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Please try our pancake recipe and let us know. Your feedback are very precious to us, because they help us evolve. (-: Happy Cooking :-)

Dirty Blondie Pancake Stack – Low Carb And Gluten Free (guest Post By Ruledme)

I’ve got a special treat for you today Peeps! Craig from the popular keto website Ruled Me is guest posting for us today with his fantastic Dirty Blondie Pancake stack! Just take a moment to look at these beauties! THEY’RE SO FLUFFY!!!!! [pinterest text=”Dirty Blondie Pancake Stack – Low Carb and Gluten Free Breakfast Recipe ” layout=”horizontal” image=”Maple Pecan and Chocolate Brownie Batter pancakes combined into one beautiful tower of deliciousness???? This is pancake decadence at it’s finest! AND it’s low carb and gluten free? This guy is my hero! Craig is super modest, but you should definitely check out his awesome site Ruled Me. Not only is it chock full of some delicious keto-friendly low carb recipes, it’s also got all sorts of other resources and sciencey (I don’t care if it’s not a word, I’m using it!) stuff like a keto macro calculator, articles on the science behind keto, and even success stories to help keep you motivated! You can subscribe to the Ruled Me RSS so you never miss a post, and also stalk them over on Facebook and Twitter where they share recipes and tips on how to “rule” the keto diet. In addition, Craig has been busy gett Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Beef-Stu

    Okay, so this might seem like an obvious question, but when filling out the keto calculators, I never know whether to use the loosing weight option, or the gaining muscle option. I'm trying to lose fat around my midsection, and a good bit of it. At the same time though, I don't want to loose out on good work outs.
    Here are a couple recent pictures of me:
    In the second image you can better see what I'm talking about. I've been eating like crap for the past week trying to get rid of my food (and honestly not really paying attention to what I eat anywhere else) just so I don't have to waste any food on when I start keto. This may not have been the best idea, but whatever, don't want to waste money and whatnot.
    But anyway, what's should I do? I was thinking of doing the weight loss for a little while, and then switching to the muscle gain. But I'm not sure if it would just make more sense to just start with muscle gain.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. daktanis

    You look like you could be a prime candidate for a recomp. That or just cut for a month or two to get to lower bf% then start a clean bulk. Either way lift heavy.

  3. rxanderq

    What's the difference between lifting heavier rather than lighter and more reps?

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15 Top Rated Low Carb Websites That I Would Recommend

In the low carb, keto and fasting Facebook groups and health forums of which I’m a member, newbies are always asking for information on how to start on a LCHF/keto lifestyle, food recipes etc. I’ve compiled a list of what I consider to be the 15 top rated low carb websites where you can find almost anything and everything pertaining to the LCHF and keto lifestyle. Diet Doctor This website is easily the daddy of all the low carb and keto sites around. It was started by a Swedish doctor, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt who specializes in family medicine and now runs the site fulltime with a team of 16. It has extensive comprehensive information on: How to start on low carb. Keto for beginners. Intermittent fasting for beginners. Low carb meal plans and recipes. The latest news and research on LCHF and keto diets and fasting. Updates and news regarding how the ketogenic diet can help chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes, heart health, non-alcoholic liver disease, hypertension and cancer. There are also lots of testimonials and success stories about folks who have lost weight, reversed Type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions after adopting the LCHF/keto diet. For paying subscribers (U Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Aggielax3

    Ok so I input my info into the keto calculator on ruled.me created by Craig and with the results that I got, my macros made sense, but the calories per day seem way to high. It came out and said if I want to maintain weight I need to consume like 3600 calories per day. I am a moderately active person at 6'4 250lbs but still that number is boggling my mind. Or am I just a noob

  2. anbeav

    Set to sedentary

  3. Aggielax3

    But I'm not sedentary....

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Jenny Craig Review

Jenny Craig is a well known program that has been around for 20 years claiming a high rate of success. Rather then selling itself as a lose weight rapidly diet it places more of an emphasis on establishing a healthier lifestyle with steady weight loss and maintainable long term results. The program aims for a healthy maximum weight loss of 1kg or 1% of your current body weight per week. Jenny Craig Consultants One way the program heavily markets itself is through the idea of having a one on one consultant. The consultants are often people who have lost weight through Jenny Craig themselves then undergone some training to receive the certification to be a consultant. The program is predominately undertaken by the dieters independently with the help of written, online and audio material/planning. The consultants are met with for 20 minutes each week to evaluate the status, progress and direction of the member's plan, whilst providing some motivation. The value of these consultants is debatable, factoring in the personality of the consultant, member and the relationship between the two. Nutrition Jenny Craig's food plans are aimed at teaching members how to eat sensible, healthy, well Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Todd Neal

    Thought I'd document my efforts here, if anyone is interested. Using what I know (or think I know) about nutritional ketosis, I'm going to try it very strictly for 28 days (4 weeks) and see where I end up. If I'm at all successful, I'll likely continue for another couple weeks.
    Weight: 170
    Height: 5' 7"
    Abs Showing: Upper
    BF: Unknown
    [I don't know my body fat, I'm going to use calipers tonight for it. I'll update tomorrow with that. I'm really only interested in getting my abs more visible--currently my upper abs are showing a little, the lower ones are hidden--so the mirror test takes priority over calipers for me.]
    So the plan is to eat <50g of carbs, <120g protein, and the rest fat each day. I'm not worried about calorie count, never have been, and at this point I'm not measuring my foods either. Hahaha, we'll see how this goes.
    I do plan on daily WoDs as much as 6 days per week, but already I find I'm tired while starting this diet. I workout in the mornings and it's difficult waking up before 6am. I blame the lack of carbs, but I'm also fairly sure I just need to adapt, so I'll monitor morning energy as I go.
    As for nutrition on workout days, I'll have a banana immediately after the workout to replenish glycogen, but not so much as to fall out of ketosis. I know that one high-carb meal can take me out of ketosis for the next 3 days, so I'm going to be very careful about cheating.
    Ok, I'll let everyone know how it goes.

  2. Paulo Santos

    The fact that you are not tracking your calories will be a total failure. If you don't get the results you want, how do you know it isn't because you were eating too many calories?

  3. Adam Shreim

    I think the usual prescription for a keto diet is 15-30g of Carbs, per day.

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