D Lactate Acidosis Symptoms

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Newsletter: D-lactic Acidosis

AddthisShare | Facebook Twitter Pinterest Gmail var addthis_exclude = 'print, email'; D-Lactic Acidosis Craig Petersen RD, CNSC D-lactic acidosis, also referred to as D-lactate encephalopathy, is a rare neurological syndrome that can occur in individuals with short bowel syndrome (SBS) or following jejuno-ileal bypass surgery. A home parenteral or enteral nutrition (HPEN) consumer may develop the neurological symptoms—which can be quite striking—several months to years after the initial diagnosis of a malabsorption disorder. Misdiagnosis of D-lactic acidosis is common, as the neurologic symptoms are sometimes attributed to other causes. With proper diagnosis, D-lactic acidosis can be treated promptly and the symptoms will usually resolve within several hours to a few days. Symptoms Neurological symptoms associated with this syndrome typically present after the ingestion of enteral formula or food high in carbohydrates (either simple or complex) and include altered mental status, slurred speech, confusion, disorientation, difficulty concentrating, memory deficits, excessive sleepiness, weakness, abnormal gait, problems with muscle coordination, and even coma. Individuals with D- Continue reading >>

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  1. Robbity

    I'm something of a gadget freak... and after reading @borofergie's threads a while back about using the Ketonix Ketone Analyzer for testing ketone levels, although I thought it was quite expensive and I didn't really need one, green-eyed envy set in and I finally decided I just had to own one too! It was invented by an epileptic, Michel Lundell, who uses a ketogenic diet to control his seizures (which is an old tried and tested method used in the early 1900s!); it's made in Sweden and you can buy it directly from the Ketonix website. My main feelings about it initially were firstly the highish price, though this has now been reduced, and secondly and more importantly the fact that it apparently relied on a USB connection to a computer for power, more of which later. (They've also now introduced a more expensive Sports model which is more expensive and measures a greater ketone range - mainly at higher levels.)
    There are three different ways of measuring your ketones levels, and these also measure slightly different chemicals so they're apparently not directly comparable. (More details on the different types of measurements, plus other information, can be found on the Ketonix website. There are now also some reviews on the web where users comparison tests have been made using these three different measurements.) The first method tests beta-hydroxybutyrate in your blood which is the most accurate and also the most expensive method and this can be done with certain glucose monitors, and special - very expensive - ketone test strips, and will give you up-to-the-minute results. Some type 1 diabetics test this way, as it can also be used to check for ketoacidosis? The least reliable and cheapest test checks for acetoacetate in urine with ketone test strips such as Ketostix; this method can only give you delayed results from the surplus (if any!) ketones flushed out with your wee, but it's cheap and cheerful, if slightly messy, and is probably quite adequate if you are on a low carb diet. The Ketonix falls in the middle, both for accuracy and price, and checks the acetone levels in your breath; but its main advantage is that it's a one-off investment - there's nothing else to buy as it stands, but it relies on either a computer or something like and Amazon Kindle USB.mains plug to power it, though again see below for a solution to this issue.
    I finally decided that I'd get one after I'd read, and discovered for myself, that the waste ketones in your urine can often disappear when you are nicely in ketosis - I was sometimes having this happen, but at the same time could often "taste" them in my mouth, so I wanted some other definite and visible proof too, and it seemed a perfect justification (errm excuse ) to treat my self to this nifty little gadget. I also did a bit of research on Amazon, and found that I could buy small lightweight USB power packs complete with on/off switches, which meant that I could use the Ketonix as a free standing, completely portable unit. It arrived from Sweden within a week.
    The Ketonix itself is a small translucent tube about 6" long with a USB cable and connector permanently attached, and comes in a little drawstring bag. You blow into its mouthpiece to measure the levels of ketones in your breathe; it has a set of led "traffic lights" which light up to indicate the different ketone levels that it measures: blue for base/neutral, green for a low level, yellow for moderate, and red for a high reading. It needs to be powered up before use and this normally takes several minutes, entertaining you with flashing sequences of its led lights until it decides it's ready to go and then it sits at a steady blue. You need to blow into it gently with a normal exhaled breath for a minimum of 15 seconds for it to register. If you can keep on breathing out until your lungs are more or less empty (which can be quite hard!) you get a better indication of your ketone level, but one thing it's best not to do is to take a (deep) breath just before you blow as this means you're blowing out "fresh" air instead of nice ketone laden breath! At first I found the colours a bit misleading, as the green is rather yellowish and I mistook it for yellow, which actually is quite orange!
    I'm finding in general that if I test in the morning, I get a slightly lower result than later in the day, which tends to be somewhat higher than I'd anticipated.
    The small power pack I bought is the PowerAdd Ultra Slim from Amazon, it's not very expensive, is both very small and very lightweight, comes with a number of different colour trims, and additionally includes a selection of interchangeable connectors - only required for recharging it, and as a bonus, a plugin led light to convert it into a torch.
    My Ketonix and its matching (!! ) power pack both fit very nicely into the drawstring bag, and because of the on/off power switch I can leave the Ketonix plugged into to the power pack: all I have to do is take them out of the bag, switch on and then wait until it's stopped flashing and is ready to go.
    My completely colour co-ordinated Ketonix kit! (Alliterative too...)

