Compensated Metabolic Acidosis Abg

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10 arterial blood gas problems worked using the tic-tac-toe method.

Arterial Blood Gas (abg) Analyzer

This analyzer should not substitute for clinical context. Sodium and chloride are required for anion gap calculation. While the analyzer can often help with analysis, the history of the patient is critical for accurate interpretation. NOTE: Normal albumin levels are typically 4 g/dL in US units and 40 g/L in SI units. A venous blood gas often correlates well with arterial blood gas findings (except for PaO2) unless values are extremely abnormal, and can often be used successfully as a screening tool. This tool, developed by Jonathan Chen, MD first determines the primary process by looking at the pH and the PCO2. It then calculates compensations to determine chronicity, compensatory, and co-existing acid-base disturbances. Diabetic Ketoacidosis (check serum ketones) Propylene Glycol (in BZD drips) or Paraldehydes Oxoporin (reflects fatty liver damage from glutathione consumption, e.g. acetaminophen toxicity) Renal Tubular Acidosis (Type 1 Distal or Type 2 Proximal) Jonathan Chen, MD, PhD is a research fellow in medical informatics, based at the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Palo Alto and Stanford University. He completed the Stanford Internal Medicine residency program and was in the Continue reading >>

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  1. KD1114

    Has anyone experienced night sweats and hot flashes while going through keto flu? I have been a little achy and nauseated but have had major hot flashes and night sweats. Fourth day on keto.

  2. anbeav

    Day 4, it's pretty classic. More water, sodium, potassium, magnesium.

  3. KD1114

    any suggestions for a magnesium supplement?

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Arterial Blood Gas Analysis: Example Set 2

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis: Example Set 2 You are working in the emergency room when the paramedics bring in a 45 year-old man who was found down in Pioneer Square. He is somnolent but arouseable. He has emesis on his shirt. He is hypotensive and tachycardic. Labs are drawn and reveal the following: Step 2: The PCO2 is low (respiratory alkalosis) and the bicarbonate is low (metabolic acidosis). Therefore, the metabolic acidosis is the primary process. Step 3: The serum anion gap is elevated at 29. There is, therefore, an elevated anion gap acidosis. Step 4: The respiratory alkalosis is the compensatory process for the metabolic acidosis. The Delta Gap = Measured SAG Normal SAG = 29 12 = 17 Calculate the Delta Delta: Delta Gap + measured bicarbonate = 17 + 12 = 29 Since the Delta Delta is above a normal bicarbonate level, there is a concurrent metabolic alkalosis at work. The patient has a primary elevated anion gap acidosis with respiratory compensation (which is not complete) and a concurrent metabolic alkalosis. You would need to sort through the differential diagnosis for an elevated anion gap acidosis to identify the cause of that problem. The metabolic alkalosis is likely du Continue reading >>

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  1. Desley

    Help! I'm frustrated, I'm into my 2nd week on Induction & I'm still not into Ketosis. I've been keeping my carbs below 20 carbs a day.
    If fact I've been averaging 18. Testing my Urine every 2sd day for the recommended 15 seconds. Anybody got any ideas?

  2. Desley

    Have been reading some old posts (2011) about bringing on Ketosis by upping your fat intake using Coconut Oil. Has anyone got any info on this. What does Atkins think about this?

  3. Helen

    The ketostix are not always accurate. You may be in ketosis when they say you aren't.
    Are you thirsty all the time? Has your hunger gone away? Those are generally the best two ways to recognise that you are in ketosis.
    Saying that, while most people can achieve ketosis in 3-6 days, for some it can take a few weeks, especially if they are insulin resistant.
    Not sure about the Coconut oil (although it is good for you). I have read that it can help in ketogenic diets, but not sure if it will help in the case of Atkins.

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Respiratory acidosis #sign and symptoms of Respiratory acidosis Respiratory acidosis ABGs Analyse https://youtu.be/L5MWy1iHacI Plz share n subscribe my chanel is a condition that occurs when the lungs cant remove enough of the Suctioning https://youtu.be/hMJGkxvXTW0 carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by the body. Excess CO2 causes the pH of blood and other bodily fluids to decrease, making them too acidic. Normally, the body is able to balance the ions that control acidity. This balance is measured on a pH scale from 0 to 14. Acidosis occurs when the pH of the blood falls below 7.35 (normal blood pH is between 7.35 and 7.45).Rinku Chaudhary NSG officer AMU ALIGARH https://www.facebook.com/rinkutch/ Respiratory acidosis is typically caused by an underlying disease or condition. This is also called respiratory failure or ventilatory failure. Suctioning https://youtu.be/hMJGkxvXTW0 Normally, the lungs take in oxygen and exhale CO2. Oxygen passes from the lungs into the blood. CO2 passes from the blood into the lungs. However, sometimes the lungs cant remove enough CO2. This may be due to a decrease in respiratory rate or decrease in air movement due to an underlying condition such as: asth

Abg: Respiratory Acidosis/metabolic Alkalosis

Home / ABA Keyword Categories / A / ABG: Respiratory acidosis/metabolic alkalosis ABG: Respiratory acidosis/metabolic alkalosis A combined respiratory acidosis / metabolic alkalosis will result in elevated PaCO2 and serum bicarbonate. Which process is the primary disorder (e.g. primary respiratory acidosis with metabolic compensation versus primary metabolic alkalosis with respiratory compensation) is dependent on the pH in an acidotic patient, the acidosis is primary (and the alkalosis is compensatory) and vice versa. Compensation behaves in accordance with the following rules: Metabolic Acidosis: As bicarbonate goes from 10 to 5, pCO2 will bottom out at 15. pCO2 = 1.5 x [HCO3-] + 8 (or pCO2 = 1.25 x [HCO3-]) Metabolic Alkalosis: compensation here is less because CO2 is driving force for respiration. pCO2 = 0.7 x [HCO3-] + 21 (or pCO2 = 0.75 x [HCO3-]) Acutely: [HCO3-] = 0.1 x pCO2 or pH = 0.008 x pCO2 Chronically: [HCO3-] = 0.4 x pCO2 or pH = 0.003 x pCO2 Respiratory Alkalosis: Metabolic compensation will automatically be retention of chloride (i.e., hyperchloremic, usually referred to as loss of bicarb although it is the strong ion difference that matters). If you have an anion Continue reading >>

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  1. Im_In_College

    I was thinking of incorporating a 36 hour carb-up/low fat period every week. First carb meal would be friday night, eat carbs and low fat throughout saturday, back on Keto for sunday brunch, then excersize sunday afternoon, and hopefully I'll be back in Keto mid-day monday. Any thoughts? Has anyone done this?
    EDIT: Right now I'm primarily weight loss, with light weight training 2-3 times/week

  2. nothingtoseehere28

    if your goal is to lose fat, carb ups are unnecisary and counter productive.

  3. ElmStreetsLoverBoy

    What this guy said.
    If you've still got significant weight to lose, this may not be the route you want to go. I'd only consider this if you start training more than 3 times a week or your training is more intense than "light weight" training.

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