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Low Carb Cheat Day

Diet stalls are frustrating. You limit carbs but the scale ignores you. A low carb cheat day may help by shaking up your metabolism. Here’s scientific proof and a plan to do it right. Why cheat days burn more fat How to plan your perfect low carb cheat day The days before and after you cheat How does cheating help? Your body adapts to physical routines and ways of eating – eventually. Diet progress stalls and we plateau. Cheat days shake things up a bit, metabolically speaking. If you’re not seeing progress on low carb, cheating on your diet can help. To get started, schedule six low carb days, followed by one (wonderful) cheat day. When to Cheat on Your Diet Your low carb cheat day allows extra carbs, preferably in the form of slow carbs: sweet potatoes, beans or nuts – foods allowed after the Atkins Induction phase. If you’re just starting Atkins, a low carb cheat day is generally NOT recommended. Wait a few months, see if your progress slows, then revisit the idea. Why Cheat Days Help Burn Fat Low carb cheat days sound counterproductive. Actually, it’s a key to faster fat loss. As our body adapts to routine, leptin levels drop and weight loss slows. Leptin is a hormo Continue reading >>

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  1. RondoTheHutt

    A co-worker and I were having a discussion today. I am Keto, he does Carb-Cycling.
    I was telling him he should just cut out the carb cycling and just stick to Keto... he thinks it would be too difficult and he needs to have cheat days, I told him he doesn't if he justs let his body get fat adapted he won't even crave it anymore.
    But this did spur an academic question I wanted to ask and see how everyone reacts to this... I am new to Keto, so I don't have the experience yet, so I can't answer for myself.
    Let's say someone was 6 months in, full on Keto-Adapted, and decides to have a carb-crazy day... True Pancakes for breakfast, Big Mac and Fries with a Milkshake for lunch... Pizza Buffet for dinner, and a huge ice cream sundae for a snack that night... WAY overboard... Not just having taco bell one night like Carl did.

    What effect would this have as far as the body goes... obviously one would gain some weight, but how would this affect the body, how much of a "starting over" would this set one back? a week of getting re-fat adapted? I'm sure YMMV applies here.

  2. jfricke

    I'm thinking sugar coma and you would feel incredibly awful.

  3. Fiorella

    In my case, I will pay for it. My gut would become ground zero nuclear ignition, my knees would become sore (climbing stairs would be difficult), my skin would break out in zits, I'd wake up to soaking bed sheets until body is rid of the crappy food (1 or 2 weeks?), and I would suffer the onset of carb cravings.

    No thanks. Pass.

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