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The Scary Experience Of Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Today, we’re excited to share with you another guest blog from Katie Janowiak, who works for the Medtronic Foundation, our company’s philanthropic arm. When she first told me her story about food poisoning and Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA), I knew others could benefit from hearing it as well. Thanks Katie for your openness and allowing us to share your scary story so that the LOOP community can learn from it. Throughout this past year, I’ve had the honor of sharing with you, the amazing LOOP community, my personal journey and the often humorous sequence of events that is my life with T1. Humor is, after all, the best (and cheapest) therapy. Allow me to pause today to share with you the down and dirty of what it feels like to have something that is not the slightest bit humorous: diabetic ketoacidosis.You are hot. You are freezing. You are confused. You are blacked out but coherent. You go to talk but words fail you. Time flies and goes in slow motion simultaneously. You will likely smell and look like death. In my instance, this was brought on by the combination of excessive vomiting and dehydration caused by food poisoning and the diabetic ketoacidosis that followed after my b Continue reading >>

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  1. NicNic

    I was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago with ketoacidosis. It gave me a bit of a shock and I'm now controlling my levels much better than I had been recently. However, this (I think) is making me gain weight. Any ideas on when weight gain might stop?? (I've put on nearly a stone in 4 weeks.) I'm not overweight (at all!) but am a little obsessive about my weight/size. Thanks for help and advice!!

  2. xxlou_lxx

    Might depend on 2 things really, one being how long you had DKA and how much you actually lost through having it. I guess you will put on what you lost because your body is getting back to normal again, but unless you have changed your eating habbits then thats all you should gain i would think?

  3. randomange

    It's apparently quite common to put weight on when your control improves. The reason (to quote my DSN) is that you're no longer peeing a whole load of sugar down the toilet! If your levels were particularly high before, then a lot of the calories you were taking in weren't actually being used by your body, but once your insulin levels are right(ish ) and your blood sugars start to come down, then your body can actually process these calories properly again.

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