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Sickly Sweet: Understanding Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a potentially life threatening condition that can occur to people with diabetes. It is observed primarily in people with type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent), but it can occur in type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent) under certain circumstances. The reason for why it is not often seen in people with type 2 diabetes is because their body is still able to produce insulin, so the pathophysiology explained in the flowchart below is not as dramatic as compared to people with type 1 diabetes who do not make any insulin at all. There are various symptoms associated with DKA including: Hyperglycaemia Polyphagia (increased appetite and hunger) Polydipsia (increased thirst) Polyuria (increased urination) Glycosuria (glucose in the urine) Ketonuria (ketones in urine) Ketones in blood Sweet, fruity breath Tachypnoea leading to Kussmaul breathing (deep and laboured breathing pattern) The body tries to compensate for the ketone bodies (acid) by eliminating carbon dioxide (also an acid) thereby attempting to make the body more alkalotic to normalise the pH The compensation between the metabolic and respiratory system can be read about in this article Decreased bica Continue reading >>

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  1. tsazani

    Ketogenic diet + cold water therapy =

    Fat burning machine? http://paleoleap.com/cold-water-therapy/

  2. jdm1217

    Originally Posted by tsazani
    Fat burning machine? http://paleoleap.com/cold-water-therapy/ As I recalled, a number of people were killed by this including at least one very famous person a few centuries ago.

  3. Ken S

    Depending on how much this may increase leptin sensitivity, and improve thyroid hormone function (which this article doesn't mention but I've read about elsewhere), well those things do matter. People have reported hair growth from this though, that does suggest some positive hormonal changes and possibly upregulating of metabolism through free T3.
    I'll leave the cold water therapy to you though, yikes One of the things that has come out of diabetes is that I can dial my weight to whatever I want, no cold showers required, not that I'd want to endure that. I did struggle with this for quite a while but the lessons I learned when I dropped down to skeleton man weren't wasted I think that the biggest thing by far that works for me is limiting food take with a particular emphasis on carb and protein restriction but not overdoing the fat as well, however it's often not as easy as that with some of us which does suggest hormonal issues apart from what can be managed by such a dietary strategy. Insulin and leptin are both huge here I'd say and leptin involves more than just appetite control.

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