Dka Management Flowchart

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Flow Chart For Diabetic Ketoacidosis In Adults Management Of

Overview National guidelines flowchart for the management of DKA from the Joint British Diabetes Societies Inpatient Care Group. Clinical Guidelines This guideline has been approved by the Trust's Clinical Guidelines Assessment Panel as an aid to the diagnosis and management of relevant patients and clinical circumstances. Not every patient or situation fits neatly into a standard guideline scenario and the guideline must be interpreted and applied in practice in the light of prevailing clinical circumstances, the diagnostic and treatment options available and the professional judgement, knowledge and expertise of relevant clinicians. It is advised that the rationale for any departure from relevant guidance should be documented in the patient's case notes. The Trust's guidelines are made publicly available as part of the collective endeavour to continuously improve the quality of healthcare through sharing medical experience and knowledge. The Trust accepts no responsibility for any misunderstanding or misapplication of this document. Continue reading >>

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  1. soggypuppet

    While not eating carbs leads to less plaque (the sticky stuff you brush off every day) it has somehow attributed to a big increase in calculus/tartar (the hard stuff we scrape off) formation on my own teeth. I was on keto for 6 months and every week I had a slight bit of tartar forming on my teeth,I would remove and it kept persisting until I went off keto and then returned to normal and did not form it anymore. I did this three times in the past 2 years to see if it really was being in ketosis that changed it, and it definitely was the culprit. Now my question is this harmful to other areas of your body? Let's say more kidney stones or more calcified heart valves or arteries? I am leary of future health problems although I am a big believer and lover of the keto diet.

  2. darthluiggi

    I can confirm I have tartar buildup.
    But I do like to scrape it lol.

  3. erixsparhawk

    I've been 2.5 years keto and it has caused massive tartar buildup which I need to clean regularly. However, since going keto the dentist claims my gums are the healthiest that she has seen. Additionally after going keto I 100% stopped having cavities. 100% of my pre keto visits were accompanied with the discovery of new cavities. Just another anecdote for the ketoscience sub :)

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