Fatty Acids Cannot Be Used To Make Glucose Because Quizlet

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Nutrition Chapter 7

Sort Feasting eating in excess of energy needs metabolism favors fat formation - dietary fat to body fat is most direct and efficient conversion (carbohydrate and protein have other roles to fulfill before) fuel mix - depends on diet; carbohydrate and protein intakes influence fuel mix; increases in carbohydrate and protein intakes DISPLACE fat in the diet (more carbohydrate/protein and less fat) increase fat eaten DOES NOT enhance fat breakdown - does not respond to dietary fat intake! Transition from Feasting to Fasting after a meal (2-3 hours), glucose, glycerol, fatty acids used as needed, stored - fasting state draws on these stores (glycogen and fat are released/broken down) energy needed all the time! (sleeping) basal metabolism - cell's work to maintain life processes; 2/3 energy a person expends per day fasting (choice) vs. starving (no choice) - body cannot distinguish difference between them, forced to draw on reserves of carbohydrate and fat Fasting carbohydrate, fat, protein all eventually used as energy begins with release of glucose from liver's glycogen stores, fatty acids from adipose cells breakdown and acetyl CoA produced - Krebs cycle to produce energy (ATP) dec Continue reading >>

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  1. lw_onevoice

    I've been on induction for a week, following it very good. No cheating. My net carbs are at 20, I'm turning keto sticks purple..etc. I either gain or maintain every day, except for two days. One day I worked out very lightly, and lost half a lb. Another day I didn't work out at all and lost 2 lbs. All the other days I've worked out 2-4 hours.. pretty intense, because I'm training for a big hike (it's in two more weeks now!)I'm trying to get my body in condition for that.
    I weight 220 lbs (give or take a lb when I maintain, lose, or gain) I am eating between 2,400 and 2,600 calories. (I heard rule of thumb was to eat 10-12 times your weight in calories) and again, keeping the net carbs to 20, total carbs are like 38 or so when i have a MIM, total carbs are lower on days I don't have a MIM.
    Take Monday for example. I ate 2600 calories, lost two lbs. yesterday I ate 2,800 calories, but worked out and burned 1,600 calories.
    I'm getting about 130 grams of protein a day, and my fat percent is between 65-72%.
    Do I need to eat even MORE calories than the 2,600 on the days I work out that much? Is it possible I'm stalling because on days I'm burning 1,600 calories the 2,600 is not enough and causes a stall?
    Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on that.. if I need to eat even MORE than 2,600.. cause that's like a ton of food! And get's expensive too! lol
    What do you think?

  2. Ghostly1968

    Sounds like, first you are putting on muscle, muscle weighs more than fat, second, you might be shutting down your metabolism instead of revving it up because your body is not getting enough. Just my thoughts.
    If you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll keep getting what you've been getting.
    Life is like a box of chocalates, you never know what you got until you take a bite - Forrest Gump

  3. lw_onevoice

    That's what I was wondering...but it's counter intuitive to me to eat more than 2,600..even with Atkins, yet if I'm burning 1.600...
    I'm not working out heavy to lose weight, I'm doing Atkins to lose weight. I'm working out like a mad woman to get in shape for this hike lol..I've lost great before on induction, but I didn't workout..

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