Can You Exercise Into Ketosis?

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Keto Diet And Exercise – Should I Exercise On A Ketogenic Diet?

Yes and No! If you are just starting out on a ketogenic diet and you don’t normally exercise, then NO. When you just start out, you are likely to have some keto flu symptoms. Get through this period first. Then YES, definitely incorporate exercise into your life! Once your body becomes fat adapted, you may find that you have much more energy anyway and actually want to exercise. I know this may sound hard to believe if you normally don’t have the energy or the desire to exercise. If you have always exercised, then YES! You definitely want to continue to exercise. If, however you initially feel a little weaker than normal, just listen to your body and slow down for a bit. Your energy will return. We all know exercise is important no matter what eating plan or lifestyle we follow. However, exercise can be way more efficient when following a ketogenic diet compared to a high carb diet. As a sweetener, the results achieved from exercise whilst fat burning can be much better. Just remember, that you cannot “out exercise” bad eating. Eating good healthy and nutritious food always has to be the starting point if you want to change your life. It is your diet that essentially supply Continue reading >>

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  1. martin

    To maximize fat burn, is it better to eat before a cardio session (e.g. spin class), or after?

  2. Brenda

    Neither. I'll be back with more.

  3. Brenda

    As far as "maximizing" fat burning? If there is a scientific formula, I don't know it.

    What I DO know is this: I never eat before a lift session. Matter of fact, I normally lift at around 9 or 10 am, when I am 14 to 15 hours fasted. I have much more energy fasted.

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