Dka In Pregnancy Ppt

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Fuels specialists manage every aspect of the refueling of every aircraft on the flight line. More than handling jet fuel, these professionals are also responsible for operating the vehicles, equipment and storage facilities that are essential to the refueling operation while also ensuring the compliance of all safety regulations while handling these volatile liquids. https://www.airforce.com/careers/deta...

Michael P. Carson, Md

2004 NJ ACP Obstetric Medicine Workshop Michael P. Carson, MD Asst. Clin. Prof of Medicine and Obstetrics UMDNJ - RWJMS Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine Saint Peter’s University Hospital Common Disorders Asthma – No changes to management Hypothyroidism Check TSH each trimester. Check it 4 weeks after any dosing change SLE – Be very careful. Increased risk of flare RA flares postpartum Multiple Sclerosis – increased flare risk, follow-up period may not be adequate. Background: Pregnancy & DKA Respiratory alkalosis leads to Bicarb loss by kidneys. HCO3- is ~ 20 Less buffering capacity Ketogenesis is accelerated 2-4 times during pregnancy Less hyperglycemia is required to cause DKA during pregnancy Mortality: Maternal 5-15% Fetal 50-90% Diabetic Ketoacidosis Metabolic Effects of DKA Abnormal Insulin:Glucagon ratio favors triglyceride release from adipose tissue. Then, they’re metabolized to ketones rather than being stored or metabolized to carbon dioxide. Notice a theme here? Ketones: Primary is beta-hydroxybutyric acid Aceto acetic acid Reacts with the nitroprusside test. Responsible for fruity odor on the breath. Diabetic Ketoacidosis Continue reading >>

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  1. Skie

    Can You Use Ketone Sticks to "Diagnose"?

    I'm not on a low carb diet as far as I know, so having these in the urine would be a possible diabetes sign, right? Is it a safe idea to get a package and see what my results are? Or is this just a silly idea? I'm still working out arrangements to go see a doctor and get tested, but in the mean time while I figure that out with my friends, I figure something like this might be useful to get an idea of where I stand in the matter... Course I wish I could borrow a meter too, but alas... Don't know anyone who'd let me...

  2. Shanghaied Guy

    I think your blood sugars have to be extremely high before ketones would show up in your urine if you have not been on ketogenic diet (very low carb) for several days.
    You can get a free meter here: https://www.onetouchgold.com/simplestart/, but you will still need to buy the strips.
    Where do you live? If you live in Shanghai, I will buy you a cup of coffee some morning and test your BG. We diabetics are always curious about the blood sugar of other people and sometimes try to cajole our family and friends into testing their morning fasting blood sugar. If you want to disclose where you live, maybe somebody here at DD can help you out with the use of a meter.
    Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you have a family history of diabetes? How old are you? Are you overweight? Have you ever had high blood glucose on a test? What symptoms do you have that lead you to suspect diabetes?
    Be well.

  3. hannahtan

    i wouldn't dx yourself with just a ketostix... if there are sugar and ketones in the urine... it is a sign of diabetes... if ketones alone... i'm not sure... that is why i will not simply just assume i'm a diabetic based on a ketostix result...
    if you can't borrow a meter... can you just go to a pharmacy and get a simple finger bg test done? if it is high... and from the ketostix result which shows ketones as positive... please go see a doc immediately... but if bg is good...i wouldn't worry a lot... but still see a doc to get a proper diagnosis

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Clinical Update 2013 Speakers' Presentations - 2013 Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines: The Essentials - Alice Cheng

Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines Hyperglycemic Emergencies In Adults

