Compensated Vs Uncompensated Respiratory Acidosis

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Respiratory Therapy Cave: Abg Interpretation Made Easy: Acid Base Balance

ABG interpretation made easy: acid base balance So you made it this far. Now you must interpret the results. Looking for some tips to ease your anxiety over an upcoming test that covers arterial blood gas (ABG) interpretation? Well, look no further. The goal of this blog is to make your life easy. ABG interpretation is as easy as remembering four basic questions, and then answering them in sequence. Of course then you'll have to practice, practice, practice. By the time your test comes up you should be an ABG interpretation expert. To make things simple, I will only refer to the three basic ABG values in this post To interpret these results, all you have to do is memorize these four basic questions, and then answer them in order. If all the values fall within the normal parameters, then you have a normal ABG and you can stop here: The ABG is normal. If any one of the values is out of the normal range, then you must move on to the next question. B. Is the pH Acidotic or Alkalotic?To determine this you look only at the pH. Alkalotic: If the pH is greater than 7.45 the patient is Alkalotic. Acidotic: If the pH is below 7.35 the patient is acidotic. C. Is the cause respiratory or meta Continue reading >>

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  1. SnTsMum

    I had a binge on everything sugary I could find last night after a week and a half of <10g carbs ketogenic diet.
    It's the next day and I have probably had about 20g of carbs today, but I feel very nauseous and the more serious one is I feel quite unhinged mentally. I feel like I could just freak out and punch a hole in the wall or something.
    When will I feel better? Please help!

  2. ingraha

    My suggestion is balance and calorie counting. The premise is off to begin with.

  3. SnTsMum

    My suggestion is balance and calorie counting. The premise is off to begin with. Premise?
    I was doing 5/30/65, isn't that what I was supposed to do?
    Oh sorry, I realised that you were saying don't do low carb.
    I kind of have to, I have an eating disorder and can't seem to eat carbs without binging on them.

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