Dka Abdominal Pain Location

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Significance Of Hyperamylasaemia And Abdominal Pain In Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Since scans are not currently available to screen readers, please contact JSTOR User Support for access. We'll provide a PDF copy for your screen reader. Abstract An analysis of 35 consecutive episodes of diabetic ketoacidosis confirmed the frequent high levels of serum amylase in this condition. Serum amylase was raised during 21 episodes (60%), and in six instances (17%) the peak level exceeded 1,000 Somogyi units per 100 ml. Hyperamylasaemia was more often found when the initial blood sugar exceeded 500 mg/100 ml, or when the onset of the episode had been relatively acute (less than 48 hours). There was no conclusive evidence in any patient to support a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis and other explanations for the hyperamylasaemia are discussed. Even grossly raised amylase levels were not associated with increased mortality or morbidity. Continue reading >>

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  1. kellymh

    I generally don't post too much on reddit because I was being continuously trolled, but I feel like so many women want to know about keto and pregnancy/breastfeeding, so I decided to share my story. It's long, so grab a snack :)
    So I was doing keto for several years before I got pregnant. Then the morning sickness hit and I couldn't handle it, even with a prescription for nausea medication (reglan). Around the 25 wk mark I felt much better and started keto again with no drama or problems. I found that restarting was mostly mind over matter. I was so afraid I was going to get sick eating meat again, but when I actually just ate it, I was fine. YMMV, but I would encourage you to try. I'm in the medical field, so I did a disgusting amount of research. The info is out there- what you eat during pregnancy has long term consequences for your baby. I'm not about mom shaming, but the internet seems to love telling pregnant women to eat whatever they want. I think this is insane. You should do your best, for your sake and your childs. And lets be honest- thats not consuming a pint of ice cream and a package of oreos. We know when we can do better. Do a little better at a time, and before you know it you'll be back to full keto. My heartburn and nausea got DRAMATICALLY better once I was back to keto. Now for the semi scary part- I did my screening for gestational diabetes around 28 wks (i think) and I failed it miserably! I read on here later that you are supposed to carb up for a few days before the test, but I didn't read that in time so I don't know if it would have helped. Anyway, I start seeing a perinatologist. I had already been tracking my blood sugar for a while before this, and it was PERFECT. Not a single value out of range. The nutritionist urged me to eat 150 carbs a day, but saw my numbers and said, along with my doctor, "You're one of our best patients. Just keep doing what you're doing!" haha! No problem, doc. I'm 5'2" and started pregnancy at 124 lbs, and when I delivered I was 139. I was eating about 1600 cal a day, and between 20-30 carbs. Interestingly enough, my perinatoligst worked on a research study in medical school that examined ketones in pregnancy. It's worth noting that he has contributed to several textbooks in the field. Basically the study found no danger, but was scrapped due to funding before it could be published. The state of nutrition research is sad! I was having high level ultrasounds pretty frequently and my baby boy was perfect. They said he would be smaller when he was born, but that was to be expected because I'm small. I was 6 lbs 3 oz, my mom was 6 lbs, and one of my aunts was 5 lbs 4 oz. The women in my family make small, healthy babies! On March 25th my son was born weighing 5lbs 6oz. Luckily I don't worry about percentiles and all that crap, because he was in like the 3rd percentile for weight. NO ONE was worried, not my doctor, not his pediatrician, or anything. He's been exclusively breastfed from day 1. I stopped tracking my food so closely because newborn life is exhausting. I stuck to the same stuff I ate while I was pregnant. I've lost 10 of the 15 lbs I gained. I plan on starting to track again soon. Here's the coolest part to me- at his 4 wk pediatrician visit, my son weighed 8 lbs!!! The pediatrician was amazed he'd only had breastmilk. She said "Really?! He hasn't had any formula at all?!" Nope! He's 6 wks now and has the most adorable double chin :) I can't speak to what would happen about suddenly starting keto while breastfeeding, but I only did it for 10 wks before he was born, and I've obviously had no supply issues because he is growing like a weed! In fact, while pregnant I entered a diet contest on ketodietapp.com, and won second place! Here is the link for my story: http://ketodietapp.com/Blog/post/2016/02/21/results-of-the-30-day-january-ketodiet-challenge
    Anyway, thats my story! I know this sub isn't super active, and I think its because the internet seems to really discourage women from doing low carb. All the "big" breastfeeding websites really demonize it, see La Leche League and KellyMom. I am friends with a LLL leader, and she said she's had many moms do low carb and BF, and that the problem isn't so much the drop in carbs as the drop in calories. It seems the best way to start keto may be to just track what you normally would eat for a few days to get a baseline calorie number, and then maybe decrease gradually?! I hope all this was helpful for someone :)
    **oh yeah, I had a normal vaginal delivery, and recovery was a breeze. I had no problems pooping or anything, in pregnancy or after.

