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Sort Metabolic acidosis HCO3 <22 pH <7.35 paCO2 normal (uncompensated) paCO2 <35 (partially compensated) pH 7.35-7.39 (acidic normal) & paCO2 <35 (fully compensated) "If ill, take your insulin and drink clear liquids with carbohydrate." The client must be familiar with "sick day" management. He should take his insulin, check his blood glucose every 1 to 4 hr, and if unable to eat solid food, take in small frequent amounts of fluids and glucose-containing beverages. Which of the following is an appropriate client instruction regarding DKA prevention? Abdominal pain The client with HHNS would not have abdominal pain, a symptom of acidosis. Confusion from dehydration would be present, as would thirst and frequent urination. Which of the following signs and symptoms is least likely in HHNS? Metabolic acidosis secondary to breakdown of fats for energy manifested by ketosis is most likely. Rapid, deep respirations (Kussmaul's respirations) will show compensation for the acidosis as the body "blows off" carbon dioxide, a respiratory acid. What type of acid-base imbalance is likely in a client with DKA? How would the nurse recognize compensation for this acid-base disorder? Physical and/or Continue reading >>

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  1. beezala

    Hey everyone,
    I just wanted to tell people the cause of my hair loss issue, and to tell you to GO TO YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU ARE LOSING HAIR ON KETO. After 3 months I started losing hair and got a few greys, which I've never had before.
    Under everyone's advice here and on the web, I assumed it was telogen effluvium, which is common and temporary.
    After getting blood work, my doctor said I am very low in b12, which cab cause hair loss and loss of hair pigment. The solution for me: supplement daily with 1000mg b12. This is my first day supplementing.
    If left untreated, low b12 can be catastrophic. So please, do get checked out. B12 comes from animal products, so you must be wondering HOW I could possibly low on that if I eat keto.
    Apparently, it has something to do with grass fed animal products; the meat and cheese from these animals has higher levels of b12 than that of the grain fed variety. Also, it can be found in fruits and grains, which have been completely removed from my diet.
    Just some food for thought.
    EDIT: I've just read about how antibiotics can lead to b12 deficiency. I have posted before about antibiotics ruining my gut microbiome, and now I think it may have been the cause of my b12 deficiency. Apparently bad gut bacteria eats up the b12, so an overgrowth of it may be the culprit. But won't jump to conclusions until I speak with my doctor. The antibiotic I took was doxycycline for keto rash...
    UPDATE: Today is the first day I am noticing a little less hair loss than normal and it has been exactly 3 weeks since I started supplementing. There is less hair on my clothing/around me, but I am still not back to normal. Another symptom I've had is very dry/scaly/itchy scalp, which has appeared to calm down a bit the last couple of days. I'm hoping this means my body is readjusting to normal levels! Feeling optimistic.
    UPDATE 2: Confirming that after almost exactly 1 month of b12 supplementation, my hair loss is back to normal! Also, want to clarify that all of this is most likely NOT related to the Keto WOE, as my iron levels are also low and this is genetic, and apparently, they are related. Still waiting to hear from my doctor, but I may have a minor form of Thalassemia.

  2. hazeFL

    There is no B12 in fruit or grains.

  3. Addbutter

    I thought it was common knowledge since vegetarians always have to worry about not getting b12.

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