Can Ketosis Kill You

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If A 200 Lb Physically Fit Man And A 450 Lb Extremely Obese Man Both Stop Eating Food At The Exact Same Time, Who Is More Likely Die Sooner And Why?

The fit guy. No question. There's a real world case that very closely fits here. I'm going to assume you mean "of starvation" (because maybe it's one of those things where it's the physically fit guy dies because he qualifies for military service has to charge a machine-gun nest, or the obese guy because he couldn't fit on a bus out of a tidal wave zone, etc.). And ability to scavenge isn't relevant, as the question says "stop eating food", not "run out of food". The actual case: a Scot of just about that weight stopped eating. For over a year. If he'd been fit, he'd never have made it that far. As it was, he did just fine. (They gave him water and electrolytes, and I think a few vitamins.) It might be of interest that there are benefits from fasting to state of ketosis (what happens when you start burning your body fat for fuel - although people also get there via diet), but that's drifting from the topic. There's also a Harper's article that discusses this, but it's a bit hard to find ("Starving Your Way to Vigor", by Steve Hendricks). Note: I'm feeling a bit petulant reading the other answers, given that there is real-world evidence on this one. The question doesn't say "run out Continue reading >>

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  1. [deleted]

    So yeah, throwaway, but I have been on Keto for more than 1.5 years at this point. In total I've lost about 75 pounds, which is great but this post isn't about that.
    Recently I've been more social, which is good as well, but I keep getting the impression that I'm having some body odor issues.
    I shower every day, brush my teeth twice a day, etc. However, I did not use deodorant. I recently started, but it doesn't seem to help (either because I smell that bad, or the deodorant itself smells bad).
    All of this is compounded by the fact that it doesn't smell bad to me, (perhaps a very light smell, but nothing others would be able to detect unless they're literally sticking their nose in my armpit.) and people who I trust not to lie to me don't think I smell bad either. HOWEVER, those people live with me... could they be desensitized to it?
    This is all really frustrating, and it's getting to my head. I have a couple of theories... One, I've actually been less strict lately, so perhaps there have been times where I've slipped out of ketosis and back in again... which might induce odor? I really don't know, but I need help.
    What can I do to combat Keto breath/B.O.?

  2. naturexplorer

    Could it be that the reason people are avoiding being close to you is from another reason? Based on the limited information we know from your post, it sounds like you may have not always been a social person and your perception that people are avoiding your close proximity could be true due to another reason such as behavior. I have noticed sometimes people with limited socialization tend to not always pick up on social cues such as proper distancing, ability to converse casually or sometimes have odd mannerisms. I would assume that those who know you and you trust would share with you if you smelled but they themselves be unaware of issues such as these either because they are adjusted to you or vice versa.
    I don't think continuing to improve your hygiene can hurt but honestly if you haven't always been a social person, it may just take practice and time. I would try and focus less on the reasoning why other people do things and just assume that the reasoning they are leaving is unrelated to you unless somebody specifically tells you. People are assholes and if you really smell, someone will tell you.

  3. [deleted]

    I can't tell you that it's impossible that they are reacting to my social awkwardness, but I'm not that bad. I can carry a conversation if I want to do so, I know how to control my reactions, etc.

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What Is It Like To Not Follow The 3 Meals A Day Protocol?

I fast every day for 20 hours, followed by a 4 hour feasting window. I've been doing this for the better part of the last 20 years. By "better" part I mean that I AM better, healthier, more active, alert and happier when I do it. Intermittent fasting is a way for me to control a very troubled relationship with food. When I eat more frequently I think about food all the time. I struggle with cravings and constant snacking. I feel hungry all day long, even if I just ate. I'm always thinking about the next meal. [Note: This has been true regardless of whether I have followed a "healthy" diet or not.] With IF I don't have a problem with hunger or cravings. I don't have mood swings or drastic shifts of energy. I don't feel "brain fog" or mental dullness. It's helped me to develop self-control and discipline, as well as to free up a nice amount of time to do other things. Many people are skeptical. "Fasting" for many people triggers notions of starvation and malnutrition. Fasting is not starvation, nor is it a diet. It's simply an extended period of time between meals. Fasting frees your body to actually burn some of the fat it's been storing since glycogen is temporarily on hold. Fastin Continue reading >>

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  1. PeacefulWarrior

    I'm on day 13 day 23 total. Over the last few days I've been getting a strange taste in my mouth. More accurately the back of my throat. It tastes almost like alcohol or some chemical. what could this be? Detoxing from meds taken in the past? Old drug use? Definitely interested to hear your take on this Should I be concerned? should I go longer? is this hey new stage of healing?
    Thanks in advance,

