Glucose Ketone Index App

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Boston College And Heads Up Health Partner To Help Patients Monitor Metabolic Health

Boston College and Heads Up Health Partner to Help Patients Monitor Metabolic Health Enabling individuals to calculate and track the Glucose-Ketone Index alongside all other vital health metrics SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Heads Up Health, the leading consumer software for personal health data analytics, is pleased to announce their collaboration with top-tier research university, Boston College. Through this collaboration, Heads Up Health has licensed intellectual property developed by Boston College to enable healthy people or individuals with chronic ailments to instantly calculate their glucose-ketone index (GKI) and track their GKI values alongside other vital health metrics. Dr. Thomas Seyfried of Boston College states "we developed the Glucose Ketone Index Calculator (GKIC) as a simple tool to help cancer patients manage the growth of their tumors.The index is also effective for managing diseases and conditions associated with metabolic dysfunction including Type 2 diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, insulin resistance and traumatic brain injury. The GKIC measures the ratio of glucose to ketone bodies in the blood, which is expressed as the Glucose Ket Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. ketoman36

    I've read different things about the percentages. What is a good percent of macros for protein if someone lifts six days a week? Thanks for all the help everyone.

  2. vladscrutin

    Read the FAQ ?
    Also, don't use percentages. Use grams.

  3. Rakkars

    the FAQ is pretty helpful on the sidebar, but normally as a bro-rule of thumb it's .8-1.2g per pound lean body mass

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Heads Up Health - Home | Facebook

Our guest for episode 5 of Data-Driven Health Radio is Chuck Hazzard! Chuck is the VP of Sales at OURA - the world's most advanced smart ring designed for restorative sleep, empowering people to lead better, healthier lives by seeing how their lifestyle impacts their bodies and minds. Chuck earned his BA in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Maine, where he also earned his JD at their School of Law. An entrepreneur and technologist, he assists companies w...ith management guidance, product development, and marketing strategies. His career has focused on the use of technology to leverage substantial business growth, repeatedly increasing revenue, profitability, ROI, and market share in both startup and Fortune 500 environments. The founder of The Human Optimization Project, a website centered on "increasing human potential and fitness through science-based nutrition and technology," Chuck merges his passion for fitness, health, and tech, sharing his biohacking wisdom with those seeking to become their optimal selves. He lives in Norwich, Vermont. [Use the code -- HeadsUpHealth -- to get $100 off the Gen 2 pre-order!] Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. beemerbeeper

    How to get rid of ketosis smell?

    My friend says I stink. She says it smells like ketosis. How do I get rid of it? I sure can't smell it. It isn't gas.
    How do you start adding carbs back without freaking out about gaining?
    How embarrasing.

  2. MajorMom

    Water, water, water and more water.
    You don't want to add carbs back in. I'm confused. Why do you want to add carbs in?

  3. beemerbeeper

    I thought the ketosis smell was from too few carbs? I haven't been counting my water altho it seems like I am constantly drinking. I will start counting my ounces tomorrow and see if I can increase it by quite a bit.

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Glucose Ketone Index (gki)

Diabetes Forum The Global Diabetes Community Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Join the community Michael here from Tasmania in Australia. Just briefly, I was obese and prediabetic for an excess of 15 years until I discovered intermittent and longer term fasting. I have now lost in excess of 20 kg and whilst I haven't tested my HbA1c for a while am probably no longer prediabetic. I will test my bloods again soon. When doing longer fasts (up to 21 days) I would regularly test my BSL and ketones. I learned that dividing BSL by ketones gives an index called GKI (glucose to ketone index). This is apparently an accurate way of assessing insulin levels in the blood. A GKI of 1 or less is optimal. This morning (my 7th and last day of my current modified water fast), my BSL was 3.1 and my ketones were 3.4. This gives me a GKI of less than 1. I'm happy with that, have lost just under 5 kg in 7 days (though I'm aware I will regain a couple of kilo in water), have absolutely no signs of hypoglycaemia and I feel good. My question is, does anyone else use GKI? Anyone got any research on the reliability and/or validity of using GKI to assess insulin levels in the blood. Wh Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. bilal

    Hi all..
    Where exactly does fat storage processes happen in our body?
    Is there any way to know that the fat you have consumed has been flushed out totally?
    What are the symptoms of ketosis or how can you feel ketosis has started in your body?
    Are there any effects of ketosis on sexuality?
    Are there any foods that may speed up the ketosis process or take more fat from the body?
    [ed. note: bilal (2605084) last edited this post 9 months ago.]

  2. christine

    Just stick to the rules of Atkins in the link you have been given and do not over think or complicate, it is not neccessary. Atkins works.
    I am sure if you google your questions, you will find the scientific answers you appear to be seeking.

  3. bilal

    Quote from: christine at Mar 30, 2017, 08:19 AM
    Just stick to the rules of Atkins in the link you have been given and do not over think or complicate, it is not neccessary. Atkins works.
    I am sure if you google your questions, you will find the scientific answers you appear to be seeking. I know it works.
    But I have to cure my curiosity...

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