Dose Of Sodium Bicarbonate In Metabolic Acidosis

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Sodium Bicarbonate: Indication, Dosage, Side Effect, Precaution | Mims.com Malaysia

Adult : PO Urine alkalinisation Up to 10 g/day in divided doses w/ sufficient fluid intake. Chronic metabolic acidosis 4.8 g/day as needed. Dyspepsia 1-5 g when needed. IV Severe metabolic acidosis By slow inj of a hypertonic soln 8.4% or by continuous infusion of a weaker soln, usually 1.26% . Adult: By slow inj of a hypertonic solution of up to 8.4% (1000 mmol/L), or by continuous infusion of a weaker solution, usually 1.26% (150 mmol/L). For correction of acidosis during advanced cardiac life support procedures, 50 ml of an 8.4% solution may be given. Elderly: Dosage adjustments may be required. Adult: Doses providing 57 mmol (4.8 g sodium bicarbonate) or more daily as required. Elderly: Dosage adjustments may be required. Adult: To prevent development of uric-acid renal calculi in the initial stages of uricosuric therapy for hyperuricaemia in chronic gout: Up to 10 g daily in divided doses, to be taken with a liberal amount of fluid. Elderly: Dosage adjustments may be required. Category C: Either studies in animals have revealed adverse effects on the foetus (teratogenic or embryocidal or other) and there are no controlled studies in women or studies in women and animals are n Continue reading >>

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  1. Anonymous

    i'm supposed to test my peepee daily for protein, but they didn't tell me where or what to buy for this. the pharmacist was no help either? i have no idea, does anyone else know?

  2. Anonymous

    Huh? I've never heard of this. I would call your OB. Seems strange to tell you to do something like at home this without any guidance.

  3. Anonymous

    you need urine dip strips. i would call your practice ask speak with a nurse.

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Sodium Bicarbonate (sodium Bicarbonate 5% Injection): Side Effects, Interactions, Warning, Dosage & Uses

Sodium Bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate 5% injection) Injection may be indicated in the treatment of metabolic acidosis which can occur in severe renal disease, uncontrolled diabetes , circulatory insufficiency due to shock , anoxia or severe dehydration, extracorporeal circulation of blood and severe primary lactic acidosis . Sodium Bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate 5% injection) Injection is further indicated in the treatment of certain drug intoxications, including barbiturates, in poisoning by salicylates or methyl alcohol, and in hemolytic reactions requiring alkalinization of the urine to diminish nephrotoxicity of blood pigments. Sodium Bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate 5% injection) Injection may also be indicated in severe diarrhea which is often accompanied by a significant loss of bicarbonate. As directed by a physician. Dosage is dependent upon the age, weight and clinical condition of the patient as well as laboratory determinations. For mild acidosis, the usual dosage is 1 to 2 mEq per kg of body weight, administered slowly. For more severe acidosis, 2 to 5 mEq per kg of body weight may be administered over a 4 to 8 hour period. Subsequent therapy is dependent on the clin Continue reading >>

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  1. cz_dave

    I have been on LCHF and in ketosis for about a month now.
    I am quite pleased with the results in general, though still struggling with how to handle exercise (especially anaerobic), for instance.
    Now, the question is: Is the ketogenic diet sustainable? I would think there must be a reason why the body prefers burning glucose to fats. And so, I wonder if any side effects caused by being in ketosis in the long term will outweigh the improved BS control. I would think that ketosis is kind of an emergency scenario for human metabolism....
    Anyone who has been in ketosis for a long period of time?

  2. robert72

    I've been in ketosis for about 2 years - haven't noticed any side effects (apart from very stable blood sugars).

  3. GeoffersTaylor

    I take the view that my ability to metabolise glucose is severely compromised and so I must revert to ketosis. That is now a given so after that the chips fall where they may.

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Nw Newborn Drug Protocol - Sodium Bicarbonate Pharmacology

0.25-0.50 mmol/kg/hour. Continuous IV infusion. Doses needs to be individualised and titrated according to response and to adverse effects (e.g. hypernatraemia) Not recommended for hypercapnia or hypernatraemic states. Caution in infants with renal impairment. Caution in preterm infants. Rapid infusion of hypertonic NaHCO3 has been incriminated in the pathogenesis of intraventricular haemorrhage in preterm infants. Sodium bicarbonate is the alkali most frequently employed for correction of metabolic acidosis. The drug is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Between 20-50% of an orally administered dose can be recovered in the form of expired carbon dioxide. The apparent bicarbonate space has been estimated to be 74% of body weight (range of 37-134%). Thus calculations of bicarbonate dosage are based on an apparent volume of distribution of 0.3 to 0.6 L/kg. Bicarbonate is rapidly metabolised to carbonic acid which rapidly dissociates into water and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is excreted via the lungs. Venous irritation, soft tissue injury at the site of IV injection. Increased vascular volume, serum osmolarity, serum sodium. Continue reading >>

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  1. qmotion

    A website with weekly "Keto Plans"

    Hi Guys,
    At the moment I'm busy working on a website where me and a Keto buddy of mine would send out weekly "Keto Plans".
    Basically what it is is a website with info & tools on Keto, a collection of recipes but we would also make plans consisting of:
    - Shopping list with all necessary ingredients for the week
    - Meal plans (so which meal should be cooked/eaten at which time in the week)
    - Recipes, each meal plan would have a variety of meals throughout the week and you would have the recipe for each meal.
    What we are trying to do is to make it easier for people to follow Keto. We both thought it was difficult at times to find out what to eat and to keep a variety of different foods in the diet without a plan to follow.
    So basically you have your entire week planned out for you and wouldnt need to think about what to eat anymore (plus we're focussing on getting the best recipes and utilizing leftovers for meals)
    If you were new to Keto (or already following keto), what would you look for on a website like the one mentioned above. Is there anything specific you would want to receive/know/learn?
    Let me hear your ideas guys. Would it be something you would be interested in?

  2. GazzyB

    Sounds like a great idea. If I were you I'd stress the simplicity of everything, because at first it can be a bit overwhelming!

  3. qmotion

    Originally Posted by GazzyB
    Sounds like a great idea. If I were you I'd stress the simplicity of everything, because at first it can be a bit overwhelming!

    Yes that's exactly what we were thinking! It can be overwhelming in the beginning, but when you get the basic gist of it you can see that it can be easy too!
    Thanks for the feedback

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