guidelines.diabetes.ca | 1-800-BANTING (226-8464) | diabetes.ca Copyright © 2013 Canadian Diabetes Association 1 Clinical Practice Guidelines CPG Tool Kit Professional Publications Diabetes Educator Study Resources & Educator Resources Food and Nutrition Tools CDA-CSEM Annual Conference Key Points Suspect DKA or HHS in an ill patient with hyperglycemia (usually) – medical emergency DKA = ketoacidosis is prominent HHS = ECFV contraction + hyperosmolarity Rx = FLUIDS, POTASSIUM, INSULIN (DKA) Treat precipitating cause Prevention is critical 2013 guidelines.diabetes.ca | 1-800-BANTING (226-8464) | diabetes.ca Copyright © 2013 Canadian Diabetes Association 2 Clinical Practice Guidelines CPG Tool Kit Professional Publications Diabetes Educator Study Resources & Educator Resources Food and Nutrition Tools CDA-CSEM Annual Conference Hyperglycemic Emergencies DKA = Diabetic Ketoacidosis HHS = Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State Common features: Insulin deficiency ïƒ hyperglycemia ïƒ urinary loss of water and electrolytes ïƒ Volume depletion + electrolyte deficiency + hyperosmolarity Insulin deficiency (absolute) + glucagon ïƒ Ketoacidosis (in DKA) guidelines.diabetes.ca | Continue reading >>

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  1. peppermintandbooks

    Hi there, I've tried low carb and ketogenic diets with really fantastic results but after a little while I quit since I experience intense brain fog and a weird spacey feeling. My job keeps me on my feet and demands a lot from my brain so I need to be firing at 100%. Is the brain fog something I just need to power through until my body adapts? Am I maybe just not getting enough protein/fats?
    Any input is much appreciated. :)
    EDIT: Is this just part of "keto flu"?

  2. manygoats

    Sometimes the fog can be from not getting enough electrolytes, which can also help to avoid the "keto flu." If you look in the FAQ there are some electrolyte guidelines which should be part of your daily macros. You'd be surprised at the impact a cup of bullion and some lite/no salt can do to sharpen your focus and in general make your day go a little better.

  3. peppermintandbooks

    Thanks. :) I never paid attention to my electrolytes before. I bet that's the culprit. I will start keto again and pay proper attention to them.

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What is ENDOCRINOLOGY? ENDOCRINOLOGY meaning - ENDOCRINOLOGY pronunciation - ENDOCRINOLOGY definition - ENDOCRINOLOGY explanation - What does ENDOCRINOLOGY mean? How to pronounce ENDOCRINOLOGY? Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... license.

Department Of Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism

Dr. Kanakamani Madhivanan, M.D., D.M. (Endocrinology), Assistant Professor Christian Medical College, Vellore Introduction Global increase in prevalence of DM Individual importance - Hyperglycemia in pregnancy has adverse effects on both mother and fetus Public health importance – rising epidemic of DM in part attributed to the diabetic pregnancies Prevention of type 2 DM should start intrauterine and continue throughout life Introduction Gestational diabetes (GDM) is defined as any degree of impaired glucose tolerance of with onset or first recognition during pregnancy . Many are denovo pregnancy induced Some are type 2 ( 35-40%) 10% have antibodies Introduction Difficult to distinguish pregestational Type 2 DM and denovo GDM Fasting hyperglycemia blood glucose greater than 180 mg/dL on OGT acanthosis nicgrans HbA1C > 5.3% a systolic BP > 110 mm Hg BMI > 30 kg/m2 Fetal anomalies Clues for Type 1 Lean DKA during pregnancy Severe hyperglycemia with large doses of insulin Fuel metabolism in pregnancy Goal is uninterrupted nutrient supply to fetus The metabolic goals of pregnancy are 1) in early pregnancy to develop anabolic stores to meet metabolic demands in late pregnancy 2) Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Scrunchii

    Ok, ok I know...don't fast while breastfeeding!
    Problem is, I breastfeed my kids a long time and I've been either preggo or breastfeeding for 6.5 years (I have two kids, 5 and 2). I spontaneously IF and eat in a 6-10 window depending on when I get hungry. I need to lose some weight because of some back pain and was wanting to do some short (1-2 days) fasts.
    So, has anyone here fasted while breastfeeding? What happened to your milk? What are the arguments against breastfeeding and fasting? Thank you for any info.

  2. Chellb

    I have no personal experience with fasting and breastfeeding, but I understand what you mean about the "Just wait until you're done breastfeeding" advice, since I too measured my breastfeeding time in years, not months. So, no real advice, just commiseration. For solid breastfeeding advice, Kellymom is always a good place to start: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/mothers-diet/fasting/

    It looks like it's mostly about religious fasting. Oh, and I should mention that my kids are now Loonnngg past the bfing stage.

  3. Scrunchii

    Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.
    Since my baby is two years old now I was thinking about some fasting experiments.

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