Define Ketoacidosis Medical Terminology

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Emt Medical Flashcards

Foods(peanuts, shellfish, berries), Insects(bees, Wasps)/ creatures, Medications(Penicillin/Antibiotics), Plants (Burning poison oak). A raised, swollen, well defined area on the skin resulting from an insect bite or allergic reaction A high pitched, whistling breath sound, usually caused by a constriction of the smaller tubes of the lungs and typically heart on expiration. Scrap stinger off with something flat (Do not use tweezers) Increased pulse, Increased respiratory rate(Wheezes and stridor), blood pressures decreased (blood vessels dilate and leak). Hives(Urticaria), Skin pale, Altered mental status, Low blood pressure. Epinephrine. Assist with EPI Adult .3mg Peds .15mg (give one does and revaluate.) last about 20-30 min Alpha 1 (Vasoconstriction), Beta 1 increases force and frequency of contractions, Beta 2 Dilates bronchioles. A hereditary disease that causes normal rounded blood cells to become oblong, or sickle shaped. Sickle cells are poor oxygen carriers Hypoxia, Blood cells to lodge in spleen or blood vessels Causing organs to swell and rupture Vaso-Occlusive Crisis, Aplastic Crisis, Hemolytic crisis, Splenic Sequestration Crisis Blood flow to an organ becomes restric Continue reading >>

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  1. Shel

    Hi there,
    I have had an enquiry from a Mum who has been following a low-carb diet while pregnant and would like to continue to do so whilst BFing. She is not suffering with diabetes as far as I know, however her routine antenatal urine samples demonstrate ketones sometimes.
    I have previously had access to a piece by Dr Hale called "Are ketones in breastmilk a problem?" which no longer seems to exist on the internet!
    Any thoughts? Can't find anything concrete but then I don't know how they would pass into the milk... My bigger issue would be extreme weightloss because the toxins stored in body fats are released into the bloodstream, but that's not what the mum-to-be (36 weeks) is asking me about.
    Many thanks, Shel

  2. admin

    Ketones are sometimes noted in the urine of heavy runners, and they may transfer into human milk. This may taint the taste of the milk and infants may not like it. I don't think the low carb diet would be hazardous to the infant, as long as the mom gets enough nutrition which can support the infants growth. The breast makes most all the proteins it needs directly in the lactocyte itself. In addition, the main carbohydrate in milk is lactose, which is likewise created in the lactocyte.
    So I doubt that her odd diet would affect the infants growth. But its certainly something she'd want to watch. If she looses excessive weight, the milk might suffer as well.
    Tom Hale Ph.D.

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Advanced Medical :: Glossary Of Medical Terms

Hyper-responsive airways manifested by a narrowing of the airway. Designed tohave a weight capacity of 300 pounds (or more) for those who need thatextra support. Bariatric chairs maximize the patient's ability to sitand stand with reduced effort, and lessens the chance of lifting injuryto the caregiver. Bariatric beds have extra bracing integrated into the home care bedframe, along with a wider surface and truss assembly, in order toprovide maximum support. A device that provides ventilation for patients by delivering air to the lungs at two levels of pressure, either cyclically in an anaesthetized patient or triggered by the patients attempts at breathing when awake. Also known as phototherapy, used to help infants with jaundice, a yellow coloring of the skin and eyes related to abnormal liver function. Adjustable height canes can improve balanceand reduce fatigue. Travel canes can fold up and be carried in a travelcase. Standard crook canes are lightweight and durable to help improvebalance and reduce fatigue . Quad canes are used when there is a needfor additional stability. Quad canes have a base with four legs,affording greater stability than straight canes. Quad canes can be Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Ginaoo

    I have no clue where to find those keto sticks everyone is talking about. Can anyone help?

  2. cfine

    I order mine online

  3. LiterateGriffin

    Go to an ACTUAL drug store -- like Rite Aid or CVS -- and look near the diabetic supplies. Grocery-store pharmacies generally won't stock them, but "real" drug stores always carry them.
    Go ahead & buy the (cheaper) generic brands. They all work great.

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Medical Terminology - Chapter 18

Hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex; regulates salt and water balance. Male hormone responsible for developing and maintaining male secondary sex characteristics. Secreted by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland; promotes water reabsorption by the kidney. Hormone secreted by the thyroid gland; lowers calcium levels in the blood. Hormones secreted by the adrenal medulla; epinephrine (adrenaline) is an example. Hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex; cortisol and aldosterone are examples. Hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex; regulates the use of sugars, fats, and proteins in cells. Cortisol raises blood sugar. Substance that, in solution, carries an electric charge; examples are sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca++) and chloride (Cl-). Medical specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine gland disorders. Hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla; increases heart rate and blood pressure. Female hormone secreted by the ovaries and to a lesser extent by the adrenal cortex in both males and females. Pertaining to the producing of female characteristics or having the same effect as estrogen. Measures circulating glucose level in a patient who has fasted at least Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Fry

    I know the post meal (two hours) level should be below 140 for normal people and that fasting (after 8 hours) should be below 100.
    Is it different for keto?
    Also, what about three or four hours after eating? If one’s blood sugar was 112 four hours after eating but 86 the next morning (fasting), are they pre diabetic? Or normal?
    I have read that between 70 and 140 is normal for any time of day except fasting. But I have also read that four hours after a meal it should be below 100 or one is pre diabetic or diabetic.

    Can anyone clarify please?

  2. rustyk61

    Mine is 94. got results yesterday

  3. JayBee

    The best way to diagnose prediabetes or diabetes is a Hemoglobin A1C. This test is a blood test from your doctor and it measures the average blood sugar for the past three months.
    Alternatively you can take a glucose tolerance test where you go in fasting and have your blood drawn, chug a nasty sugar filled drink, and wait 2 hours to have your blood drawn again to see how your body processes the sugar drink.

    Both need to be ordered by a doc but will let you know what your status is. Most docs use the HgbA1C instead of the glucose tolerance test. It’s easier and doesn’t require sitting around for 2 hours.

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