Do I Have Type 1 Diabetes Quiz

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Could Your Child Have Diabetes?

More than 15,000 children are diagnosed with type 1 every year. Make sure you know the telltale signs -- they're all too easy to dismiss. When Chloe Powell started begging for one more drink of water every night, her father, Charles, thought his then 7-year-old was using a common bedtime stall tactic. "I was irritated that she wouldn't go to sleep," admits Dr. Powell, who's a family physician in Dallas. With all she was drinking, he wasn't surprised when she began wetting the bed. But when Chloe couldn't make it through a conversation without having to use the bathroom, he became concerned. "I figured she had a urinary-tract infection, and she'd take some antibiotics and feel better," says Dr. Powell. He wasn't at all prepared for what his daughter's urine test showed: a dangerously high level of sugar that was a clear indicator of type 1 diabetes. In an instant, Chloe, now 10, went from being a kid who never thought twice about the foods she ate or the energy she burned to one who'd face a lifetime of carbohydrate counting, finger pricks, and insulin injections. A Disease on the Rise Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body's immune system to mistakenly destr Continue reading >>

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  1. Suzanne Fagan

    hi guys i am new to the training game and need a bit of advice...trialled a 20 month old dog 5 days ago afterwards he was drinking and piddling more than normal, checked out "so u want to b a gh trainer" and after reading the article on water diabetes i suspect he may have suffered from this.
    3 days after his trial his drinking and piddling had returned to normal and since his trial he has only been walked.
    What now?? does he need time to get over this?? do I need to keep him on the beta K i gave him after the trial?? should i be feeding beta k to my other dogs??
    Would appreciate any advice/comments

  2. Helen Kiely

    hi Suzanne
    Lots of good info in the post Acidosis....ive brought to the top for you.........and theres always the lovely Carole to email for more personal advice.


  3. Dean Matterson

    I guess it depends how bad he was at drinking water....
    I would give him another 7 days off and then give him a few handslips without the lure and see how he pulls up. Then if OK trial him over a shorter distance and just monitor if he is drinking water excessively.
    If he is he might need Minirin injections.

    Just my opinion , maybe someone else can advise better.

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