  2. TheFastDoctor

    TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re: Alcohol taste in the mouth?
    In these 13 days, dear Peaceful, you have likely not been putting anything into you that could cause a "strange taste". Thus, whatever is causing it must have been in you before you started fasting. I have noted old medicines come out years later so that could be a component yes. Also old preservatives, colourants, flavourants and a host of environmental and metabolic wastes...
    My general advice is, as long as other observations and examinations permit, for patients to persist fasting under these circumstances, but do even more aggressive elimination cycles to help the body get rid of whatever chemical or group of chemicals have been liberated into circulation... and yet I am really reluctant just to "chase numbers" as a decision on the number of days beforehand may risk your overriding the biofeedback.
    Long sentence.
    All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

  3. david

    david replied the topic: Re: Alcohol taste in the mouth?
    Chemical breath smells like fermented apples and is triggered when in ketosis by the elimination of Acetone? Muscle breakdown can cause chemical breath by muscle breakdown releasing amonia? Question is can there be an associated taste with the release of these chemicals?
    Great minds discuss ideas;
    Average minds discuss events;
    Small minds discuss people.

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Will I Lose Weight By Only Drinking Water? Will I Lose Weight, Gain A Bunch Of Water Weight, Lose Muscle Instead Of Fat, Or Gain Fast When I Start Eating Again? What Will Happen?

First I'll answer your questions then I'll explain the proper way to lose weight. will I lose weight? Yes! You will also lose several vital nutrients & minerals along with your muscles which will cause malnutrition and eventually death. All the while feeling miserable. Gain a bunch of water weight? Actually No! Water weight is referred to the glycogen in muscles which is a byproduct of eating carbohydrates. so you lose water weight if you cut out carbs from your diet, and gain if you include them. Lose muscle instead of fat? Yup! Absolutely Correct. Gain fast when I start eating again? Exactly. Now about proper weight loss. Allow me to explain the process in detail. In a nutshell, Weight loss happens only if you eat less than what you normally do. This process is called as “eating at a deficit”. You will lose weight if you eat below your TDEE and will gain weight if you eat above your TDEE regardless of the foods you eat. Now you should know what is TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). TDEE is nothing but the amount of calories required by your body to maintain your current weight. It's also known as your Maintenance Calories. Working out: Working out determines what you are Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. splunky

    I am still finding my way around doing PB with a family so not into PB at all. Have learned some new recipes and some things about myself through all this. I have also gained a few (well, alot) lbs and would like to get a jump start on this healthy way of eating and lose some weight. I plan to keep around 20-30 grams of carbs, including whatever foods i desire that are Primal.
    My problem is, it's possible I am pregnant. Will ketosis harm a potential pregnancy or cause it to not happen? Its very early, only a few days, I don't want to risk anything, but am not sure if this is any risk? I also don't want to waste this 2 weeks while waiting, lnot lose any weight, or get into the "sweet spot" and find out I am not pregnant!
    What do you think? Thx for the help.

  2. lizch

    I would adjust your focus to very healthy eating and exercise instead of weight loss. Even if you're obese, you don't want to lose weight while pregnant. You also may face 3 months of (possible severe) morning sickness, and to precede that with intentional weight loss would just make it harder.
    I don't know how ketosis fits into pregnancy, but my instinct is that it isn't a good idea.
    So eat good primal food, don't aim for ketosis...your body is powering up to do the most AMAZING thing it ever does!!

  3. lizch

    I just did a bit of googling. Kinda interesting. Half the hits are the dangers of ketones for pregnant ewes and other animals! But that seems to be all related to pre-eclampsia/toxemia. Not sure that's the same issue as dietary ketosis.
    Other posts talked about the lack of research on this issue. Some pointed out that if you do have severe morning sickness, you'll be in ketosis anyway, and that's been true for all of human history. Morning sickness actually correlates with HEALTHIER pregnancies! So maybe ketosis isn't inherently bad?
    Still, my first paragraph still stands. Don't aim to lose weight right now, through any means. You need to start on the road of accepting that your body is going to get bigger, much bigger.
    One final comment: if you are pregnant, stay low carb, and they offer you the Gestational Diabetes screen at 24 weeks, it sounds like being low carb can give false positives on that test. It's a poor-accuracy test at the best of times, but it sounds like low carb just makes it worse.

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