Can Sepsis Cause Metabolic Acidosis?

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Causes Of Lactic Acidosis

INTRODUCTION AND DEFINITION Lactate levels greater than 2 mmol/L represent hyperlactatemia, whereas lactic acidosis is generally defined as a serum lactate concentration above 4 mmol/L. Lactic acidosis is the most common cause of metabolic acidosis in hospitalized patients. Although the acidosis is usually associated with an elevated anion gap, moderately increased lactate levels can be observed with a normal anion gap (especially if hypoalbuminemia exists and the anion gap is not appropriately corrected). When lactic acidosis exists as an isolated acid-base disturbance, the arterial pH is reduced. However, other coexisting disorders can raise the pH into the normal range or even generate an elevated pH. (See "Approach to the adult with metabolic acidosis", section on 'Assessment of the serum anion gap' and "Simple and mixed acid-base disorders".) Lactic acidosis occurs when lactic acid production exceeds lactic acid clearance. The increase in lactate production is usually caused by impaired tissue oxygenation, either from decreased oxygen delivery or a defect in mitochondrial oxygen utilization. (See "Approach to the adult with metabolic acidosis".) The pathophysiology and causes Continue reading >>

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  1. pbuilder

    So I went through 250mg of crystal from thursday starting around noon, until this morning where I parachuted a final dose of 50mg. (Saturday)
    I didn't sleep thursday night, but I did lay in bed for about 6 hours, and I slept 4 hours last night + lay in bed for a bit as well.
    So I'm coming down now, and REAK like ammonia. I already noticed this yesterday, but it's even worse today. I basically smell like fucking cat piss. I know this is caused by ketosis breakdown of protein (muscle) because I have not been eating regularly/ lack of sleep. Basically, my body is breaking down muscle to use as fuel right now, and that leads to a massive increase of ammonia in me (maybe not actual ammonia, but rather the chemical that makes piss smell kinda like ammonia), hence the nasty fucking smells. Or someshit like that, you guys can google it.
    But today, I tried my best to eat and drink properly again. I had a few glasses of V8 veggie juice, 2 apples, a piece of chicken, like 6 bottles of water, some rice, and a bunch of whole wheat crackers. Most of that was in the past few hours, and I am already beginning to feel a lot better, but I still smell and taste ammonia pretty damn prominanetely. I've taken like 8 showers since yesterday as well, it almost burns my nose and mouth a little bit when I breath, that is how fucking nasty this shit smells.
    Anyways, just looking for info from other people that have experienced this side effect in the past, how long does it generally takes to return back to baseline smell after you stop the meth and start getting normal sleep and eating a proper diet again?

  2. Weezy920

    I did meth for 7 years, including both ice and "bathtub crank", and I never ever noticed me or anyone else smelling like ammonia, other than after a cook. Maybe you should reevaluate your source.
    You'll be back to normal by tomorrow. You should really eat and drink plenty of water when you're on it even if you don't want to, just figure out stuff you can stand to eat on it. For me it was always cereal.

  3. crzydiamond

    Coming off heroin gives me a weird smell. It's been years since I did crank, but I would guess maybe it's not ketosis but just the meth ingredients coming out of your pores? Like when someone had too much alcohol, or garlic and you can smell it coming off them? The meth you did might've had a high ammonia concentration?

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