Can Metabolic Acidosis Be Caused By Seizures?

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Anion gap usmle - anion gap metabolic acidosis normal anion gap metabolic acidosis

Topiramate In Monotherapy Or In Combination As A Cause Of Metabolic Acidosis In Adults With Epilepsy

159www.neurologia.com Rev Neurol 2015; 60 (4): 159-163 Topiramate has been widely used for the treatment of focal and generalized epilepsy since it received FDA approval in 1993. Its broad anticonvulsant properties rely on multiple inhibitory mechanisms, which include voltage-activated sodium channels, L-type high-voltage-activated calcium channels and kainate-evoked currents. In addition to aecting membrane currents, TPM also inhibits isoenzymes I-VI of carbonic anhydrase (CA), which are present in neurons and nephrons [1]. is results in a pre- disposition to metabolic acidosis that has been widely described in children due to its deleterious eect on the acid-base balance and its associated symptoms such as nausea, headache, diarrhea, hy- perventilation, and hypercalciuria, which may lead Because metabolic acidosis may have adverse clinical consequences, even in its milder forms, we performed this prospective cross-sectional study to assess the severity and prevalence of metabolic aci- dosis in adults taking topiramate and to attempt to dene some factors that determine its presence, specically if acidosis is signicantly associated with drug dose, concomitant drug regimen or with Continue reading >>

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  1. sdge

    Active Low-Carber Forums

    Catch your eye? Apparently this is the theory of one Jay Robb author of the book "The Fat Burning Diet". He suggests doing a 1 hour carb purge once a week to keep you out of ketosis so that your metabolism can pick up and NOT slow down. So I have 2 questions. My first question is, does this really happen? If one is in ketosis does their metabolism in fact slow down? It seems logical because when you stop eating carbs you inadvertantly eat less calories too even though you are eating a lot more fat which is the densest calorie macronutrient.
    Second question. If it is so that ketosis does slow down your metabolism, then is the tradeoff worth it? Is it worth it to be ketosis and be breaking down fat and have a slow metabolism, or is it better to stay out of ketosis and have a fast one? I hope this second question makes sense to all of you. Thank you.

  2. Paleoanth

    This is what I got off the Atkins Center web site:
    "Why does Atkins have a metabolic advantage over low-fat weight loss programs?
    The simple answer is that it takes more energy to burn fat for energy than it does to burn carbohydrate. Conventional thinking had been that the number of calories you consume (and expend) determines the use or storage of that energy. Eat fewer calories and use up more of them and you will lose weight. However, such low-fat diets are hard to stay on and their high carbohydrate content often leads to food cravings and bingeing. In contrast, by controlling the intake of carbohydrates and thus burning body fat for energy, individuals on Atkins can eat high fat, satisfying foods that contain more calories and still lose weight. That edge is called the metabolic advantage."

  3. kaypeeoh

    I've been in ketosis for about 5 weeks now and haven't felt any change in metabolism. Last night I ran 8 miles in 20 degree weather and felt fine at the end. I'm not sleeping more than before Atkins. If anything, my metabolism is increasing as my body adapts to the lowcarb diet.
    It could just be that the longer days are stimulating me. A carb binge once in a while won't kill you but personally I haven't felt the need for it. Two days ago my wife and I went to a restaurant. I had lobster in butter and felt no urge to finish the meal with dessert. That's got to be the first time in my life that I ate out and didn't have dessert.

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Metabolic Acidosis? - Usmle Forum

A 42-year-old male is brought to ER immediately after a seizure episode. Family gives a history suggestive of grand mal seizures. Jim was on phenytoin for the past 10 years for his seizure disorder until he stopped it, six months ago. He had no seizures for the past nine years. On examination, patient is confused and lethargic. His vitals are, BP: 136/88 mm Hg, RR: 18/min, PR: 96/min. Which of the following is the most appropriate treatment for his metabolic D. Observe and repeat the labs after 2 hours. this pt. had and epileptic sz ...post seizure increased anion gap m.acidosis suggestive of lactic acidosis.. this caused by accelerated production of lactic acid in muscle and reduced hepatic lactate uptake however this post ictal lactic acidosis is transeint and resloves without treatment within 60 to 90 min so best intervention is to observe with 60 to 90 min. and repeat ABG after 2 hr. to see if acidosis resolved This patient has an acidic pH with a decrease in his bicarbonate concentration suggestive of metabolic acidosis. His AG is 140-(102+12) = 26. The patient had an epileptic seizure due to non-compliance with the medication. A post-seizure increased anion gap metabolic aci Continue reading >>

