Dka Anion Gap Range

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Bun, Glucose, Creatinine

Normal Values pH = 7.38 - 7.42 [H+] = 40 nM/L for a pH of 7.4 PaCO2 = 40 mm Hg [HCO3] = 24 meq/L Acid base definitions Acid base disorder is considered present when there is abnormality in HCO3 or PaCO2 or pH. Acidosis and alkalosis refer to in-vivo derangement's and not to any change in pH. Acidemia (pH < 7.38) and Alkalemia (pH >7.42) refer to derangement's of blood pH. Kidney and Respiratory system play a key roles in maintaining the acid base status. Primary Acid base disorders Metabolic acidosis loss of [HCO3] 0r addition of [H+] Metabolic alkalosis loss of [H+] or addition of [HCO3] Respiratory acidosis increase in pCO2 Respiratory alkalosis decrease in pCO2 Recquired lab values/information Arterial blood gases: pH, PaCO2,PaO2,Sat,CO BUN, Glucose, Creatinine FIO2 and Clinical history Anion and Cations ANIONS CATIONS Chloride Sodium Bicarbonate(Total CO2) Potassium Proteins Calcium Organic acids Magnesium Phosphates Sulfates Electrochemical balance means that the total anions are the same as total Cations. For practical purposes anion gap is calculated using only Sodium, Chlorides and Total CO2.((140-(104+24)) = 12. Compensatory measures Buffering---occurs immediately Respirat Continue reading >>

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  1. TheCommuter

    You can post this question on this site's Nursing Student Assistance Forums and perhaps get an answer. One of our frequent users, Daytonite, loves to give detailed answers to these types of questions.

  2. ICRN2008

    Here is the formula for anion gap:
    Agap = Na + K - Cl -CO2
    I would think that the doctor would be monitoring the glucose level (not the agap) to determine when to stop the insulin drip. Anyone else have an idea?

  3. P_RN

    One of our wonderful members Mark Hammerschmidt has a great FREE MICU site:
    Check section 4.2
    It's all acidosis/alkalosis

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