Fatty Acids And Amino Acids Produce Far Less Atp Than One Glucose Molecule.

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€¢ Several Principles Govern Metabolic Pathways:

Energy and Electrons from Glucose • The sugar glucose (C6H12O6) is the most common form of energy molecule. • Cells obtain energy from glucose by the chemical process of oxidation carried out through a series of metabolic pathways. • Metabolic pathways are formed by complex chemical transformations in the cell which occur in a number of separate reactions. • Each reaction in the pathway is catalyzed by a specific enzyme. • Metabolic pathways are similar in all organisms, from bacteria to humans. • Many metabolic pathways are compartmentalized in eukaryotes, with certain reactions occurring inside an organelle. • The operation of each metabolic pathway can be regulated by the activities of key enzymes. Cells trap free energy while metabolizing glucose • When burned in a flame, glucose releases heat, carbon dioxide, and water. • C6H12O6 + 6 O2 ( 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + energy (heat and light). • The same equation applies for the biological, metabolic use of glucose. This process, however, has many steps and is carefully controlled. • About one-third of the energy is collected in ATP. • ï„G for the complete conversion Continue reading >>

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  1. Franksta1118

    Triacylglycerol vs. Glucose

    Can somebody provide an explanation of why Triacylglycerols provide more ATP per carbon when fully oxidized to ATP than does Glucose. I'm thinking along the lines of B-Oxidation and such but I'm not too sure how the numbers work out. Thanks a lot!

  2. BloodySurgeon

    In order for a n-carbon fatty acid to be completely oxidized, (n/2)-1 turns of B-oxidation cycles must be completed, which produces (n/2)-1 FADH2, (n/2)-1 NADH, and n/2 acetyl-CoA. Each acetyle-CoA then goes through the citric acid cycle and produces the same amount of ATP as half a glucose. So as long as a fatty acid is 4 carbons or longer, it will produce more ATP than glucose.
    Also remember a triglyceride has three fatty acid chains and have chains usually around 16 carbons long in humans. So if you do the math, there are usually around 9x more ATP in triglycerides.

  3. BloodySurgeon

    This of course is unless information for the mcat... all you need to know is that triglycerides have more energy, but ATP are more usable energy sources by breaking the high energy phosphate bonds.

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