  2. Indy51

    If you haven't already seen it, Jimmy Moore did an interview with the inventor recently:

  3. Robbity

    Thanks Indy, I've recently found it (in passing, but not had time to looked at it yet....

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Lactic Acidosis Clinical Presentation: History, Physical Examination

Author: Kyle J Gunnerson, MD; Chief Editor: Michael R Pinsky, MD, CM, Dr(HC), FCCP, MCCM more... The onset of acidosis may be rapid (ie, within minutes to hours) or progressive (ie, over a period of several days). Lactic acidosis frequently occurs during strenuous exercise in healthy people, bearing no consequence. However, development of lactic acidosis in disease states is ominous, often indicating a critical illness of recent onset. Therefore, a careful history should be obtained to evaluate the underlying pathophysiologic cause of shock that contributed to lactic acidosis. Furthermore, a detailed history of ingestion of various prescription drugs or toxins from the patient or a collateral history from the patient's family should be obtained. The clinical signs and symptoms associated with lactic acidosis are highly dependent on the underlying etiology. No distinctive features are specific for hyperlactatemia. Lactate acidosis is present in patients who are critically ill from hypovolemic, septic, or cardiogenic shock. Lactate acidosis always should be suspected in the presence of elevated anion gap metabolic acidosis. Lactic acidosis is a serious complication of antiretroviral Continue reading >>

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  1. hskrmom

    Nathan's home tonight with a 102 temperature, a raging sinus infection, and is averaging between 400 and 500. Ugh! I am trying to stay on top of this poor kid's highs because I know it just makes him feel worse.
    I had him check ketones, and it was negative. I was very surprised. I then thought to check the bottle. Says it expired June, 2006. I must have given my new bottle of Ketostix to the school nurse by mistake. Do you really think they expire?

  2. Extraordinary Machine

    Absolutely. I think that a year expired probably means they're not good.
    Sorry. :( Hope you find some soon.

  3. hskrmom

    Well, allrighty then. I guess off to Walgreens I go (again). Thank you for the quick reply!

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She passed away few months after this video, god rest her. Craig Ferguson and Brittany Murphy in the house...and Steven Wright. Enjoy!

D-lactic Acidosis A Very Rare Form Of Metabolic Acidosis Explained

D-lactic acidosis a very rare form of metabolic acidosis explained Summarized from Kowgli N, Chhabra L. D-lactic acidosis: an underrecognized complication of short bowel syndrome. Gastroenterology Research and Practice 2015. Available on line at: Health demands that the pH of blood is maintained within a narrow range (7.35-7.45). Monitoring this physiological imperative and detection of so-called acid-base disturbance, in which blood pH is either increased or decreased, is one of the principal clinical utilities of blood gas analysis. Metabolic acidosis one of the four classes of acid-base disturbance identified by blood gas analysis is most commonly the result of abnormal accumulation of lactic acid, either due to increased metabolic production, reduced elimination or a combination of the two.This most common form of metabolic acidosis should, strictly speaking, be called L-lactic acidosis rather than simply lactic acidosis, as is usually the case. The nomenclature, L-lactic acidosis recognizes that in nature lactic acid can exist in two stereoisomeric forms: L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid. In humans (and indeed all mammals) lactic acid exists almost exclusively as the L-isoform Continue reading >>

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  1. TheCommuter

    You can post this question on this site's Nursing Student Assistance Forums and perhaps get an answer. One of our frequent users, Daytonite, loves to give detailed answers to these types of questions.

  2. ICRN2008

    Here is the formula for anion gap:
    Agap = Na + K - Cl -CO2
    I would think that the doctor would be monitoring the glucose level (not the agap) to determine when to stop the insulin drip. Anyone else have an idea?

  3. P_RN

    One of our wonderful members Mark Hammerschmidt has a great FREE MICU site:
    Check section 4.2
    It's all acidosis/alkalosis

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