Can Ketosis Kill You

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If A 200 Lb Physically Fit Man And A 450 Lb Extremely Obese Man Both Stop Eating Food At The Exact Same Time, Who Is More Likely Die Sooner And Why?

The fit guy. No question. There's a real world case that very closely fits here. I'm going to assume you mean "of starvation" (because maybe it's one of those things where it's the physically fit guy dies because he qualifies for military service has to charge a machine-gun nest, or the obese guy because he couldn't fit on a bus out of a tidal wave zone, etc.). And ability to scavenge isn't relevant, as the question says "stop eating food", not "run out of food". The actual case: a Scot of just about that weight stopped eating. For over a year. If he'd been fit, he'd never have made it that far. As it was, he did just fine. (They gave him water and electrolytes, and I think a few vitamins.) It might be of interest that there are benefits from fasting to state of ketosis (what happens when you start burning your body fat for fuel - although people also get there via diet), but that's drifting from the topic. There's also a Harper's article that discusses this, but it's a bit hard to find ("Starving Your Way to Vigor", by Steve Hendricks). Note: I'm feeling a bit petulant reading the other answers, given that there is real-world evidence on this one. The question doesn't say "run out Continue reading >>

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  1. yayhowfun

    Someone asked me "what's the difference between Atkins and Keto? Isn't Atkins knows for being bad for you?"

    I didn't know the answer to either question. Little help? I want to be able to answer knowledgeably.

  2. tdseest

    Both are low carb. Atkins recommended more lean meats (protein), but many speculate this was due to the Anti-Fat nature of the times he lived in. Where, most Keto people don't shy away from fat.

  3. jmbundy

    Keto is essentially the induction phase of Atkins. It was designed to last 2 weeks because most people thought it was too hard to sustain for any longer. The only real difference between Keto and those first 2 weeks of Atkins is they recommended high protein.
    Phase 2 allows you to start adding fruit back and more nuts and vegetables.
    Phase 3 is basically tweak until you are happy, add more carbs slowly until you get to goal
    Phase 4 is maintenance, eat all the healthy carbs you can without gaining.

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