Fasting To Get Into Ketosis

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Four New, Cutting-edge Ways To Easily Shift Your Body Into Fat-burning Mode & Ketosis.

Great article. You actually answered my question as to the ratio of the 3 BHB salts which is quite helpful for me. For me, I had Keto O/S and found it quite good – my favorite was the chocolate swirl. But it was and is very expensive. Only 15-20 servings and would break the bank. So I turned to KetoCaNa and I’ve tried two flavours. Both of them were so salty that I almost threw up every time. Like flavoured sea water. Also only 15 serving per bottle. Then I turned to Ketond which is okay – Tigers Blood and Caramel Macchiato. What I like about Ketond is that it has a full 30 servings and is very transparent with it’s ingredients. It’s also the same price as Keto OS but you get 30 servings. But still, not the best taste. So in the end, I ordered 1kg of pure BHB Magnesium from a supplier in China and I will be developing my own Ketone product with 30 servings as a lower price than all the competitors, and with more Magnesium, and Calcium in it than Sodium so that it tastes the best and actually helps with weight loss (which Magnesium is proven to do at the right amount). What the companies don’t tell you is that actually Sodium BHB is the cheapest, then Calcium BHB and the Continue reading >>

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  1. samille

    I heard the 2 keto dudes say on their podcast that you shouldn’t fast when first starting keto. Anyone have any science on why not and the possible issues? I couldn’t find anything

  2. Rian

    If you are already in ketosis the first few days of your fast will be a lot smoother. If you aren’t in ketosis the first few days will likely be absolute hell. But it’s safe and definitely possible, it’s just not ideal. Even just a day or two of zero carb before a fast would likely help you a lot.

  3. PaulL

    Only that fasting is much easier after you become fat-adapted. Trying to fast as a sugar burner can be done, but it’s not a pleasant experience. Why set yourself up for misery and/or failure?

    Get through the adaptation phase while you’re still able to eat, then you may find yourself fasting intermittently without even trying, and from there to a longer-term fast is a very small step.

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