  2. ketolaura

    Quick question: why do you need to carb up before the test?
    I am 13 weeks pregnant and I am hoping to go low carb soon. I gained 2 pounds in the last month (eating anything and everything) and according to the ultrasound the baby is normal and doing great. But I want him/her to have good eating habits. I hope to set a good example.
    I'm happy your pregnancy went well.

  3. rickamore

    Quick question: why do you need to carb up before the test?
    Due to Physiological insulin resistance you'll test a false positive for glucose intolerance as your BG skyrockets from 75g of glucose. Eating 150~g of carbs/day for three days before the test is enough to reverse it and test normally on the glucose test.
    If you plan to stay keto the whole time, you'd be better off testing BG yourself for several days or seeing if they will test a1c.

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The Etiology Of Abdominal Pain In Diabetic Acidosis*

The usual signs, symptoms, and laboratory findings in prediabetic coma are well known. The clinical picture of dehydration associated with malnutrition, polyuria, and odor of acetone on the breath, decreased intraocular tension, and Kussmaul breathing, when found in conjunction with sugar and acetone bodies in the urine make a clinical picture that could hardly be confused with any other condition. Other laboratory findings are a high blood sugar, a low CO2 combining power of the blood plasma, and leukocytosis. The white cell count sometimes rises above 65,0001 per cubic millimeter of blood. This picture is usually clear cut and offers Continue reading >>

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  1. WannaBeNord

    This is my second time starting keto, last time I definitely remember going through keto flu but this time I'm experiencing some pretty crushing depression, which never happened before. I'm not a person who normally ever has to deal with depression, so this is a very strange feeling for me - I'm not having any terminal thoughts or anything, I just can't find anything that gives me pleasure right now. I'm assuming it's because I'm a week and a half into keto and dealing with a lot of grad school stress. Anyone have tips for how to deal with this? Could use just a bit of reassurance at the moment. :\

  2. rowdynun

    I definitely had a hard time getting through the flu and it made me doubt. But, I kept at it, drank sooo much water, ate when I was hungry and watched the weight just start flying off and it brought me right out of my slump. You can do it!

  3. ketocorral

    Agree! Isn't the weight loss such an awesome motivator once you've been through induction hell!?

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Ketones Symptoms

A person with List two causes of ketones. It involves the build-up of toxic substances called ketones that make the blood too acidic. Check urine for ketones You will need to give a thorough history of your cat's health, including the onset and nature of the symptoms, to your veterinarian. How best to treat cerebral edema is the subject of Jul 21, 2016 To determine the amount of ketones (ketone bodies, acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone) in the blood to help diagnose a life-threatening problem called diabetic ketoacidosis. What are the signs that I should test for ketones? Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent urination, frequent thirst, blurry vision, dry mouth, vomiting, and fatigue. Don't you just love getting up like that? Anyway, I started to feel a bit nauseated after about 20 minutes. High ketone levels can be easily managed, but if they aren't detected and treated in time, a person can eventually Aug 7, 2016 The ketogenic diet is a popular, effective way to lose weight and improve health. Once this has been achieved, insulin may be switched to the usual subcutaneously administrered Signs & Symptoms of Hyperglycemia. If you have diabetes, your ketone lev Continue reading >>

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  1. 2bflawless

    Anyone else in ketosis and burning up? Seriously, I don't have a fever and I feel great but I just can't get or stay cool. And ladies I am not in menopause. :lol: Just wondering if anyone has experienced this as well. Now it is hot here in Southern California but I am in AC and can not cool down...drinking loads of water. Can't seem to find anything in my Atkins books referring to body temperature in ketosis.

  2. mattie o

    yes! the burn, i get that. it sucks, but you know somethings working!

  3. 2bflawless

    OK, so its not just me. :lol:

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