Compensated Metabolic Acidosis Abg

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Abg’s—it’s All In The Family

By Cyndi Cramer, BA, RN, OCN, PCRN RealNurseEd.com 3.0 Contact Hour Self Learning Module Objectives: Identify the components of the ABG and their normal ranges Interpret ABG values and determine the acid base abnormality given Identify the major causes of acid base abnormalities Describe symptoms associated with acid base abnormalities Describe interventions to correct acid base abnormalities Identify the acceptable O2 level per ABG and Pulse Oximetry Identify four causes of low PaO2 The Respiratory System (Acid); CO2 is a volatile acid If you increase your respiratory rate (hyperventilation) you "blow off" CO2 (acid) therefore decreasing your CO2 acid—giving you ALKLAOSIS If you decrease your respiratory rate (hypoventilation) you retain CO2 (acid) therefore increasing your CO2 (acid)—giving you ACIDOSIS The Renal System (Base); the kidneys rid the body of the nonvolatile acids H+ (hydrogen ions) and maintain a constant bicarb (HCO3). Bicarbonate is the body’s base You have Acidosis when you have excess H+ and decreased HCO3- causing a decrease in pH. The Kidneys try to adjust for this by excreting H+ and retaining HCO3- base. The Respiratory System will try to compensate by Continue reading >>

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  1. puppydfh

    Where to buy CHEAP ketone strips?

    Ok, i'm ready to make the buy but been looking on Amazon at strips and meters and cant seem to find the right combo. Of course the strips should be Nova if I get a nova meter and same with the prescision or does what type of ketone strips matter with the meter?
    I read someone said they get the ketone strips from Canada for fairly cheap. I called the pharmacy at my clinic and they didnt have a clue as to what I was talking about.
    So I need to know if strips are meter specific or if they can go with any meter and where to buy cheapest strips for blood ketone meter.
    I'm all set and ready to order I just need to know what to order and many thanks!

  2. walkerwally1

    I bought the Precision Xtra meter on Amazon. I think it was around $18. I bought the strips from Buy Precision Xtra Online - Buy Prescriptions Online - Order Medications Online
    at $19.99 for 10 strips. I am sure that the strips are only good for the meters from the same manufactures. That is how they make their money. There is no generic test strip that I am aware of.

  3. Shanny

    I have the Nova Max Plus, and it requires Nova Max Plus ketone strips. My pharmacy has ten ketone strips for $20. I agree with Wally - there's no such thing as a generic strip - neither ketone nor glucose.

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