and ketone levels is as low as possible. If you’ve be Continue reading >>

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  1. KittenSynn

    > Pregnancy - Ketosis - WHY NOT??

    Why is ketosis bad for pregnancy?? I am hoping to start the longest thread on here and pick brains of all you mommas havin' bebes. :)
    I currently have lost 33 pounds in the past 11 weeks on this wonderful WOE and after the next 30 pounds we are going to try and conceive our third and final baby.
    Problem? I might be pregnant right now... :( lol (which is fine, we're ready)
    Question? Why are 'ketones' bad for the baby??? I have read and read and read and read every single article, website, and post about pregnancy and ketosis.... the end result all I know is "Tsk tsk tsk.. stay out of ketosis... and up carbs so you're not spilling ketones...."
    Yes, I think I came across ONE study where some children were tested at kindergarten age and the ones whose mother's were in ketosis while carrying had lower test scores... in KINDERGARTEN!
    This was not a low carb study, but rather a study on starvation.
    Were these mothers following a HEALTHY low carb diet? NO
    Were they in monitored ketosis on purpose? Probably not
    Could they have been smoking crack and that's why they weren't eating right? Yes (it said nothing like that was controlled)
    Are pregnant women that are NOT low carbing in ketosis OFTEN during pregnancy anyway?? YES, during morning sickness when they can't hold anything down. I'm sure they are.
    And, then there's the Eskimos... I have read, too, that they are constantly in ketosis and using protein and fat for fuel because they have NO carbs where they are.... are Eskimoe babies brain damaged?? I should think not.
    WHEW, can you tell I'm frustrated?? I just want someone to say "HEY, I was in ketosis and HERE"s what happened to my poor child" and then I won't even consider it, but no one is there to say that.
    AAAARGH, please, help !
    Thanks a ton,

  2. RosaAlta

    Not a doctor, but I was just pregnant. ;)
    I don't think it's the ketosis itself so much as the fact that, while you're in ketosis, you're burning off fat and losing weight. Pregnancy is not the time to be losing weight. Even very overweight people are still advised to gain while pregnant (although they are told to keep the gain down, like 15 lbs. instead of the average 25-35). Your baby needs your fat stores. The baby also needs you to eat a healthy, nutrient-rich, varied diet. It seems to me that Atkins maintenance (with maybe a few added things like milk) would be perfect for this.
    I ate like a pig in an ice cream shop for most of my pregnancy. I tried to eat "healthy" foods, but I didn't stop myself from eating a bunch of crap as well. I gained 42 lbs. My doctor told me that the pregnancy itself (baby, extra blood, extra breast tissue, etc.) weighs 26 lbs. on average. Anything you gain on top of that is just fat. Sure enough, I lost exactly 26 lbs. practically in the delivery room (okay, it was really within 3 weeks of birth). Now I'm here to take care of the rest.
    I'm telling you this because I'd wager that if you followed a maintenance-level, healthy low-carb plan during your pregnancy your gain would be right around 26 lbs. That would make your post-partum rebound much easier than most people's.
    My $0.02, sorry if it was too long. :)

  3. KittenSynn

    Yes, I agree with everything you have said, thank you. But, I was 190 when I got pregnant with my last son and my doctor DID tell me to NOT gain any weight!!! Not even the 26 lbs. So, essentially he was telling me to lose weight... because after delivery I would have been less.
    To his dismay I gained 14 lbs... (I only gained 15 with my first child) and lost it immediately after the pregnancy. I gained all of my weight (a hefty 253) eating constantly AFTER the birth of both of my children :cry: . I didn't find this WOL until 11 weeks ago.
    I am genuinely thinking that my diet now is WAY healthier (with supplements) than most pregnant women not on this WOL eat.
    I would still love to hear answers to my specific "What happens if" questions. I ALSO WANNA HEAR FROM ALL YOU MOMMAS WHO STAYED IN KETOSIS... I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE! LOL
    Thanks for your .02 cents though! :)

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