Can Ketoacidosis Happen To Non Diabetics

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What Is Ketoacidosis Symptoms And What Are The Effects In Someone Who Is A Non Diabetic?

In my experience.. the most obvious ketoacidosis symptom when you are required to be delivered to the hospital.. was when a nonstop pain as if being constantly pierced deeper and deeper into the stomach to liver/pancreas area by a dagger. I’ve had around 10 years experience with ketoacidosis due to horrible control of my type 1 diabetes. The regular symptoms leading up to ketoacidosis or process of it is generally frequent urination, dry mouth, and constant high glucose levels. There are of course also ketone urination test strips that can be taken to see how high of a level of ketones has accumulated in your body. And sorry I cannot answer the effects for non-diabetics. The above is just my experience as a type 1 (16 years by now) diabetic. Continue reading >>

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  1. Liang-Hai Sie

    Diabetic ketoacidosis is a life threatening condition, due to lack of insulin serious acidosis, high blood sugars causing loss of fluid because of peeing a lot causing life threatening dehydration, low blood pressure, acute kidney failure etc. etc., while not eating causing ketosis doesn’t have all above mentioned problems, just ketones due to low carbs.

  2. Michael L. Jirka

    Muslims probably have a degree of ketosis from fasting for a month of Ramadan and they seem to do OK. Generally, ketones rise when you force your body to burn fats as an alternate source of energy. It is just not as efficient as clean burning GLUCOSE … our main energy source. The byproducts of using fats for energy are ketones (acetone) and acids (beta-hydroxybutyric acid and acetoacetic acid). If you are in firm grasp of what you are doing this for (body sculpting or puke and purge party for the play about the Holocaust or marathon training) then a short lived trip to Ketosis Land might be all right. IF YOU ARE DOING THIS BECAUSE YOUR MIND CAN SEE ONLY A FAT PIG IN THE MIRROR … get some help … My favorite singer of the past century, Karen Carpenter, died from anorexia … and my life lost some of it’s luster at her passing.

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