Exogenous Ketones After Cheat Meal

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Exogenous Ketones- Do They Deliver For Performance And Weight Loss?

Exogenous Ketones- Do They Deliver For Performance and Weight Loss? If you have been living under a rock and have not heard of the ketogenic diet yet, exogenous ketones are NOT those raspberry ketones for weight loss. We are talking about ketones as in the fuel derived from fat, during a high-fat diet such as the ketogenic diet. Why the ketogenic diet? While many still consider this diet controversial (because of the fat), it is not something new; rather it has been successfully used as an alternative treatment for epilepsy since the early 1900s. Today, however, the fat adapted state that the ketogenic diet brings on, is mainly used for rapid weight loss. As well as for reversing metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and improving cognition and emotional health. Exogenous ketones is a new breakthrough supplement which primarily provides the power of ketones, without the need to follow the ketogenic diet so strictly. At least this is how it is marketed, but the question is, does it deliver? The Pros Since the research is still in the very early stages concerning exogenous ketones, much of their benefits are believed to be similar to the beneficial effects of the ketogenic diet. Continue reading >>

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  1. lxdr1f7

    Does anyone know what would happen if you take exogenous ketones and eat a high carb meal at the same time? Would you stay in ketosis?

  2. WillowWagner

    This. Exactly.

  3. silenoz357

    Your body still prefers glucose over ketones, it will ignore the ketones and use the glucose and if the level of glucose is high enough, it will knock you out of ketosis the same as any other carb-limit exceeding meal would do. It would really just be the same as a 'cheat', you'd be out for a day or two and then if you returned to a normal nutritional ketogenic meal plan, you'd be back in ketosis. There really is no free lunch, no magic bullet, consistency and dedication are the keys. Not to mention, exogenous ketones or not, the high carb meal will go through your digestive system and oh the carby poops it will make. Every cheat I've done has ended in me on the toilet thinking about what I really want in life and remembering why I started this journey in the first place.

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