Can Ketoacidosis Cause Joint Pain

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Symptoms Of Diabetes In Dogs

Diabetes in dogs is a condition where the pancreas does not produce sufficient amounts of insulin to effectively process the foods a dog eats. Because the food isn’t processed appropriately, it is unable to pass into the cells where it can be utilized, causing an excess of sugars to be passed into the bloodstream. Common symptoms of diabetes in dogs are extreme thirst, excessive urination, ravenous hunger and weight loss. As the disease progresses, almost every system in the dog’s body can be impacted. If you suspect your dog may have diabetes, it is important to see a veterinarian for testing, diagnosis and the beginning of treatment. Even though your dog may be drinking large amounts of water, its body is using more water than normal in order to flush its systems in an attempt to bring the blood sugar to a normal level. Weight loss is caused by the body’s inability to take in adequate nutrients. The body begins to consume itself producing ketoacidosis, a condition that can become deadly if not treated. Your dog may also exhibit symptoms of lethargy which is caused by its elevated blood sugar. The body and muscles are not able to operate efficiently under these conditions so Continue reading >>

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  1. John Anderson

    Many things, I’m afraid. Certainly too many to list here: if this pain and bruising have been with you for more than two to three weeks, you really must see your own doctor, and do your best to rest the leg until you have had an examination.
    Good luck.

  2. Hunain Naseer

    There are far too many factors that can cause either and usually they aren’t related. Bruising is basically muscle injury related while joint pain is a separate concern - you can however have one injury that can cause both. Here’s a good post on the differences and causes of general bodily pains and joint pains with treatments .

  3. Patrick van Enschot

    Without a bit more information / background, I cannot say too much either. Has there been a trauma to the body part(s) that have bruises? Or do they form ‘spontaneously’? I agree with John, have you seen a doctor yet?

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