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  1. Ramamni

    Hi All,
    I have started keto about 2 weeks ago. However, I have gained about 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Why ??
    I don't count calories, keep that in mind.
    I have been eating 2 meals a day, no snacks in between, For example yesterday I had the following:
    Breakfast - Nothing.
    Lunch - I had non breaded chicken strips (breast) with butter, I cook it, then add mushrooms, and heavy cream, and little bit of parm cheese. i eat my lunch around 12 or 1 PM
    Dinner - Fathead Pizza, 2 Cups of mozzarella cheese, 1 cup of almond flour, 1 tablespoon of butter, 1 egg, 2 tablespoon of cream cheese to make the dough. Then I add low carb tomato sauce, toppings, and more cheese. Yes I eat about 1/2 or 3/4 of the pizza ? I eat my pizza around 9 PM after i get home from work. I dont make pizza everyday, 2 or 3 times a week. All my dinners and lunches are/around the same time. I am not a coffee drinker.
    ok weekends, I eat peruvian chicken with no sides. just the chicken (Sunday). on Saturday Chick fila grilled nuggets (30 count = ~550 calories) with avocado & lime dressing (The dressing is a Fat bomb, its 300 calories).
    Other dinner dishes I eat: 2 avocado's mushed with olive oil, 4 eggs with blue cheese.
    Other lunch dishes I eat: non breaded chicken strips (breast) with butter, cooked, then 1 spoon of pesto sauce with sun dried tomatoes.
    desserts: Diet root beer float. I make with 2 scoops of halo top ice cream, and whipped cream .my whipped cream is made from mascarpone cheese mixed with whipped cream liquid, liquid stevia, and vanilla extract.
    Or mascarpone cheese with whipped cream and unsweetened chocolate mixed in.
    I usually eat dessert about 3, 4 times a week.
    By the time I get home I am hungry and cant wait to eat.
    I don't exercise right now, my job is sitting at a desk all day. However, I do take walks about a mile a day when its not cold or raining or snowing, etc.

    What am I doing wrong ??

  2. Fiorella

    How many net carbs do you eat per day?

  3. Pilotbob

    It looks like you are doing everything right. But, you have to be careful of sneaky carbs.
    If I were to offer a suggestion it would be cut out the artificial sweeteners and desserts.
    For sure, that ice cream can be a problem. I just looked at one of them, that's 11g of carbs in 1/2 cup. That's pretty high especially because you are getting carbs from mushrooms, onions, dairy also has carbs.
    While not counting calories is fine, when you are first starting out you really need to count carbs. Keep them as low as possible.

    Have you done any testing for ketones?

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All about epilepsy is a new programme about epilepsy. Part one looks at the medical condition of epilepsy. It shows examples of seizures, played by actors, and explains what you can do to help.

About Epilepsy And Its Treatment

Primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures Seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome If you are still having seizures while taking an antiseizure medicine, your healthcare professional may choose to add TOPAMAX to your treatment. TOPAMAX has an established safety and efficacy profile and is a generally well-tolerated antiseizure medicine, proven to be effective in controlling a broad range of seizures in adults and children age 2 or older. Because TOPAMAX works well with other medicines, it may also be prescribed along with another antiepileptic drug for patients who are still having seizures while taking the other treatment. In combination with other antiepileptic drugs, TOPAMAX has demonstrated efficacy in controlling seizures in adults and children age 2 or older who have: Seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome Since its introduction in the U.S. in 1997, TOPAMAX has helped many people to achieve better control of their seizures. Other facts you should know about TOPAMAX are listed below. TOPAMAX has an established safety profile. TOPAMAX is not associated with drug-induced weight gain. Just as every person is different, so is every antiseizure medication. Becaus Continue reading >>

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  1. nboylie

    I have searched rexall and shoppers drug mart and I can't seem to find them?

  2. quality_time

    I get mine at shoppers. I ask for them from the pharmacist as they keep them behind the counter. I've also gotten them from the pharmacy at the grocery store - same deal behind the counter. If they don't have them behind the counter it's on order. Typically with the diabetic stuff.

  3. rolodex9

    yep, Shoppers has them behind the pharmacists counter. In regards to how expensive they are, I combat that by cutting mine in half. They're still readable and instead of 50 you get 100 strips

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