Difference Between Nutritional Ketosis And Starvation Ketosis

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The Difference Between Fasting And Starvation

The big misconception about fasting and starvation is that theyre the same thing. Although they might seem very similar, theyre actually distinctive metabolic states. Theres quite a significant difference between them. Theyre almost like day and night. The Difference Between Fasting and Starvation Fasting is the complete abstention from food in any shape or form. Usually, people still drink water and other non-caloric beverages . Its voluntary and controlled. Youve planned it and are doing it because youve decided to do so. Starvation, on the other hand, is described as the absence of essential nutrients that could support the life of an organism. Whenever the body cant get access to fuel or has run out of it, then it begins to slowly die and waste away. This is irrational and involuntary. Its forced upon and not something you choose. The difference between fasting and starvation is like the difference between suicide and dying of old age. One is deliberate and carefully orchestrated, whereas the other is something that simply happens to you without you being able to do anything about it. Of course, here fasting resembles suicide because its self-imposed, but its not going to end Continue reading >>

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  1. JessieD

    Hello everyone!
    Okay.. so this is probably a really stupid question... but what is the main difference between ketosis and starvation?
    Am I right in thinking that ketosis happens when you have an abundance of fat to burn (like me) and starvation is when the person doesn't have anything to burn left...
    Basically.. I want to be in ketosis and I've bought some sticks to test me later this week... but I don't want to 'starve'.... this is probably a really stupid question but I know lots of you are experts so please advise!
    Thank you! xxx

  2. #2 Guest_FitChad_*

    Ketosis is the state your body goes into when your diet is low on carbs or has zero carbs. When the body is without any form of carbohydrate the liver produces ketones which is a form of carbohydrate. The liver converts fats and proteins into ketones, therefore going after the fat stores of the body for energy. That's why people in the state of ketosis lose so much fat so quickly.
    There are other advantages of being in the state of ketosis. You can eat lots of food and still lose weight - as long as you don't eat any carbohydrates. Only eat protein, vegetables (except potatoes and grains), nuts, seeds, natural oils such as olive and coconut.
    I eat 6 times a day, about 5 ounces of protein at every meal and a heaping plateful of vegetables with olive oil, raw walnuts etc. I'm about 10% body fat right now with lots of muscle.
    Starvation is when your body does not get food at regular intervals throughout the day and therefore conserves energy by storing whatever calories it gets as fat and uses its protein stores for energy instead - your muscle. So in starvation mode you will eventually burn fat if you are calorie deficient, but you will also lose muscle - which slows your metabolism down.
    Starvation is not a sustainable lifestyle but ketosis is. It's great to use the starvation method to get the weight off in a hurry, but as soon as you start eating again the weight is put on quickly.
    With Ketosis you can eat lots of food and stay lean, fit and full of energy. You just need to learn how to do it right

  3. JessieD

    Thank you SO much for going into detail - that is all really helpful information.
    Can I just ask one last question... what is the maximum amount of carbs you can consume to stay in ketosis?
    The web gives lots of different opinions and I've heard that 20g is roughly the right amount?
    Would you agree?
    Thank you again! : )

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