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Dka Vs Hhs (hhns) Nclex Review

Diabetic ketoacidosis vs hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotic syndrome (HHNS or HHS): What are the differences between these two complications of diabetes mellitus? This NCLEX review will simplify the differences between DKA and HHNS and give you a video lecture that easily explains their differences. Many students get these two complications confused due to their similarities, but there are major differences between these two complications. After reviewing this NCLEX review, don’t forget to take the quiz on DKA vs HHNS. Lecture on DKA and HHS DKA vs HHNS Diabetic Ketoacidosis Affects mainly Type 1 diabetics Ketones and Acidosis present Hyperglycemia presents >300 mg/dL Variable osmolality Happens Suddenly Causes: no insulin present in the body or illness/infection Seen in young or undiagnosed diabetics Main problems are hyperglycemia, ketones, and acidosis (blood pH <7.35) Clinical signs/symptoms: Kussmaul breathing, fruity breath, abdominal pain Treatment is the same as in HHNS (fluids, electrolyte replacement, and insulin) Watch potassium levels closely when giving insulin and make sure the level is at least 3.3 before administrating. Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Nonketotic Syn Continue reading >>

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  1. cakepro

    Hey all :wave:
    What's the best strategy to get the body back into ketosis after a day of indulgence: an 18 or 24 hour fast or immediate return to Induction?
    I've already fasted about 14 hours but it's getting close to dinnertime and I'm wondering if I should just let my body purge all of the naughties I ate yesterday or have a big grilled chicken breast and salad for dinner. The more I think about it...the more I think I'll be having that chicken breast... :yum: ...but I would like to hear the best strategy for the day after a planned day of carbalicious indulgence. :lol:

  2. big_loser

    id personally fast. and drink loadsa black coffe, diet coke and green tea as the caffeine makes me pee loadsa and lose all the water im holding

  3. greenchill

    You've already cheated?
    I see more posts about cheating than staying on plan and succeeding.

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